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Philip Perkins

UV phone sanitizer boxes etc for TX etc?

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4 hours ago, LarryF said:

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now says the coronavirus “does not spread easily” through touching surfaces or objects.



similar from the german virologist I mentioned, he estimates from all the studies that are out of the moment that surface transmissions might account for about 10% of the total infections.


so definitely worth to keep an eye on that, but it seems that it needs quite a high dose to be infective over surfaces. 


btw, he estimated the rest of the infections coming half from aerosol transmissions (very tiny particles from normal breathing that can accumulate over time in the air in small rooms) and the other half from tiny droplets from coughing or wet speech.


having enough fresh airflow can help against the former and keeping some distance and wearing a mask about the later.

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Well, from the research I‘ve done on my particular UVC box I am about 90-95% certain that my particular UVC box will actually work in the advertised way - even though it’s LED based. And I can easily explain this to anyone who wants ro know - actors, producers, whoever. 
With alcoholic wipes or other substances I couldn’t be any more certain. Even quarantining my gear for an amount of time won’t yield higher certainty. And with these low power LEDs working inside the box, with just about the right dosage (assumedly), I am hoping that this will also damage my gear the least and at the same time cost me the least amount of time at wrap


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