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  1. Jim Rillie

    Choosing boom pole

    The Panamic Maxi has been our most used boom for drama for more than 30 years.
  2. Jim Rillie

    Thank you Jeff Wexler for another year of jwsound !

    rule no. 1 for me: Never go to the Facebook venues until JWSound Discussion Group has been viewed. Agreed Philip Perkins - search is abominable on Facebook groups - YayJWS
  3. Jim Rillie

    Pelican Case for Carry On

    I hear you, Jim Feeley, I have a good few of the older Pelicans and my older arthritic fingers feel the pain when using them, but short term pain etc etc
  4. Jim Rillie

    Antenna choice for cart or bag work

    I use the RF Venue Diversity fin on my smaller cart. On the main unit cart i use 2 Lectro ALP620s. In the bag, I use whips. Range, of course is stellar with the Lectro fins, but the RF Venue is a close second Whips have much more limited range, so I keep the receivers as high as I can in the bag.
  5. Jim Rillie

    Question re: jamming a TCS :wave

  6. Jim Rillie

    Question re: jamming a TCS :wave

    Separate is good in this case. Many tasks only work well with one way communication. (overly simplified). For TC, bi-directional cables can induce errors from one device to the next. single direction cables make life simpler. They should be well labelled with the signal direction marked. Just my 2 cents
  7. Jim Rillie

    Getting back in the game... Need pole reviews.

    Sorry to hear that, Henry, about customer service. I have dealt with Canford's a few times now for replacement parts, and a new boom and found them very good and responsive to my inquiries. The Panamic Maxi that has 3 stages and goes to 14 feet. It has been our go to pole for drama for over 20 years now. We have 3 of them now, and a 4 stageSsuper Maxi 16 footer - "built well, and just feels good to use" No experience with a 5 stage Panamic. The 14 foot Maxi is very light and stiff, collars work flawlessly, repair parts available, and everything I use has the Panamic quick release attachments on it. My VdB documentary booms have the fittings added for the Panamic release, as well as my super shorty Ambient. I guess you are aware of the caveat about tightening the Panamic quick release - find the end of slot and make sure the flange on the thumbscrew seats in the circle, not just close. (just a tip for anyone new to Panamic)
  8. Jim Rillie

    Time Code

    Yes Constantin, I also pay it no heed since the overview is what I find very useful and quick. Jim
  9. Jim Rillie

    Time Code

    FYI Constantin, The “large display” for a single TentacleE is not accurate, only the small display which shows all active TentacleEs is correct. Large display on a single can be about 2 seconds late. Maybe they will fix this in a later firmware release. Not a big deal for me as I use the comparison screen usually.
  10. Jim Rillie

    Marantz Carbon Fiber Boompole?

    "Comfortable foam handle".... Hmmm
  11. Jim Rillie

    New IFB headphones from Halter Technical

    The Halter Technical scene monitor seeem to be decent for the price. As afewmore years mentioned I am in favour of 1 wire to headset, one reason I got some.
  12. Jim Rillie

    New IFB headphones from Halter Technical

    2 cables - one to each ear. Right away, No.
  13. I have a few new ones and they do seem a bit stiffer, but I assumed they will soften up with use. I have never encountered a problem with a COS-11 cable and have been using them since the early 2000s. No problems with showing through clothing on the newer ones so far.
  14. Jim Rillie

    Cos 11 Sticky cable- not from tape...

    Yep, Remove is da bomb.
  15. Jim Rillie

    Issue with Lectro SRC in Block 941

    Wow, that is quite a unique set of gremlins there. Hope Lectro can solve it ASAP.