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Antenna mast + mounting for 8020 profiles?


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I am finally getting back to creating a big wheel cart and one of the obstacles to overcome is antenna mounting. I ultimately need three antenna for my cart, one for a RF venue diversity fin, one for a onidirectional antenna, and one to mount a wifi antenna or router-on-a-plate to get some better line-of-sight to things. I am trying to find what would work best to mount on the side of 8020 profiles. Anyone with ideas, and part numbers/links would be greatly helpful. :)

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1 hour ago, LTParis said:

Nice, I take it the threads are similar to the t-nut? 

Just replace the attaching screw with something compatible with your profile. An M5 with a T-nut or whatever.

This is the same part that Sir Matthew Bacon uses on his SoundCarts.. Aside from the wheels, it's one of the few "off the shelf" parts he uses for his carts. Works perfectly.

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