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  1. No, I'm just using the Lectro dipole board as a place to clip on the wisy TX . Maybe this will help clarify what I mean. Top right corner of photo. This was a cute photo I sent to the Zuca Sound Cart group. I call it the Zuca Parking Lot. The arrangement on the mast Looks weird but it works well.
  2. Never used the mini mite, but did use the big Phase Right antennas for years. Similar performance to the Miracle whip. It's just a tuned dipole. Anecdotal evidence only. I use an MTP 40 and line input cable (with the whip antenna) clipped on to the miracle Whip board (middle of mast oriented in the nulls of the fins )with the fins on the ends.Does the make sense? works for us.
  3. Yup. I generally use BST75 216 for the bourgeoisie (video village) feeds with Miracle whip transmit antenna. Usually as good range or better than my talent wireless SSMs and MTP61s, but not as good range as Wisycom IFBs.
  4. What transmitter antenna are you using, and is the transmitter a BST 75 216? Good antenna to Tx cable?
  5. We (my company) will continue using our Cantar minis and X3 until they are pried from our hands, or until some manufacturer comes out with something as good sounding, that handles dynamics as well, and is as intuitive to use (once you are used to the way), includes easily readable sound reports, and is as configurable etc etc I know, this is all just opinion, but there are quite a few of us out there that feel the same way, I think.
  6. I think those o rings were for isolation - the upper part sit on the rings so the spacers don't touch each other
  7. I will try to find a source tonight after work. This collaboration happened in the 60s I believe. This was not an employer/ employee relationship, more of a collaboration of engineers with similar interests. OK, I can't find any references to Kudelski and Beauviala. Must have been something I heard or read without verification. I will delete the original post.
  8. Wow! Sounds like troll talk. I haven’t read such vitriolic nonsense for a long time.
  9. I would think. yes, but they are solid and not as handy for exterior use as the usual suspects LPDAs which are a bit open and less susceptible to wind shear.Also Why? 2 are probably more expensive than 2 regular shark fins...
  10. AFAIK, You can change polarity on input, or in the receiver (with Lectro anyways).
  11. Thanks, Karl, i'll check it out. Some of their frequencies do have 4 more digits after the 453 etc etc. but that's good to know. Best, Jim
  12. I have a list of the walkie frequencies used on set graciously provided by our Production Coordinator . I would like to find a way in Freq Finder or TX Advance to enter these as potential Intermod creators. Is there a way to do this or is this just a pipe dream? Or do I need to take a serious math course? Best regards, Jim Rillie PSM
  13. Yes, he does out of the goodness of his heart. haha He says it's easy to setup.
  14. On reasonable budget series I work on lately I send a Comtek signal on an Option 7 PR216 to the Qtake operator, and get an SDI single cable with however many cameras are being used on it already split screen for my 19 inch feel world monitor. Fortunately for me, the feed I get is not the take signal, just a composite of the video feeds used in the QTAKE input, so the latency is mostly from the Teradecks on cameras. I bought a Decimator when I got the bigger monitor, but never had to use it. But of course I don't use video on every setup, only when it is convenient and lots of sources to check on. Different strokes for different folks.
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