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Battery power for Lectro SRB RX


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Hi all,


I've just upgraded to Lectro, and I have the SRB rx with SREXT bottom plate, which means I can power

up the RX with 6-18VDC


I have a Talentcell recharg battery 12V that works fine with my F8, but for some reason it doesn't

power up the receiver... I don't understand why. I have the right cable, since I've just bought

it via pinknoise (DC lock for Lectro to DC)


Any power solutions for this? It can be DC or 4-pin hirose, since I have that cable too.


Thanks a lot


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Check to see if the coax barrel connector going into the Lectro baseplateis the right size.  Perhaps you received a 2.5mm barrel instead of a 2.1- it would be easy to make a mistake and ship you the wrong cable, as both barrels are similar on the outside...



Brent Calkin 

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