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  1. We have found with an SNA 600 on the antenna mast connected to the transmitter with an extension cable, the range is much better.
  2. Haven’t had any kinks. They have worked well from Day1. Our only issues have been with battery loading in the M2Rs. Very difficult to close the cover with rechargeable AAs. We always get them closed but with resistance. Hoping with age they will loosen up to a happy medium. And the sound is great. IMHO.
  3. A shark fin is a log periodic antenna AFAIK.
  4. Jim Rillie

    bag drop

    Looks like CAT6 has 4 twisted pairs with claimed very low crosstalk. Maybe you could add XLR gender benders at each end on the returns, or roll your own XLR to ´Ethernet fanouts. Just a thought. No guarantees.
  5. I have one, have been using it for about 4 or 5 years now. Mine is not regulated AFAIK (no options). The ability to turn stuff on and off individually from the K Art switches is great for regulating the cart current draw, and the power meter is great, just like the smaller boxes. I also have a BGDh with battery cup hard-wired for the doc setup. Never had any voltage issues, maybe because none of my outlets seem to be regulated. After all, most of the professional quality equipment we use already has its own regulation built in so to speak.
  6. Maybe EV cardioid RE15s/? More reach than a 635, which was often used much closer than those overheads.
  7. One thing - if you are monitoring on headphones, the room reverb will be more noticeable than when monitoring a speaker - maybe it's not as bad as you think. Just a randy Canadian opinion ( - ;
  8. Thank you, Phiip for putting it so well. I had the same impression, but couldn't draft a reply that didn't sound too negative.
  9. Looks like it works for bacteria, doesn't seem to mention viruses.
  10. My experience with SSM battery life matches Constantin’s
  11. The description says the unit works with 75kHz deviation , or is that a typo? I thought all transmitters with UHF analogue transmission were now 50 kHz deviation by law.
  12. Somehow it feels like better isolation with the HD 25s compared to the 7506s. I have been using HD25s for about 20 years now. Switched over initially because of the "more accurate to my ears" feeling when I first tried them, but the isolation is also very good. The only con being ear cartilage feeling a bit abused after a really long day, not as bad as with DT48s!
  13. Maybe the power bar and the orange cord, and of course the rugged switch box was code in it's day...
  14. The tip should be sort of a flat concave shape, maybe it's just the angle of the photo.
  15. Hello "Dognut44" You will be happy with the performance of UH400/411A combo. Just don't let the Lectro limiters go too deep, if you know what I mean. Your recorder, or mixer may have more sophisticated limiters. Companding artifacts are not really evident with the Lectro Digital Hybrid scheme. The way movies are made now, wireless boom is almost always a necessity, so a good, dependable wireless link in both audio and RF terms will help you. If there are 2 cameras, the sound dept should have 3 people - how big is the Camera Dept? All the b
  16. Hi Joppe, I will be interested in an 8 bay version of the new design. Very nice looking.
  17. Sounds like it is n Record Run, to me, and of course, as Johnny says TC in and Jam.
  18. Thanks for keeping us up on this, Brian. Following...
  19. I feel your pain, Johnny, But that,s the way it is.Flatheads have been on my shitlist forever, but they work with effort. I will live with it, works for me. Phillips head just as much grief. Hex or Robertson are my favs. Canuck here.
  20. Hearing the mix for a boom op is not unusual. The boom op can hear how their mic (the boom mic) fits in the dailies. Ideally, both options should be available to the sound crew, whatever they would rather listen to.
  21. Looks in principle like the RF Venue Diversity Fin, at maybe a bit cheaper. I have found my Lectro passive fins outperform the Diversity Fin range-wise by a bit in the same situation. Not a scientific test or provable, just a feeling.
  22. Not my experience. Eneloop Pro and Ladda compare very favourably, and the Ladda covering doesn't seem to crack as much at the edges as the Eneloop Pro. I also always use slow charge on all rechargeables.
  23. I am using an Option 7 Comtek PR 216. When properly placed on the VA cart, works fine. Same feed Mono mix as the Bourgeosie get. Playback OK for the users.
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