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AES Input @ 48.048 khz Question.

Michael Wynne

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Hi Everyone,


I have what I hope is a simple technical question I was hoping to get assistance with.   If I have a recorder in particular a Cantar mini running at 48.048khz sampling rate ( pull up work flow request ) and I have a mic pre amp with an AES output connected that does not have the pull up setting @ only 48khz ( i.e. Sonosax M2D2 ) are there any drawbacks to the AES signal.     I'm hoping & assuming the M2D2 is receiving clock from the X3 by default via the AES signal, therefore the clock is resolved to 48.048khz and is therefore a non issue,  or perhaps I'm missing something.

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No, the Cantar Mini could clock itself to the preamp, presumably if it has that setting, but the preamp cannot clock itself to the Cantar. AES3 is a one way format. If the Sonosax has a AES input you could use that to lock it to the AES output of the Cantar, but otherwise they won’t sync. 
However, the Cantar will simply re-sample the signal and you probably won’t even notice it.

With Zaxcom it’s the same situation, the clocks won’t match and so the signal will be re-sampled

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