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  1. Thanks Jim, on the basis of your post, I got Transcriptive to work inside Premiere Pro. I had previously used Dragon but it was only 50-60% acurate. Transcriptive works as advertised and is indeed over 95% accurate, even for the non-US language we use in Australia! Thanks again.
  2. I use both Audio Ltd and Lectro in bag work. I prefer Audio Ltd for sound and functionality but talent likes the size of Lectro SM single battery. I have to assume that Audio Ltd/Sound devices are working on a four channel receiver to go into their SL-2 and smaller TX. If they do come out with them, I'll be in the queue.
  3. I thought it was time for a review of my KentLi Li-Polymer batteries after three years of use. The average usage has been twice a week for three years or around 300 times each. Of the 48 batteries I have, the first two have failed, one cell failure and one regulater failure. The remaining batteries seem to still be in good condition. I like the KentLi batteries because I can measure both the voltage of the cell and the regulated 1.5 volts. They have three accessible terminals, one negative and two positive. I haven't experienced the high-pitched sound mentioned elsewhere and overall I'm happy with these batteries. On the other hand, I would guess that NiMh Eneloop Pro's would perform equally well.
  4. Variable for Amazon and unusual for Ebay.
  5. Neither Amazon nor Ebay ship to Australia. Can you fix this?
  6. Can't find it on EBay, and Amazon won't ship oseas. Can you give the EBay link please?
  7. KRF

    Camera Hops

    Timely question. Drama shoot using two Alexas. They want timecode and scratch audio on both for the rushes. I'm using Ambient nanolockits, Ambient slate and Masterlockit on SD688 also for sound report. Audio is two Lectro IFBT4 (one boom, one lavs) to SRbs on cameras. Making special cable 2xTA3 to 5 pin XLR for the Alexas.
  8. I have been using KentLi lithium ion AA batteries for approaching 18 months now. They give me three hours in SMVs at 100 with around half an hour extra. This is the same as I was getting with Eneloop black.
  9. About the same as eneloop pro. Somewhere around 120 minutes with one phantom power channel.
  10. I use Li-ion rechargeable AA batteries (KentLi) or Sony L-mounts, depending on project length. Been using the KentLis for a year now and am very happy with them. None has failed yet.
  11. MixPre 3 setup I got the MixPre 3 for small jobs and wanted a fixed setup. An SRb with battery sled is attached to the top via the 1/4 inch MixPre3 screw. The leads have Remote Audio right angle XLRs going into the MixPre 3 inputs 1 and 3 and Lectro Ratpac right angle TA3s coming out of the SRb. Input 2 is used for boom or other wired mic. An Ambient NanoLockit is velcroed next to the SRb. The whole thing fits neatly into a ThinkTank Wireless bag that fits on my belt. Works pretty well on a couple of jobs I have done.
  12. I have been using the KentLi PH5 AA batteries for about 6 months now. I get a minimum of 3hrs out of SMv @100mW. The beauty of them is that you can measure the unregulated voltage with a multimeter - the positive end has two terminals, one regulated and one unregulated. None has failed yet, so I am happy with these.
  13. I have been using Rode lavs for several years and think they are in the same ball park as COS-11s at half the price.
  14. Yes, the MLC-HID usb wire was faulty. Exchanged by John Barry in Sydney and now the system works perfectly.
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