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Mixer Bag - What is This For?

Paul F

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I've looked for manuals, youtube videos, etc. I can't find anything about the feature on the back of my old Petrol Bag. Can someone tell me what these two features are for?

Please take a look at 2:50 in this video. You will see a square patch on the back of the bag that is open on the sides and sewn on top and bottom. I'm guessing you can put a belt through. Over it is a short velcro strap. Both of these are  a mystery to me. Thanks.


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Yes it’s for a waist belt to pass through. I’ve never used it though. When I tried it, I found it uncomfortable. I clip my waist belt onto the D Rings at the bottom of the bag at the back. 

The Velcro strip over the belt flap thingy is for when the handle is folded down. You can secure the handle with the strip of Velcro. 

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