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  1. What happens if you switch over the cable from a Teradek that is unproblematic to one that is problematic?
  2. chrismedr

    Jay Rose

    Very sorry to hear this. I always enjoyed Jay's post, so much theoretical understanding and real world experience at the same time. Rest in piece!
  3. the problem is exponential growth. the only way to keep things under control is to start when everything still looks to be rather harmless. the downside of this is that the lockdown situation will have to be kept up for quite a long time. personally I think it will get a lot worse and stay bad until the end of the year. no idea how people are supposed to keep paying rent in this climate though : ( chris
  4. I rarely have seen any company that is as honest, upfront and helpful as lectrosonic. I‘m simply glad that they exist and that it is still possible to run a business this way in todays world. Hopefully that continues the same way for a long time to come chris
  5. RF consists of electromagnetic waves, ie radiation energy without mass, like light or radio waves. ultrasonic sound consists of vibrating air molecules, like sound. it‘s pretty much impossible that vibrating air is interacting with electromagnetic waves (at least in these energy levels) so it must happen somewhere in the mic capsule.
  6. agreed, I applaud you for wanting high-quality audio and reading up on all this stuff, but frankly for a "honest" down-to-earth sound and spending less then a few hundred euro you're better off with a compact all in one recorder then adding an old analog mixer in front. there are many mic/recorder combos for 200-500EUR that will do what you want. usually the cheapest way to improve sound quality is to get the mic closer. If you're looking for a nicer richer sound the best thing would probably be to invest in a high quality mic first and get that on a close distance. again there are a lot of different options, a good dynamic mic (cheap but you'll need to be very close), a high-end lavalier (400eur and you'll have to worry about clothing), or a good condenser at arms length (more like 600-1500EUR). all of those options will have a different feel, which is why people doing this as a profession usually fuss about different options, but for a one person youtube daily life show you should probably focus on content rather then pristine audio quality
  7. or a tablet/phone app (I know some people hate them, but for setup I find them often useful)
  8. I'd get an approved Sandisk, Lexar, Toshiba or Transcend from a reliable seller to avoid counterfeits. The performance check probably only checks a fraction of the card, since filling it up completely would take hours. so it's more to check if the general speed is ok, but it's well possible that some defective sectors are tripping the recorder when used under longer recordings.
  9. You worry far too much about equipment (I know because I'm often having the same trouble ; ) Also, it's probably a good idea to buy equipment that does the things you need now, and not what it might be able to do (or not) in the future. If it's unclear and you don't like disappointments, better to wait a few month until things are ready and field tested. just my 2 cents chris
  10. Of course it's possible. The question is, would it make the 833 more expensive to do so (extra Hardware) and even if it wouldn't, does it work out with SD business model. These days people seem to think that everything that is possible is free, but lots of engineering / coding has gone into making things work, and somewhere somebody has to pay for that. Arri for example sells 3 versions of their Amira with the same hardware but different firmware possibilities for radically different prices (25K, 30K, 35K). Once could argue that it shouldn't cost them anything to give away the advanced and premium licenses for free, but then again they have been running a successful business for years and years and I haven't, so I trust they know more then me about that ; ) Chris
  11. they seem to be available on amazon.co.uk and wendy broadcast also lists them, so maybe an UK only item. personally I'd rather have the Lectro built version, but it seems to be tricky to find in Europe (at least without taking desperate measures and picking up a phone to call the usual suspects).
  12. their download page has slightly more info: 633 Firmware v4.61 Released: January 08, 2020 Fixes Improved SD Card write performance Various system enhancements and improvements.
  13. they mention this in the firmware changes: Change Current draw has been reduced, allowing for longer run times on a given power source. External Li-Ion battery shut-off voltage threshold has been reduced from 12.5 to 11.5 V. This allows for longer run times and is better suited to the battery’s capabilities.
  14. No composing, but I usually use HD-25 and also listen to music with them. I like them and got used to it, but they are a bit too bright. recently somebody suggested the Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro to me, I tested them and immediately bought a pair. They sound more natural then the HD-25 and the price is fantastic (about 70Euro over here). Best value I‘ve ever seen in a headphone, very much recommended. I also like that they are compact and I don‘t have to worry about loosing them. I also tested some headphones (AKG, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser) in the 200-300Euro range for music a few years back, but bought none of them since I still preferred the HD-25 at the time. Also have the Sony 7506 but find them too muddy for most things (probably not helped by the fact that I‘m used to the bright HD-25). just some thoughts chris
  15. curious, which mics did you use there?
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