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  1. This is it. Red Master switch powers Up nomad and rx1, side switch one powers rx2, side switch2 powers rx3, side switch3 powers cam hop tx AND ifb tx. micro ultralight minimal 3ch snake with Xlr shells removed machining done to the rf combiner boxes and rx cables painfully soldered directly to the boards. (Anyone happen to have sma rubber boot/dust covers? I need6) small mod to the sna antennas removing the metal mounting points.
  2. Does this ring true for anyone?
  3. VER

    Im going to weigh in. this is a big threat. I feel, it is IMPERATIVE, to communicate that, if prod INSISTS, they get their gear from a rental house like this, which is their prerogative, and if you cant turn down the opportunity for whatever reason, that a full days labour be charged for pickup AND a day for return. Totally fair and explainable, and makes the giveaway rates less attractive. We really need to stick together on this one, and self discipline so to speak. My two heavy cents.
  4. Yes indeed. Good creative find there. Do tell. What is this bag?
  5. Hows that for a door crasher!
  6. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this Matt. Classy.
  7. I could have should have quoted.
  8. Thanks Gene, looking forward to this. Do you have a price point set yet?
  9. Im confused about one thing. The mention of the output being polarity reversed?
  10. The switch is thankfully firm with a rubber boot surround. Its a touch recessed behind the bnc's. In the bag or on a shelf, you have to want to switch it. Cables being made now. More pics coming soon)
  11. Separate poly fuses for each hirose. Master switch
  12. Rado may i ask if you can post or point to a snap of your old design with the distro? Id enjoy seeing that.
  13. I gave up waiting for the promised ability to recharge those cells. The switch plate is blocking off that access now. I wont be carrying a second battery. Im going lighter or going home. Unless im mistaken. Can rechargeable cells in the caddy be charged by an ext power source yet?
  14. thats right Daniel, exactly. @efk and Martin. Reg Xlr no boot still ok. But, planning in the works to make a minimal ultra light mini snake. No shells.