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Can someone please help me fix some bad audio

Michael Miramontes

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Hello everyone, I have a very short audio clip from my wedding that sounds like garbage. It was recorded back in 2005 on a non HD camera with who knows what kind of mic. I'm putting a video together for my wife's bday tomorrow and was hoping someone can help me fix the audio. The audio is from the onboard mic that the video guy recorded. It's at my reception so the DJ's announcement was too loud for his cheapo mic to handle, so the audio clips. Is this something that can be salvaged? The audio clip is 20 seconds long. Any help is appreciated.


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This is primarily a professorial production sound (acquisition) discussion group, many of us do not deal with post-production issues. Try the DVUser forum which is more of a semi-pro group and deals with a broader aspect of sound-for-picture.

In either case. you could post the audio for download on  WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google or other cloud drive. Someone may have some time and tools to do something with it.

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Hey Fellas,


Thanks for all the replies. I had a feeling when I posted someone would tell me to go elsewhere. I was almost hoping it would be Senator. LOL...but I've not been here it quite some time so I understand and no biggie. The audio was clipping quite a bit. I was able to clean it up a little bit via Adobe Audition but I figured someone in post would be able to do this with their eyes closed. I would have paid too. But, the party came and went and it was all nice either way. Ultimately I've moved on from sound as my Real Estate/Lending business took off. I miss the gatherings, friendships, and camaraderie that resulted from being on this site. I guess maybe I can still stay relevant and post and help some of the newer folks out from time to time. 

On 5/2/2021 at 8:54 AM, Rick Reineke said:

Sorry, I should have recolonized the name. duh.

No problem Rick. Your response was warranted if I was someone who hadn't put in their time yet. 


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