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  1. This opinion about left and right hand wind helical is just an opinion, and not one held by all experts in my experience. PWS recommends both antennas to have the same wind for a diversity pair
  2. My Audioroot Neo 96s charge OK in The Purple Aaton charger. People generally recommend only 1 large battery at a time in this charger, BTW.
  3. At first I found the Audioroot Neos a bit quirky even in my audio root chargers, but they have settled down and charge well in my audio root chargers. now. I think they are still hesitant in my Aaton purple chargers, even when only loading one. Will check again when back to work Monday.
  4. Reviving my older ASC Dakota cart with Festol drawers.
  5. We haven’t had issues with theDSQD in 4 ch mode. I used it last year. This year my son has it, working well. I am using 2 822s in its place on my project and they work well too after the firmware update to solve crackling DPR signals.
  6. The old ground-lift trick!
  7. Mine is on the the messy side, but has every charger I need. The bagged ones unpacked are for v-lock batteries not used as often. Set up for transport at the moment until we start production in a week and a bit. A 1510 case plus the power supplies etc., is heavy, but the wheels help.
  8. Having owned both I must agree. But wow, the AMI 48 was the ultimate in cool, not much headroom, though.
  9. I wish it was always that simple!
  10. That’s what I understand.
  11. I did a series last year where the DP wanted to shoot at true 24FPS because of worries concerning potential LED flicker. Post wanted to work at 23.976. Julian Daboll at Technicolor is the guy I like to talk to regarding these issues. The solution decided on for sound is 24/48.048 on the recorder , then they pull down later to 23.976 and 48K. Time code on the recorder, slates, and sync boxes was 24fps It just depends on what they will do post at. If they will continue at a true 24, then we would have done 24/48 on sound.
  12. I just started using it tomorrow
  13. To my ears, having used both, they are the speaker equivalent of 7506s (which I used for many years, but had to go away to something that more reflected what was really there) .
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