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Wave Agent alternative for MacOS

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I just got a new MacBook and am saddened that Wave Agent no longer works (Monterey OS). I used it daily to make .pdf sound reports as many of my clients don’t like the .csv files my recorder creates. Does anyone have an alternative application to edit metadata and create a clean looking sound report?

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I downloaded Wave Agent onto my MacBook Air m1 running Monterey a couple of weeks ago - previously had it on a much older MacBook Pro.

Followed the 'guide to downloading to Mac OS' found (I think) on the same page as WAgent download link.

Tested by means of investigating some PolyWavs I recorded and all seems fine.

I think there was a problem with Catalina and Wave Agent but haven't heard any other reports of it not working on most recent OS. 

Suggest trying again to get it on your Mac.


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