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  1. Personally I‘d be worried about the added weight of a heat sink. But in a bag setup, air circulation is most likely more effective then a heat sink. So if you‘re worried I’d look for a small silent battery powered fan, even a tiny bit of airflow should make quite a difference.
  2. Looks like a great speaker. how do you like sound quality?
  3. the drift is the least of the problems. The main problem to record without monitoring is that you dont notice problems like cloth noise, dislocated lavs or cables etc.
  4. came here for the tech news, but getting reminded of Paint Your Wagon beats that hand down. absolutely strange and beautiful film, whoever gave this script the green light is a hero!
  5. I have a prepaid card that I only use for mobile data in my ipad, cost only 4EUR a month for 1GB of data which is enough for casual surfing. if I need a lot of data for a day, like for an online meeting or uploading a lot of data, I pay 4EUR for an additional 10GB data ticket for 24h. the folks in asia and north europe (and most of the rest of the world) will probably laugh at the low data plans still common in germany anyway.
  6. this might be a simple one: if you know you need 4 ISOs, get the -6. if you only need 3 ISOs, get the -3, use it as long as it fits, and if in 1-2 years you need something bigger, sell it and buy what fits then (which might be something completely different)
  7. I think the usual response would be "better for what?" but a broad picture would be: need light and cheap? get the F8 don't might weight and energy consumption? get the 788T
  8. no experience with the scorpio or icon, but the .bin file is not a mac format but most likely the binary native to the controller, which must be uploaded in some way. the manual mentions the procedure (page 47): https://iconproaudio.com/product/platform-m-plus/ there's also a link to the sound devices specific firmware. maybe you tried this already
  9. in my experience, at that size you need a full day of sunny weather with optimal placement to charge a 20000mAh powerbank (ie about 70Wh)
  10. yeah, as you said it depends on several factors - one question was about monitoring live audio and I understood that as phasing between real world live sound and transmitted audio, therefore my comment about the 6meter distance. if you're mixing boom and wireless, things will be different. if 6ms of delay is already very annoying to you and you don't want to delay the boom, then you'll likely want to use a zero delay wireless (which you probably do). this clearly is a low budget device though (350USD per channel), and we all know that if we're working on low budget there's usually compromises involved. if latency is a deal breaker, this is probably not the right unit.
  11. Sure, there are situations where latency is annoying or even downright unusable, but as always there is a trade off features, quality and price. I‘d love to have a great sounding wireless system with no latency, tons of features, excellent range for a low price, but at the moment it seems to be hard to do or somebody would have done it.
  12. well, it's half a frame at 24/25fps - not sure if I would call this "a lot". if you're standing 6meter away the real world audio will arrive at the same time as the transmitted audio (ie perfectly in synch) if you have a zero latency wireless system then the real world sound will have a 20ms "delay", so you decide how annoying that is : )
  13. the H5 is a nice little unit, but the original post mentions: "So the highest audio quality is most important" with that requirement I think that a sonosax M2D2 with an AES or iOS recorder is pretty hard to beat, or a mixpre3 with being more convenient in handling. highest audio quality and at the same time smallest for factor and also cheap is probably a typical case of unrealistic expectations.
  14. well, I still don't get the point of the "noise calculations" above... borrow some mics, try them with your typical environment and gear, then see what you like. will take you a few hours and cost like 50 bucks, but tell you 10 times more then reading data sheets and running calculations for days. as for which mics to try, as mentioned there are quite a few of good topics already.
  15. If you want to get good at location sound, focus on sound perspective, mic placement (including booming and lav mounting), room treatment etc rather then a few db noise difference. those will be much more useful skills then comparing technical data sheets. as for mic choice, these are dozens of topics with great advise here. Personally I‘d say get something cheap to learn if you are broke, but get a nice mic as soon as you can (used if necessary)
  16. you must work on weird sets seems to me that you have a pretty clear idea of what you're looking for. sennheiser, schoeps, DPA are all excellent choices, so just go with whatever makes you happy (important aspect in life)
  17. If you plan to spend that kind of money, why not rent the mics and do some tests? as mentioned by others, a lot will come down to personal taste, but also the rest of your setup. For example when I tested some mics on a SD 633, the KM185 had a lot more noise then the MKH50 - somebody with a lot more experience then me told me that on high-end studio preamps it‘s a rather quiet mic. That said, for very quiet sounds, the MKH series seem hard to beat.
  18. Unless I‘m remembering incorrectly, the new mixpre II series uses multistage preamps and therefore features „true“ floating point recording. They state 142dB dynamic range, so even if you take away 10dB for marketing that should easily cover any common situation. check out the tests on the web where people recorded the same sound once with extremely high (clipping) gain and once extremely low and found there‘s virtually no difference after normalizing.
  19. maybe get a nicer boom pole? as for the G3, as you say they are not exactly bad, but anything that is a serious upgrade is going to be quite a bit more expensive. maybe the new Deity will be an option - we'll know as soon as they are out.
  20. probably bad timing with the week-end coming up, but that's definitely one of the cases where I'd want to contact the manufacturer support.
  21. I don't see how anybody can expect *any* mic to be a schoeps "killer"- I mean, how much better did you expect? but the top of the line mics all sound very nice and a lot is down to intended use, environment, voice and taste. I also don't quite understand how the 8050 can be described as "mud" or "no presence", it's one of the punchier sounding mics in my experience. Personally I find it problematic because of handling noise (which is why I prefer the MKH50), but lack of presence was never an issue.
  22. Without knowing any details about what kind of shoot and what kind of equipment (camera and sound) *will* be there on time it’s rather hard to give any meaningful advice...
  23. 20ms is half a frame at 24/25fps, usually nobody will notice except the sound people. but as mentioned by others, it's going to be replaced by the multitrack audio anyway and that is usually synched by timecode. on HDMI you usually end up with 1-3frames delay on picture anyway, so it will actually help to keep things in sync : ) but even if you have a zero latency video feed, 1 frame is not really bad. and if he's looking at the actors directly instead of the monitor (yeah, right) then the sound through the air and through the IEM will actually be in sync.
  24. they mention a robust one channel mode: XROC (Extreme Ruggedized One Channel) When RF congestion at a venue or event is at its worst, activate the exclu- sive Xirium Pro XROC feature and eliminate any opportunity for offending RF traffic to affect your wireless audio signal. I could imagine that on events wifi congestion is even worse then on most film sets, so they probably thought about this problem.
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