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  1. Friend found this article: http://www.sportsvideo.org/worldcup/world-cup-2014-news-roundup/hbs-takes-world-cup-pitch-with-sennheiser-mics/ Here it is broken out - unbelievable! Microphones in the twelve stadia / camera team equipment - 36 Esfera surround microphone systems (36 SPM 8000 stereo microphones; two SPB 8000 processing units) - 240 MKH 8060 short gun microphones - 48 MKH 8070 long gun microphones - 96 MKH 418-S stereo shotgun microphones - 47 MKH 416 short gun microphones - 120 MD 46 reporter microphones - 24 wireless channels of the 2000 Series for boom and spider cam microphones - 47 wireless microphone systems for camera use (EK 2000 camera receivers, SK 2000 bodypack transmitters with MKE 1 clip-on microphones) - 47 MD 46 reporter microphones - 47 HD 25 monitoring headphones Additional equipment for team news reporting - 40 camera systems (EK 2000 camera receivers, SKM 2000 handheld transmitters with MMD 935 microphone heads) - 40 talk-back links (SK 2000 bodypack transmitters, EK 1039 bodypack receivers, HD 25 headphones)
  2. Just wondering if anyone is watching/listening to the world cup this year? I see bigger rycotes on the ground by the nets, in the corners on the sidelines. You can hear it all from the crowd cheer to a kick of the ball. Just interested - thanks!
  3. are you wearing a tshirt of yourself?
  4. I find the search function to not be very good on the site. I use google chrome as my browser. It allows me to essentially "google" the site. In the address or search bar I'll enter, "site:jwsoundgroup.net topic i want to search" So, if it is indeed a browser issue - then maybe there's an option to install the google search function on the site? I installed adblock as a google chrome extension (PWYC honour system) and it seems to have cleared the issue. A problem without a solution is just a complaint.
  5. Twade

    Bag boy

    Yes, it's handmade, yes there are other ways to pull it off. You'd be supporting a product made for location sound. There are some clips that are $25 each and nothing more than a plastic tube with two pins glued on. Suspensions are just pieces of plastic made to work together. Boom poles are carbon fiber with some knuckles. And then, what's the difference between a Zoom H6 and a 664 beyond timecode? it's a niche industry, not a massive market. More demand = more supply = manufacturing gets cheaper = costs come down and possibly quality as well. Isn't it great to have the options available to you!?
  6. reading about VFX and came across this from life of pi
  7. Yes, we aren't talking about wireless. The SD units are in more supply and in more demand both in new and in used. SD appeals to more markets, has more capacity and more marketing.
  8. SD units do tend to sell easier on the used market. Again, Zaxcom is usually pushing the boundaries of the paradigm and offering great features that can sometimes offer complications people don't want to try to understand. IMO
  9. That's OD, not ID - but it's also roughly 664 hasn't been available sort of. it's a whole new unit, different menu etc. Nomad in other iterations has been around for a year. and perhaps a battle, indeed.
  10. 664 faders are roughly 1/4" larger.
  11. Screen is definitely bigger on the 664 - if I measure on the diagonal - the 664 is 6.5cm and the Nomad is 5.5cm. (or roughly 2.5" vs 2")
  12. How about the MARF and Mirror both on CF vs. Simultaneous FAT32 on CF and SD. Nomad goes up to 96k. Other than that - bit and sample are the same.
  13. Hey Jeff, Hoping people will just speak on comparisons - there is so much too compare that I'm interested in the bigger picture comparisons. Nomad doesn't have the classic faders and gains. The Deva for instance (albeit a recorder primarily) had faders on the front, and individual gains in the software. Nomad, to me at least, is trying to drive all kinds of items often seen on front panels (SD, filmtech, AD, Sonosax) into the software. So, my question is - will this become the new standard? As more mixers/recorders come on market - will we see a disappearance of certain front panel controls in favour or software to make for smaller, lighter machines? Or are there options people just can't give up? Again, I'm not giving up on other crucial comparisons - what those crucial comparisons are I'm hoping will come to light in this thread as people discuss them. I'm interested in battery life comparisons personally. I don't think we need to post the specs though...Hopefully that helps clear the air?
