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COMTEK m-216 op7 & pr-216


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My experience is that with my Comtek M216 attached to the outside of my mixer bag with just the supplied rubber ducky antenna and with the reciever in direct line of sight at hip level, the range, standing on a sidewalk, is one city block rendering a clean signal. 


Lots of real world factors can come into play to attenuate that range.


(humans are just big bags of water attenuating my RF transmissions)


Last month I worked on a commercial in an airport hanger. My Comteks were completely unreliable only 15 ft. away. Lots of garbage RF in the 216Mz range.

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The M216 is putting out 10mw, but for a bag situation can work just fine, provided that the PR216s are pretty close.

If you are on a cart, go with a BST Basestation, it’ cranks out 100mw, which can provide clean signal quite far, especially if you rig the antenna up on a mast above people’s heads.

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