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  1. Talk to the guys at Lectro. I suspect the 401 does not have a tracking front end.
  2. Perhaps a scaled down, lighter version for the weight conscious baggers out there, Karl
  3. Mogami or Canare make some fine small cables that will work for your purpose
  4. I think Larry has been smoking some of that magic weed!!
  5. Very happy with my Leonard MS rig for light wind, very nice and easy to handle.
  6. Seems limited to 1080. May or may not be a problem. For me that would be a deal breaker
  7. Brenda, I am a big fan of your 9' articulated boom pole. Does 97% of what I need. Would like to request for a future update of adding one more section in the lower half and one more section in the upper half adding enough to bring the total length around 12' or so. Thanks David
  8. +1 on FreqFinder app and Dugan. Both make your life a bit easier.
  9. If you are using discrete components, take a look at the Elna Silmic II. Really nice for the cost of a 50v 10uf is about .70usd. Plus it has "mic" in the name.
  10. With the BSHH you won't need a boom pole. What a cost savings!!
  11. For the builders, if you haven't already check out the Nocturna fans, a bit more expensive but almost silent.
  12. Sometimes a suitable amount of cash to the lawn care workers provides relief!!
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