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AC/DC Power supply for Remote Audio BDS

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I want to get a power supply for my BDS so I can run off AC power. Remote Audio make one but due to covid supplies are short and wait times long. I figure it wouldn’t be too hard to get a laptop power supply and solder on a TA4 connector. The Remote Audio ones are 12VDC 5A max, but does anyone know the power rating?


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8 hours ago, Ed Denton said:

12VDC 5A max, but does anyone know the power rating?


eeh, 12 volt times 5 amps = 60 watt? If in doubt, take a heavier one. (More amps, NOT higher voltage than indicated on the device.) Can't hurt. Just make sure you have the right fuse if needed.

No clue what a 'bds' is, but any device has an indication of power consumption. (And do note that at 5 amps the loss in the cable will cause a voltage drop, so don't make the cable too long, or use a thick one.)

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