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  1. for paid jobs, I'd strongly advice to stick with the SD branded cards. only reason to use something else is if you need more then 32GB. for hobby projects, use whatever you have and report back ; ) chris
  2. I guess it would be mainly useful if the client requests 24bit files to fit their workflow and we record 32bit files as a backup at the same time to cover our asses if we mess up the levels. Of course one could simply record the 32bit files and convert them in post, but that's sometimes harder to communicate. chris PS: I find the card problems a bit embarrassing, blackmagic managed 5 years ago to record a stream of fragmented single files with 65MB/sec (60fps DNG RAW) on a tiny sub 1000USD camera, yet in 2019 we still struggle to record 8 tracks of 48/24 to a single file (that's like 9MB/sec).
  3. I see, that makes sense. Pity, would be a fun experiment to boom with a 40ft zep though : )
  4. what I always wondered is what would happen if you designed a zeppelin of acoustic fully absorbent, non-reflective material, opened the front and try to dampen the sounds from the side (indoors or outdoors). obviously it doesn't work or otherwise somebody would have built it, but I still wonder why it wouldn't (the only reason I can come up with is that it would have to be rather big and heavy and fully sound absorbing material is hard/impossible to find)
  5. according to all the info I can see both the 4188 and 4288 come in both 100mm and 120mm boom length. The DPA page lists dynamic range as slightly different (2dB) and frequency range: and 4288 all other specs being the same, and they mention on their website: but if you want to be sure it might be best to simply shoot an email to DPA directly.
  6. that could well be the case, they have a WMS-5 model which I assume is similair designed: http://www.sanken-mic.com/en/product/product.cfm/10.1001200 http://www.sanken-mic.com/en/qanda/index.cfm/18.57
  7. don't know which model you're exactly looking for, but over here Thomann has 3 different models listed in stock and so has Huss so it might be worth calling around and check if there's any stock left in the US
  8. chrismedr

    Deity HD-TX

    Some Info from IBC 2019:
  9. chrismedr

    New SD 833

    Another IBC Video here:
  10. IBC 2019 coverage on newsshooter:
  11. Couldn't find a thread where this has been discussed, so I'm starting a new one. Actually I haven't even been able to find it on the Sanken page, but here the IBC 2019 coverage on newsshooter:
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