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  1. I expected the reactionary; No it wont! An open mind will observe that there is a certain amount of denial there. There are and will be MANY, situations where what I relate will come to pass. Here is a more precise example to visualise. Situ: largish "factual" show that used to necessitate 3-5 "sound mixers", (along with a sound supervisor of course) running, gunning, following around and mixing. The work of mixing. This will absolutely facilitate the hiring of what i labled "soundPA's" over what used to fill a percentage of my calendar. Absolutely. Its clear as day. There will always be the sound supervisor, yes, there HAS to be because indeed, it is complicated. But soon, sooner than anyone will like, Those 3-5 mixers at 600/day will be going going gone. Honestly, dont shoot the messenger ok? And shooting holes in the message wont help either. And, an even WORSE byproduct, will be the influx, of the lets call them "sound machine operating PAs'", credits will be in their cv, their availability to production will increase, The professional sound person, as a respected trade, will as a result, in my opinion, diminish some. And lets be honest, its a trade that historically, on the whole, has had its difficulties crystallizing that respect. On the whole.
  2. You know, first reaction, i can understand is; wow great, new toy, new option, easier to work. Easier for ME, less worry. Thats great. Fun, yay. Im about to heavy the thread up here, and, i realize that. My heavy two cents... *long game* One could say; mark this date in you calendars gentleman. This release brings many of us/you, whom are working in "factual" television, also known as "reality" or "docuseries" or other. Which by the way, is a VERY large segment of the average market working "soundmixer/recordist" these past 15+ years, This bring us/you one VERY big step closer to being a SOUND PA, and also being paid commensurate as one. Enjoy it while you can. In the near future, when you feel like complaining about how cam dept and production companies are buying this machine and having *someone* operate it for 150$ day, and wondering why you are working less, I hope you remember you asked for it. And hope you know where to point your finger. Some deeper consideration and thought regarding this release could perhaps be put towards considering offering this as available exclusively to "registered" (whatever that means) or "wireless license holders". Or some other idea along those lines. Not stock. A hurdle to the ease of acquiring this should seriously be considered for the good of the trade. Again, just my heavy two cents.
  3. Alenk, it appears you may be in the perfect situation, if you are in the market to purchase that is, to grab some older zaxcom model transmitters and receivers. They can be found at very attractive price points. *very*. Too very for most of us here that work with the zaxcom eco system...You could pick up 2 rx200 and two older model transmitters for a small fraction of the new cost of a pair of trxla3's and qrx receiver. If you are in the market for purchase, someone on this group will help you find this i have no doubt. And will surely be well maintained and fully functional units that would well serve for many years. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thats exactly what i have going there. Two combiners, one over the other. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I havent noticed but, i havent worked much with it on jobs requiring much range yet.. id like to hear more about what you noticed in your experience? With nomad spray on dipoles. Yes. Switchable power distro with three discreet switches built into the machine. Passive combiner
  6. Not quite a bag mount or harness mount, more of a machine mount but there you have it. Square dabs of snot tape in just the right places.
  7. This is it. Red Master switch powers Up nomad and rx1, side switch one powers rx2, side switch2 powers rx3, side switch3 powers cam hop tx AND ifb tx. micro ultralight minimal 3ch snake with Xlr shells removed machining done to the rf combiner boxes and rx cables painfully soldered directly to the boards. (Anyone happen to have sma rubber boot/dust covers? I need6) small mod to the sna antennas removing the metal mounting points.
  8. Does this ring true for anyone?
  9. VER

    Im going to weigh in. this is a big threat. I feel, it is IMPERATIVE, to communicate that, if prod INSISTS, they get their gear from a rental house like this, which is their prerogative, and if you cant turn down the opportunity for whatever reason, that a full days labour be charged for pickup AND a day for return. Totally fair and explainable, and makes the giveaway rates less attractive. We really need to stick together on this one, and self discipline so to speak. My two heavy cents.
  10. Yes indeed. Good creative find there. Do tell. What is this bag?
  11. Hows that for a door crasher!
  12. Re: powering down... its at powerup, where gremlins or failures are most likely to happen. Ask any tv engineer. One of the reasons most all gear is left constantly on at permanent broadcast installations.
  13. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this Matt. Classy.
  14. I could have should have quoted.