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  1. French company "LaMachine" first ever visit to north America in Ottawa Ontario. Dress rehearsal day2.
  2. Set and forgotten would be my guess.
  3. Constantin, Have you read, listened to, seen or studied any of Dr.Greers work?
  4. You dont need to apologize SoundDelights, your question was clear and if any took offence to something im sure its their issue not yours. When you get your nomad, sit on the couch with it for at least the whole afternoon. Play around and learn the interface. I think i spent a good 6-8 hrs on a sunday after i first got mine. By Monday I was full up to speed with how to utilise it as i needed. Enjoy! Its a great machine.
  5. Hi Brian, yes you can do this. Its not quite instantaneous but can be done reasonably simply. No timecode issue or restart needed at all. You just need to route playback to the output of your choice.
  6. If you say so Constantin. 🤦🏻‍♂️ just watch it first ok?
  7. Im not sure what flat earth is but just to be clear, there is NO mention of any flat earth theories in this doc. No bullshit in this one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Wow great trailer too. I havent seen that. I cant view the video you posted engaudio. It crashed the app when i click. Id like to see it tho. But, seeing as Cia directors, senators and presidents request his briefings, i would imagine he's been properly vetted. Its seems pretty clear he's not doing this for entertainment purposes or financial gain. So. Dunno. Again. Pretty compelling.
  9. #1 on itunes since it's premiere. This was wholly financed by 5000 crowdfunding contributors. The Most compelling, tightly put together, documentary Ive ever seen. It doesn't let up. Thoughts on this? I just spent the Weekend with Dr. Steven Greer, this is his film... and life. Its looks as though, every - word - is - true. 30+ painful years of compiling documents, taking witness testimony, nurturing relationships, risking his life, and avoiding assassination. Id like to wish everyone here that tucks into this film, a very happy, long overdue shot of truth. Gather your friends and loved ones and share the moment. The tide of the media programmed ridicule of the last 60 years on this subject, appears to be turning finally. Best 5$ you will spend. if you want facts, instead of the steady stream of fiction thats oversaturated the globe on this topic, ensuring mass confusion so that few can tell fact FROM fiction. Again, holy hot damn!
  10. Makes you wonder if the zaxnet tx componts can fit in here with everything else, why oh why is it not in maxx!! Arg!![emoji23]
  11. That is pretty darn cool. Thanks Glenn.
  12. To be clear, these units can transmit zaxnet audio to an erx??
  13. High noise floor is kinda normal. And kinda surprising considering.
  14. Your storage sound pretty good to me. These transmitters can be dragged, run over, fired out of a cannon and still work. If you are worried about damage i dont think you need to change. I keep my 5 tx's in a small zippered porta brace pouch. No padding. No fuss.
  15. Wow Daniel. +1 on you for this. Id be happy to be paid less for an 8 hr day. And would be more that happy to join an international guild of likeminded film and television professionals whom would like to continue creating. With the paradigm of 8-8-8. 12+ hr days, most days a week, is a shit sandwich. Do that for long enough the list of life things that type of schedule sabotages gets long. Change your schedule change your life. [emoji1376]