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  1. I‘m not sure where this thought experiment is going except to tout once again how zaxcom is superior to all other wireless 😕 as Tim says, pretty much all systems which use 32bit float recording will have a dual or multi ADC which means the signal will never be only 256 discreet levels. How exactly implement this in a wireless system for transmission is certainly a challenge, but instead of bringing up strange thought experiments and accusing other people of selling snake oil, the better way would be to just test the system and see if we can adjust the signal level without loosing quality. obviously such a test is better done by an independent party then from a competitor.
  2. FWIW, I also agree with Peter - actually I started to write a reply on the same topic, but deleted it because I didn't want to distract from the topic. nobody doubts that Zaxcom makes some great products, but the question was clearly about the runtime of the A-20 (which Paul answered) and not of the ZMT4 (I don't see anybody from Sennheiser or Lectro etc boasting how great the runtime of their transmitters are). Sorry to drag this on, but it hasn't been the first time I felt this way.
  3. yes, that sounds like a good plan. can't go wrong with some schoeps or sennheiser MKH mics, but if you can it's probably worth renting a few different options before you buy to see what you like best in your scenario.
  4. the M2D2 is a lovely device, but in your case scenario it seems to me that you should first think about your setup in general before you select specific components. like what is the room situation? how many people? how many cameras? voice or music? how high is your budget? etc. usually mic placement is the most important aspect anyway.
  5. Afaik, half a frame is about as good as gets when using timecode. If you need more accurate then that then you‘d have to look into world clock / genlock workflows
  6. I have a friend who builds custom electronic devices for various clients. He told me his last job was about 25% more expensive in raw components because of difficulties to source parts. I guess a bigger company has some more alternatives, but most likely they have similar issues.
  7. Well, imagine I had a cantar (I don‘t : ) so I would probably charge something like 150eur for a single day rental. Now sombody asks me if you could do a simple interview, one boom, one track. I could easily do that with a low cost recorder, but maybe the cantar is the only recorder I have, or I simply prefer using it over something like a MixPre-3. so I would bring the cantar but only charge the equivalent what a good 1 channel recorder would rent for. Charging for the full cantar price seems kinda wrong (plus, I probably wouldn‘t get the job if I tried)
  8. I have the ikea 8 bay AC charger and it‘d definitely slow, and it seems to stop charging a bit earlier then full (if I put the batteries in another charger they charge quite a bit more). there is a new grey 4 bay ikea charger that should be faster. the new grey 2450 ladda seem to be very similar to the older white ones, the 1900 are reported to be good as well, but from what I‘ve read rebranded eneloops.
  9. I guess there are different ways to look at this. If it were a free upgrade some 888 owners might be annoyed because suddenly the feature gap closed. as for charging more rental for extra channels, I would have thoughts this is already common. If somebody hires me for a one channel interview and I bring my 10 track recorder since that‘s what I have at hand, I will charge less rental for that recorder then if hired to do a 10 channel show.
  10. If you need an interior mic, get a MK641, MKH50, or DPA 4018.
  11. Personally I‘d be worried about the added weight of a heat sink. But in a bag setup, air circulation is most likely more effective then a heat sink. So if you‘re worried I’d look for a small silent battery powered fan, even a tiny bit of airflow should make quite a difference.
  12. Looks like a great speaker. how do you like sound quality?
  13. the drift is the least of the problems. The main problem to record without monitoring is that you dont notice problems like cloth noise, dislocated lavs or cables etc.
  14. came here for the tech news, but getting reminded of Paint Your Wagon beats that hand down. absolutely strange and beautiful film, whoever gave this script the green light is a hero!
  15. I have a prepaid card that I only use for mobile data in my ipad, cost only 4EUR a month for 1GB of data which is enough for casual surfing. if I need a lot of data for a day, like for an online meeting or uploading a lot of data, I pay 4EUR for an additional 10GB data ticket for 24h. the folks in asia and north europe (and most of the rest of the world) will probably laugh at the low data plans still common in germany anyway.
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