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  1. Makes you wonder if the zaxnet tx componts can fit in here with everything else, why oh why is it not in maxx!! Arg!![emoji23]
  2. That is pretty darn cool. Thanks Glenn.
  3. To be clear, these units can transmit zaxnet audio to an erx??
  4. High noise floor is kinda normal. And kinda surprising considering.
  5. Your storage sound pretty good to me. These transmitters can be dragged, run over, fired out of a cannon and still work. If you are worried about damage i dont think you need to change. I keep my 5 tx's in a small zippered porta brace pouch. No padding. No fuss.
  6. Wow Daniel. +1 on you for this. Id be happy to be paid less for an 8 hr day. And would be more that happy to join an international guild of likeminded film and television professionals whom would like to continue creating. With the paradigm of 8-8-8. 12+ hr days, most days a week, is a shit sandwich. Do that for long enough the list of life things that type of schedule sabotages gets long. Change your schedule change your life. [emoji1376]
  7. 12,14,16 hr days... If ever there was a reason to strike, imo, this would be it.
  8. Thats what made in the USA costs.
  9. I sent an on again off again crackling and hissing 816t to sennheiser years back. They had it over two months. Possibly three. Made several calls into the office asking if all was well. Took a while because it was intermittent. They said. Finally got it back. No charge. And, no fix... and no explanation.
  10. Indeed. That is the sound of it dying.
  11. Wow. 5 years later. Hey, if i post on this thread now, does that mean it's trending?
  12. Well, you are right, i feel it. i take responsibly for some defensiveness to Philip's ... comments. "Narrow and backwards looking" was what likely got me going. but i stand behind my point and still clearly read his posts as i described above. I have indeed used the dugan algorithm on the 688 and wow, in the type of scenarios i described, its remarkable. Its a nice bonus tool for scripted drama but for a lot of other type productions, it, does the job of "mixing" for post, for scratch, for field producers, VERY well. For many, there is lots of "paid shifts" that are often purely for mixing to field producers. Anyhow. Ive made my point. Those that get it, get it, those that dont-wont aren't getting that kind work on their calendar and i guess dont care.
  13. Pretty pompous. And by the way its not just producers... And this permits you your minimizing technique because YOU havent seen or heard of it YET? Ok, my proposition threatens YOUR strongly held belief that the REAL danger to sound shifts for sound folk is one man band crews. Well, this new tool for the quiver adds to that scenario .
  14. Wow Ok. That clarified things. There you have it. A continuation of a skewed interpretation, caricaturing this point, a valid one you seemingly refuse to spend time considering on the whole, insisting on taking it to some extreme version, actively trying to minimize, invalidate and shout it out. Extinction event!!?" Really? This is what you are interpreting. Not impressed. Is this how you receive, perceive and feedback all information you dont agree with? My god man.
  15. The 633 is now the premiere, highly respected, most affordable, and has the shortest learning curve of those you mentioned. Thats why, this it is different. Sound pa's wont be using zaxcom automixer... obviously Did someone post this opinion and delete it from the thread? Because if that is what you are interpreting from my posts, this is all you.. Please clarify who and what is narrow and backwards-looking thinking.