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  1. I don't see how anybody can expect *any* mic to be a schoeps "killer"- I mean, how much better did you expect? but the top of the line mics all sound very nice and a lot is down to intended use, environment, voice and taste. I also don't quite understand how the 8050 can be described as "mud" or "no presence", it's one of the punchier sounding mics in my experience. Personally I find it problematic because of handling noise (which is why I prefer the MKH50), but lack of presence was never an issue.
  2. Without knowing any details about what kind of shoot and what kind of equipment (camera and sound) *will* be there on time it’s rather hard to give any meaningful advice...
  3. 20ms is half a frame at 24/25fps, usually nobody will notice except the sound people. but as mentioned by others, it's going to be replaced by the multitrack audio anyway and that is usually synched by timecode. on HDMI you usually end up with 1-3frames delay on picture anyway, so it will actually help to keep things in sync : ) but even if you have a zero latency video feed, 1 frame is not really bad. and if he's looking at the actors directly instead of the monitor (yeah, right) then the sound through the air and through the IEM will actually be in
  4. they mention a robust one channel mode: XROC (Extreme Ruggedized One Channel) When RF congestion at a venue or event is at its worst, activate the exclu- sive Xirium Pro XROC feature and eliminate any opportunity for offending RF traffic to affect your wireless audio signal. I could imagine that on events wifi congestion is even worse then on most film sets, so they probably thought about this problem.
  5. agreed that a two box solution can be cumbersome, but the question was about the „best sounding“ and not the „most convenient“. about the 5ghz, they mention a robust transmission mode if one only needs one channel:
  6. I‘m curious if anybody had the chance to test this since it’s been out for a while, features and specs look pretty cool: https://www.neutrik.com/media/10371/download/XIRIUM PRO-USA 202004_EN-V5.pdf?v=2
  7. if I were looking for the *best* wireless audio quality I‘d try a Sonosax SX-M2D2 Preamp with the AES into a Neutrik Xirium system. haven‘t used either of these yet, but based on specs and company reputation I‘m pretty confident that it would sound fantastic.
  8. CHANGELOG Added line out balanced (mono) mode interesting, so for a single mic it seems that it can be used as a balanced preamp now.
  9. I‘d imagine this is a situation where 32bit floating point recording could be really useful...
  10. the price mentioned in the article is 400USD. I didn't know about the Zoom H3-VR, that capsule looks very similar indeed.
  11. new recorder from zoom: https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/07/03/zoom-h8-eight-track-recorder/ Not terribly good looking in my opinion (to put it gently), but they also announced an ambisonic capsule, so could be an affordable compact way to play around with ambisonic sound.
  12. how should we know? : ) seriously, there are so many factors, some of them very subjective... like: how much money do you have to burn for your hobby? how critical is sound quality to you? and reliability? what kind of equipment do you like and which one annoys you? the truth is that nearly all of todays equipment is more then good enough for nearly everything in hobby or semi-professional use. I spend way too much time looking at gear myself instead of going out and learning the important stuff. I comfort myself that I get some pleasure out of it, but I‘m brutally
  13. I think what people mean is that it auto detects frame rate and sets the internal timecode to match
  14. To add one more thought: If the takes are very long (music gigs?) it might be worth checking if the camera have genlock in and use a recorder that has that too.
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