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  1. Michael Wynne

    New from Lectro.

    Really great work by Lectrosonics here. I can see this being very useful in many scenarios. Looking forward to see the creative uses mixers put into play. I just purchased the PDR last week myself, so I'm kinda bummed. But these are world class problems I tell you !
  2. Michael Wynne

    Next level on-camera microphone in M/S

    Are you sure the noise your hearing while using the BP4029 is not your mic pre's? Here's a sample of a raw M/S recording I did decoded to a LR file from my BP4029 at a residential lake in the morning which was recorded into a Sound Devices MixPre3 https://www.dropbox.com/s/viv9hn32glhc93h/AKG_BP4029_DECODED_MS_WIDE.wav?dl=0
  3. Michael Wynne

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Thank you Allen !
  4. Michael Wynne

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    back to the MS convo, it appears the latest firmware update v1.53 states under fixed "Incorrect gain values when channels are MS linked" So I can only assume that the ISO's are still being recorded as decoded LR file when linked ? To me this doesn't make sense since you already have the LR record bus for that option. So you end up loosing the ability to monitor / preview a raw mid side to see how it's working when recording.
  5. Michael Wynne

    My Custom Follow Cart

    Thanks ! They're quick fist clamps , 2" if memory serves
  6. Michael Wynne

    Betso Sharkie active antenna

    Thanks for the reply Whitney, have you done many long runs with them around 200' or so? , just curious what kind of practical performance your noticing on the longer lengths as well. M
  7. Michael Wynne

    Betso Sharkie active antenna

    Thought I'd revive of this thread, it's been about 18 months since last post, anyone pick up a pair of these up and been using them regularly and have practical experience to share? I have a couple Lectro Venue rack mount receivers that I want to change my jumper on to work with powered antennas for anticipated runs up to 200' But I also do a lot of short runs switching back and forth. My concern is front end overload on shorter runs without easy access to jumper as I don't want to send power to a passive antenna as a work around or anything like that. What I like most is that you can easily adjust gain right on the antenna without taking it apart to calculate appropriate gain make up, run your Venue 1 with phantom on all the time, and reduce to no gain for shorter runs. Seems like the best of both worlds, what am I missing?
  8. Michael Wynne

    Mixing from a Follow Van, Safari Trip

    Fortunately they paid for a 2nd kit rental per my reco , and I also had a bag recorder TC locked and matching receivers in trunk of car. There were moments when I was unable to get out of the follow vehicle ( because of the wildlife rules & impatient director ) to switch antenna orientation when we went from following to leading where I know the trunk audio would be there only option in post as drop outs would then occur.
  9. Michael Wynne

    Mixing from a Follow Van, Safari Trip

    I agree it's entirely possible , but I'd say the difference Is probably a bit more then nothing.
  10. Michael Wynne

    Mixing from a Follow Van, Safari Trip

    Today went great, so I was successfully able to negotiate my Shark Fins to the exterior roof of the follow van with the help of some grip magnets & a couple cardelini clamps. Range was excellent utilizing the PSC six pack & SR combo. One of the more exciting parts of the day was watching the difference in RF performance between the SRB & SRC receivers ). It was quite noticeable and it was a whole lot of fun to compare them side by side in a working environment such as a self drive / follow van mix situation. I know most guys are probably SL6 these days, but that PSC six pack is rock solid.
  11. Michael Wynne

    Mixing from a Follow Van, Safari Trip

    I'm renting the 6 pack from another mixer and it's my first time using it . So I don't have much experience with it/. But the hardware feels super solid and fits in a bag great. I did do a range test with a SRB and it was as good as my venue with VRT's. It was quite impressive actually
  12. Michael Wynne

    Mixing from a Follow Van, Safari Trip

    Got an interesting gig doing some car work tomorrow, mixing from follow van following/leading picture car. LPDA's Shark Fins pointing at picture car feeding a PSC six pack. One of the receivers is a SRB & other SRC so it will be cool to see any performance differences. I have redundant whip receivers and recorder hiding in picture car TC locked for safety also feeding a pix240 a 2 mix for client playback. Fortunately it's only two talents, so I should be safe delivering a LR mix in the unattended picture car recorder. Just need to decide whether I like my cubs or wires for that. With seat belts on my hunch is cub's all day. Fortunately they gave me a audio utility for rigging and mic'ing the car and talent. They asked for comteks, but I would have preferred a playback speaker in the follow van, but at least the rental works out better that way since they want eight. Video assist says they told him no rigging on exterior of follow van because of animals ( some kind of fabricated safari adventure ) which is a concern for me, I'm going to have to negotiate something to reach that picture car, I'm convinced I'll need those receiver antennas outside that van to pick up that picture car.
  13. Michael Wynne

    Comtek BST75 Impedance Question.

    Yes, I"m also sending a +4 line level signal out of a 788T, In order to achieve any kind of somewhat acceptable head room I have to trim back the BST 75 where I only occasionally see the meters light up. good to know John, I think my impedance question was a shot in the dark to try to solve another issue that I haven't yet discovered. I did indeed try a Low Z to High Z converter yesterday and it simply boosted the level into the Base station.
  14. Michael Wynne

    Comtek BST75 Impedance Question.

    For those of you using the BST75 from your Comteks, how many of you are using "1/4 " TRS input Versus XLR " Reason I ask with proper gain staging sending line level to the unit it always sounds a tad blown out. Is this as simple as an impedance mismatch ? I have a XLR to 1/4 inch impedance changer ( low to high ) on the way to me now to see if it makes a difference. It's subtle but driving me crazy.