  14. Yes, as if we need yet another thread but given Nomad lite is essentially a 664 so far as inputs and track counts and most of the features. Thought we could do a rough comparison over which one might be for some people over another. I've attached some pictures for size comparisons. Zaxcom's Nomad Lite does have some nice features like NeverClip and their "soft knee compressor" vs. SD's hard limiter. Obviously the size is different. The weight of the Nomad is 3.8 pounds without batteries vs. 4 pounds 12 ounces on the 664. Sound Devices has a good history of reliable machines and easy to use menu structures. Nomad changes the game with the way the unit mixes (eg. 1 gain, 6 faders) but is it something people can make a switch to - yes, people have - but is it a new "standard" when everyone wants more channels and less size?
  15. One oft forgotten fact is that you can power the comtek M216p7 externally. A friend snuck an np1 shoe on the back with a spring clip at the top - it powers both the comtek and slate forever.
  16. I don't think the Ipad is a tool necessarily for the sound guy/professional technical department. I think it's a request from the production staff, or if not a request, a feature they'd like to use. I've seen it used as logging, monitoring, etc. Sound is just giving the option for timecode in the idevice to further enhance their roles, not ours. More and more we see people bringing their own headphones for comteks as an example. OUr devices, yes, stay pro - Ambient, Timecode buddy, Zaxcom - they just so happen to have functionality within wifi (or at least be able to hook up to something to display timecode). The end of rejam, the end of drift, the end of these kinds of timecode issues may be in our midst. It's prevalent, it seems it's here to stay. I can appreciate people wanting to stay cabled to camera but eventually you get the, "well my last guy had a hop" or "my last sound person used smaller transmitters" Is it a game changer? Or a fad? It's not necessarily new (Ambient and Katamount Scriptlinc did it before - just not as well) but certainly much improved. Do you work it into the kit or not?
  17. My apologies for the lack of knowledge then. You could theoretically throw an ERX1TCD on an Ipad and despite Mr. Freed's comments (and my agreement) people LOVE to use their Ipads as a tool regardless of the problems that come with it - brightness & blur being big ones. BUT - we're getting off topic here. I'm curious - which one, IYO, is better and why of all the systems made available?
  18. I guess the biggest change for the audio side of things at NAB could arguably be wireless timecode. The Timecode buddy made a big splash in the waters. Timecode over wifi!? Wahoo! But Ambient did the same thing - currently, it doesn't speak to Idevices mind you but with their new firmware speaking to each of the ACL204's and it functioning properly I'm sure the next software update will speak to Idevices and their timecode app. Then of course - Zaxcom Nomad and their ERX1TCD's - do a similar thing. The ERX1TCD can serve as both "comtek" and/or timecode receiver. The cool thing here is on drop out, the ERX1TCD is also a generator so it continues its timecode. And guess what? All on a wifi 2.4ghz signal. Could Zaxcom not build an app for the Ipad? Technically pricing is relatively similar. So which is the better system and why? Why go with one over the other? Is wifi a reliable transmission? It sure is nice to not have to re-jam every three hours. Anybody have any experience and recommendations? What features make one better?
  19. as some of us have noticed, the search engine on the site is weak. For example, a search for "nomad" yields no results. My workaround is this, in case it hasn't been posted already google.com punch in site:jwsoundgroup.net nomad replace nomad with whatever you want to search. it works wonders for me anyway.
  20. but not why after switching to a new battery or changing over to np1's he continued to have problems.
  21. The Ikan has a stepped up output to 12v.
  22. Petrol has replaced these screens before and they've been seriously upgraded on their new PS line of bags. I can't claim that kind of customer service or responding to clients needs from Portabrace. Get in touch with your dealer.
  23. Hey, Just a nice picture of a collection of short microphones. Been doing some comparison's lately on cardioids. The DPA is really nice IMO. It competes with the Schoeps. Sennheiser you need the pad/filter in there but also very nice. Thoughts on short mics? mounting options? windscreen protections? I'm not asking for anything specific - just your experiences.
  24. A few reports from users in the field on odd gain staging from the d4 into camera. Line level too quiet mic level too hot aes lines up quite nicely any thoughts? opinions? suggestions?
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