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Frequency response for mic/preamp on podium


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I am designing a gooseneck podium mic/preamp. It will use an electret mic.  There won't be much shock isolation between the gooseneck and the podium. I am interested in what people think a good frequency response would be. Some issues are low frequency thumps and handling materials such as notes on the podium. Also, what would be a good low pass for sibilance . Keeping in mind that in many instances there will be no sound person present to EQ.  The EQ would be permanently set in the preamp. What would you set low and high pass filters at?

Thanks for any help with this.

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15 hours ago, KenMartini said:

There won't be much shock isolation between the gooseneck and the podium.

 Sounds like a fun project, but good isolation would be a really really big benefit.


The Countryman A3 does a good job isolating/reducing podium noise (IIRC, they have a couple/few podium mics with the same feature). There's a bit of info here... Also includes the frequency responses for the various polar-pattern options (ie- omni vs cardioid):



As for EQ, maybe take a peek at what Countryman, DPA, Shure, etc publish for their podium mics and borrow?


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