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Correct Audio Cable for Arri Alexa Mini?


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Hi Everyone, 

I'm new to working with Arri cameras.

I want to send a wireless Audio signal to the camera through a wireless transmitter/receiver. I saw on the manual an audio input in front of the camera. 

I bought a cable and I want to make sure its the right one. Its a  1/8'' TRS Right Angle to 00B 5 Pin Lemo
I didn't know there were different size lemo connectors as I've only used the ones for timecode. The one I bought looks tiny!

The diameter of the connector is 5mm and it has 5 pins.  Would it work with the Arri Alexa mini? 

Thanks so much!

lemo conector.jpg

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Hello, there should not be the B letter in the  ref of the Lemo connector: it should be FGG.00.305... the FG can change depending on the type but the important part are the last G. then 00 then 305.

Apart from that it looks like the correct size except I am not sure if the right angle would work as the plus is very close to the lens. I always used straight plug so cannot be sure.

Beware that the new Alexa Mini LF has another different audio in plug (yes, I know, a real pain....)

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I stopped buying sound cables for camera interface several years ago when Red and Arri decided to use different cables for their different iterations of cameras. They couldn't be bothered with standardization. 


Now I request contact info for the AC prepping the camera package and tell them to add a timecode cable and in A-box for each camera. 



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Since you are from 3.5 to Lemo, I take it you are using a G3 or G4 for a camera hop. If so just remember that the Mini will require a Line Level feed, so adjust the Receiver, TX and Mixer output accordingly.  The cable looks correct, but I typically require camera department to get the A-Box.  

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