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  1. CHANGELOG Added line out balanced (mono) mode interesting, so for a single mic it seems that it can be used as a balanced preamp now.
  2. I‘d imagine this is a situation where 32bit floating point recording could be really useful...
  3. the price mentioned in the article is 400USD. I didn't know about the Zoom H3-VR, that capsule looks very similar indeed.
  4. new recorder from zoom: https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/07/03/zoom-h8-eight-track-recorder/ Not terribly good looking in my opinion (to put it gently), but they also announced an ambisonic capsule, so could be an affordable compact way to play around with ambisonic sound.
  5. how should we know? : ) seriously, there are so many factors, some of them very subjective... like: how much money do you have to burn for your hobby? how critical is sound quality to you? and reliability? what kind of equipment do you like and which one annoys you? the truth is that nearly all of todays equipment is more then good enough for nearly everything in hobby or semi-professional use. I spend way too much time looking at gear myself instead of going out and learning the important stuff. I comfort myself that I get some pleasure out of it, but I‘m brutally aware that for most things it really doesn‘t matter and that I‘d learn more by actually using low tech gear then endlessly researching high-end equipment.
  6. I think what people mean is that it auto detects frame rate and sets the internal timecode to match
  7. To add one more thought: If the takes are very long (music gigs?) it might be worth checking if the camera have genlock in and use a recorder that has that too.
  8. Last time I checked those were rather expensive in germany due to import.. Didn‘t find any good lavs on a budget so far, I‘ve heard the new ME2 should be decent, the Deity standard lav might be worth trying, and I hope Tentacle will come up by a good bundled solution for their recorder. but for important stuff you probably want to get a sanken or dpa anyway.
  9. If you only connect the timecode box for a short moment at the beginning and run long takes anyway, I don't really see the benefit over doing a clap once every hour when you start a new take. Actually I'd argue a clap is safer, and it doesn't take more then a few minutes to synch up as well.
  10. I know the temptation to go endlessly back and forth on all this, but frankly why don't you just rent the three most likely candidates (I'd go with CS-M1, 8060 and DPA 4017C or miniCMIT if you have the money) for a day or two and record the way you typically do your projects? all fantastic options and it will tell you 10 times more then endlessly studying online info and thinking about this in theory. more fun too chris
  11. not going to happen. they are both lovely mics and sound quite similar, the 8050 is smaller, cheaper and has more low end if you need that, but that makes it also more prone to handling errors. The 50 is more forgiving in that regard and has filter options, but is larger and cost a bit more. btw, they are from the MKH series and not MKE
  12. Can you do the jobs you have with your current gear? Do you enjoy working with it? Do you have money to spend? Do you have enough jobs that pay rental for new items? etc...
  13. similar from the german virologist I mentioned, he estimates from all the studies that are out of the moment that surface transmissions might account for about 10% of the total infections. so definitely worth to keep an eye on that, but it seems that it needs quite a high dose to be infective over surfaces. btw, he estimated the rest of the infections coming half from aerosol transmissions (very tiny particles from normal breathing that can accumulate over time in the air in small rooms) and the other half from tiny droplets from coughing or wet speech. having enough fresh airflow can help against the former and keeping some distance and wearing a mask about the later.
  14. well, it‘s hard to know for sure how long you have to wait for objects to be harmless, but so is how much alcohol, soap or UV light you need to be 100% sure. that said, the one source I personally give a lot of weight, christian drosten, was discussing the 72h number in the NDR podcast, and he said that comes from a study which is not modeled to reality (way higher initial dose) and they didn‘t measure if the virus was infective, only that it was there. he estimated that on normal surfaces after 8h there will be such a small amount of virus left that it will not be contagious anymore, so personally I‘d feel safe with 48h - or at least a *lot* safer then with a pocket sized UV box for 1 minute. but unfortunately we‘ll only know for sure in a few months, at the moment all we can do is trying to reduce risk yeah, it's a lot of money in times with little income. but to me getting cheap wipes for free which destroys the lavs sound more expensive in the long run.
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