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  1. When performance matters LDF-5. About .9db per 100' of loss at most wireless frequencies. Not light, doesn't roll very well, but will impress the client. Have several rolls in the garage.
  2. A used Cooper CS104, has some of the best preamps going. I kick myself for selling what I had years ago. Probably used in the 700-1000usd range, so more than the SD302. Really nice to have. My .02
  3. FB I have found to be a great time waster for me. JW is usually the most clear and concise way to discuss production sound, the latest gear, wonderful DIY, and the buy and sell is first rate. my .02 worth
  4. I believe DPA makes some horse lavaliers!!
  5. Version four in action. A shoot just before Christmas for HomeChef.
  6. under $400 per unit -survives drops sometimes - all day (14 hours) battery and ideally multi day at least a long day - better audio than a comtek -some basic info on the receiver like an RF meter -wide tuning range most times the 216mhz range is clear -high power transmitter options -headphone Jack that works with standard stereo headphones And that's why many of us still use Comteks.
  7. Neil I just sent a photo to Pierre. I didn't know what to call it either. I do think the microphone clip idea might work. Just remember the underside of the Mini is not uniform, hence the left and right shapes of the clips. They appear to be made from stainless steel and are perhaps 2-3mm thick. I do trust the 3/8" mounting screw, but the clips keep the Mini in place. Just my 2 cents
  8. Contacted Aaton and bought a couple. Pierre handled the transaction.
  9. So version four bag/holder has been up and running for a couple of months. Still waiting on the Melody II preamp from Aaton, so that I can add the third SRc in the empty space. I really like having the Mini on a slant. The display is viewable in both vertical and horizontal positions. Everything I need is inside of the wedge. Antenna distro, TC, Hydra system, power distro using an eSmart type of battery. Space on the the two smaller vertical panels to add pouches to hold hop transmitters and a space to clip a Comtek transmitter. Very thin birch plywood, laminated with carbon f
  10. Rado, man of simple answers
  11. Got some of the sew on patches Doug. Still get comments from the youngsters, as to what it means. Oh, well. David
  12. drpro


    There was a study of mask wearing in Denmark saying that masks don’t protect us. This study was conducted April and May of this year. The study did not test the masks directly only what happens when you advise people to wear them. Obviously since then we have learned more about the virus. The CDC in the US recently clarified, that we have other evidence that masks probably benefit the wearer. Personally I would say wear the damn mask, it can't hurt. Might even help a bit for the common cold and flu.
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