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    Retired after 40+years. Currently doing sound design for the local Lakeside Little Theatre, travel and software development.
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  1. headpooch

    PAID 5.2 Just Released

    Hi David - Minutiae Software was basically a "profitable hobby" for me and I used PAID for my own invoicing in a career that spanned 35 years. I'm glad that you found it useful, too. Now I'm happily unemployed :-)
  2. headpooch

    PAID 5.2 Just Released

    In all honesty, I believe the current release, PAID (5.4.1), will be the final. I retired 3 years ago and am living the so-called "good life" in Mexico. I thought I would be deep into programming new versions and updating like mad, but alas, after nearly 20 years PAID is now lower on my list of priorities. The first release was way back in 1998! In the meantime, I will continue to provide tech support for the program as long as I am able to. It seems to work well with El Capitan and Windows 10, but I can’t predict what the future will hold.
  3. headpooch


    Love QLab! The developers are so responsive.
  4. headpooch


    Instead of calling it “retirement”, I prefer to call it “No longer gainfully employed”. My transition happened almost 3 years ago at age 60 after nearly 40 years doing production sound. Cashed in all the chips from riding the Southern California real estate tsunami, and headed for Mexico. I’m currently doing ‘gratis' sound design for the local community theatre, and I’ve never felt more gratified. It’s still sound related, but a totally different side of the business, and quite challenging. Learning is a good thing. Something happens when you remove the money from the equation. It’s truly liberating, and difficult to explain to other working people. It feels great to give back, and therefore quite rewarding in itself. While I can’t speak for the others who are still "gainfully employed", I grew tired of having to justify my rates and working much longer hours on uninspiring projects. Better to let a young buck ride that horse. I still enjoyed the work, but knew it was time for a new and improved challenge. But then again, that's just me enjoying my post gainfully employed life.
  5. headpooch

    RIP - Haskell Wexler

    Lo siento mucho, Jeff. What a rich life he had, and what richness he gave.
  6. headpooch

    Meet Carol Kaye

    Denny Tedesco, director of The Wrecking Crew in Ajijic, Mexico at the Lakeside Little Theatre. Four SOLD OUT screenings this weekend. It could be why he is smiling! People had the opportunity to ask questions after the screenings about the film or the Crew. His father is Tommy Tedesco (famed guitar player and Wrecking Crew member)
  7. headpooch

    Meet Carol Kaye

    The Wrecking Crew is having it's Mexico premiere in two weeks and Denny Tedesco will be on hand to take Q&A after the screening. I want to ask him about the music clearances, crowd funding and creative money raising techniques that he used. It's a fantastic doc and the culmination of a 19 year work of love. Good on him!
  8. headpooch


    Bravo Peter! I hung up the headphones last July after 40+ years. Timing is everything. Best is yet to come.
  9. headpooch

    Pete Seeger - RIP

    Pete Seeger: A true American hero. We desperately need more like him. Goodbye, amigo.
  10. headpooch

    Password Managers

    Really love 1Password. Syncs across all my devices. Can't imagine digital life without it.
  11. headpooch

    Captain Phillips

    Lots of very good movies last year. Some real competition this time. However, I consumed way too much popcorn
  12. headpooch

    Lee Strosnider

    I had a FaceTime conversation with Lee on Sunday morning (before the stroke). He had just returned to LA from Indiana to deal with his longtime partner in crime, Austin McKinney. Austin had passed away the previous Monday. He was pretty depressed and did not look good at all. Alas, I think it's the end of an interesting era in film history. The attached photo shows Lee on left and Austin on the right. I believe that's Vilmos Zsigmond at the camera.
  13. headpooch

    OSX 10.8 with Metacorder

    What is that supposed to mean?
  14. headpooch

    New Mac Pro..

    Dare we mention the Zune? :-)