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Yamaha QL1, is anyone using one on their cart?

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Hey all, 


Is anyone using a Yamaha QL1 for production audio recording? 


Do you use one in a studio setting? 


I don't feel like I'm getting the full potential out of this thing. 


I have specific questions but want to get general input on if anyone uses it and if they like it. 


Thanks everyone!

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I've used a rented QL-1 on carts built for specific shoots (both reality shows and Theatre show film shoots shot 'narrative style'). I don't run a permanently built cart as my work is too variable - though my own 01v96 still does the bulk of the work. I'm more than happy to use a QL-1 for these uses - though the 32 channel limitation on the Dante IO is annoying. I also use QL and CL series consoles a lot in the Live Sound work I still do a bit of (though strongly prefer Digico for that). Happy to have a go at answering any questions you might have though.


Newsies Cart WEB.JPG

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I've done a lot of corporate event work with one, and more recently have been using one for the broadcast mix on a live music show webcast, taking Dante feed from a QL5 FOH mixer, Dante to multitrack record also.  


Like anything, there are strong points and 'gotchas'.   

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I owned a QL1 for many years, only recently departing with it. I've only found three negatives with it in regards to a sound cart:


1. Weight

2. Power

3. Lack of a trim knob per channel


Other than that, I think it's STILL my favorite board available, some 7 years after its release. There is just so much that it offers that other boards of its size doesn't, and the audio I turn in at the end of the day is better because of it. Some of my favorite features:


1. Built in Dugan Auto Mixer with weighting options

2. RTA's so my HPF and LPF can be much harsher without any fear of being destructive

3. Submixes at the press of a button (Sends on Fader)

4. Dual FX channels for each track to add compressors/limiters


There is just so much you can do with this board. I'm happy to talk more with you about it. You can tell I'm a big fan.

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15 hours ago, IronFilm said:

What made you part with it, even though you're such a big fan, have you moved onto something "better"?

No, it hasn't been replaced with anything else. Let's just say my business interests have changed dramatically over the past few years.

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