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  1. First of all, sorry if you are troubled by this but, i dont think im "above you all". Please. But, do feel its quite worth it and important to get our collective heads out of the sand. I dont blame anyone for not accepting this. Where would we have gotten this information anyway except the boob tube? Which is an absolutely false reality anyway. Again, blas, look into the press conference to start, please. I have come around to accept many things. To be clear, its not the US gov directly, these things pass through private enterprise and aerospace corporations. The truths we should be giving our full attention, are the incredibly detailed testimonials, of CAREER military, aerospace, and highly placed government employees, that are coming out, and telling what they know. They feel its their duty. If you listen closely, invest the time and discern. Its plain to see. Gosh, you mention "many ignorant people that create outlandish stories" ... the people that i am referring to, the people that dr. Greer has vetted and worked with, are the furthest thing from ignorant. I mean really. They are proven carrer people. Paperwork paper trail intact. I dont mean to push this in your face but, i mean you are asking for it. You are just regurgitating the typical non sense that anyone who comes forward with information regarding extra terrestrials is a backwoods ignorant hick who says they saw something late at night while making moonshine.
  2. New: Cinela (IBC 2017)

    Wow. Philippe really puts his all into this. Bravo.
  3. The ways and hows of your question regarding how can it all possibly be kept a secret is outlined in many testimonials. Its multi faceted, of course, but, one of the cornerstones the secrecy rests on is, wonderful national security. Oh national security, what would we do without you? I encourage you to look into the other cornerstones. ( media propagated ridicule, blackmail and threat of death to the individual and family, financial ruin, take away pension, and the secrecy oaths are effective. ) *which are, and have been expiring* Remember the military man at roswell NM who first said, a flying saucer had crashed, it made the papers, then two days later changed the story to, oh it was a weather balloon? Look into his deathbed testimony. He was ordered to go back out there and deny. They couldn't let anyone *read Russians* know this was retrieved. US army ret. Colonel Philip Corsos book. The day after Roswell, is an important read. Lots of info there. He has since passed away. The CIA was created to manage this file very shortly after the Roswell event. Look into what Eisenhower did during this time and how he was subsequently shut out of it all. Have you seen/heard his farewell address? "Beware of the military industrial complex" speech. It was directly related to this. He was telling us something. These are real people. Its your/our history. Its hard to accept because, well, we've been lied to all our lives. but there it is. Its also easy to forget that ALL english language media worldwide is absolutely owned and controlled. Its the biggest story you wont ever hear on the news. See what ABC news Dan Rather has to say about journalist censorship. Some things you absolutely cannot report on. Even if its the biggest story ever told. For more info on dr. Greer's work in particular, again, Start with the 2001 Washington national press theatre press conference where the military and other highly placed witnesses came forward and said they would swear before congress that everything they said is true. Turns out the cia sabotaged that feed from going out live to most of north America on that day. Again, This isnt fiction. I would post key links to follow, but it really is up to the individual to do the work for themselves. There are key pieces of evidence that are absolutely dispositive. Your question is apt but it doesn't cancel out the mountain of evidence. There is lots of, for lack of a better term, bullshit out there to sift through. No question. It does muddy the waters and dilute the truth, So beware of that of course but, the truth does stand out. Its just a pain to get to. And fairly time consuming. You need to make time.
  4. I need some used sound equipment

    Good advice here. 442 is a fantastic machine. Very versatile.
  5. It kinda, *should* be important to humanity. But, not everyone is mentally ready to, accept a paradigm shift in their belief system or lives. So. Thats up to everyone to decide for themselves. Clearly you have decided not. So, good for you. Keep on keeping on. And, Greer knows this because people come to him, from aerospace contractors working on black projects, intelligence community whistleblowers and upper echelon department of defence people, and, then ensures corroboration with multiple other sources before he even makes a mention of something. You would know that, if you spent the time to research yourself. But no. Good luck.
  6. not read or studied any of his work. But, "clarify". Thats good The clarifications are.... "greer has never been requested" sorry, You say this because...? Dr Greer, Actually presented the briefings in question. In person. He is requested. And he shows up. Presidents, sitting and retired, senators and cia directors. Department of defence heads. In person. His reputation remarkable and, well, there you go. "There has no vetting been going on" you say and know this because? And, evidence... start with Watching /listening to the 2001 press conference for example.
  7. Then, for the love, why do you bother.
  8. ...any rumors about one mini zaxcom like SD mix pre?

    the "zaxnet option" for maxx. Its been suggested but.... 4 yrs later, still no zaxnet option. Zaxcom would automatically sell more units, not to mention more erx units. Its a head scratcher. I hope its around the corner.
  9. ...any rumors about one mini zaxcom like SD mix pre?

    Ok can we be real here, Maxx does not have zaxnet... it has a zaxnet control function menu page [emoji849] I edited my original post, ill say it again here: Why doesnt Maxx have zaxnet, *TRANSMITTER* *that sends timecode and mono audio* 🤦🏻‍♂️ It cant be only me (nomad owner) who is stuck on this.
  10. ...any rumors about one mini zaxcom like SD mix pre?

    Why doesn't maxx have zaxnet *edit *TRANSMITTER* Seriously though. It boggles my mind.
  11. Equipment wishes for 2017

    Zaxcom maxx with zaxnet ... 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. View From The Office:

    French company "LaMachine" first ever visit to north America in Ottawa Ontario. Dress rehearsal day2.
  13. Zaxcom Nomad notch filter

    Set and forgotten would be my guess.
  14. Constantin, Have you read, listened to, seen or studied any of Dr.Greers work?