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  1. drpro

    Denecke TS-TCB Smart Slate

    We are. I was an early adopter of the TCB. Talked to the folks at Denecke late last year about that slate and was told it was not going away, but hinted at something in the works. So time will tell.
  2. drpro

    Sound gets no respect! Hmmmm.

    Christmas present says it all. Carry with you while you are talking to producer, director, talent, etc.
  3. drpro

    DD cart

    Totally get that Rob. It is nice to have something named for you. Just thinking.....
  4. drpro

    DD cart

    I am suggesting a nickname for your DD cart Rob. Call it the "Daily Driver"
  5. drpro

    NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    Sorry about that, Pierre, I do indeed use a Wave as the master. I need to check on that for future reference.
  6. drpro

    Cantar Mini bag

    I am seriously considering purchasing a Cantar Mini during this discount round. The one (for me) stumbling block is lack of a suitable bag, something that would hold the Mini, receivers, transmitters, TC, etc. Mostly using a bag cart, but need the flexibility to pick everything up and go. I have searched the usual bag vendors and nothing really looks like it would work well due to the shape of the Mini (that darn movable screen). DCA has one, mostly just for the Mini with limited space for extras. Really not wanting to build a bag. Modify yes. Any thoughts from those that have a Mini in their kit. Thanks David
  7. drpro

    NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    Yes, do it all the time on set, usually for person taking script notes
  8. drpro

    Black Friday Sales 2018.

    Thanks for all the lists Daniel!!
  9. drpro

    Where is the Senator?

    Trump tapped him for a special mission
  10. drpro

    sound devices and all audio gear on airliner

    I have done it both ways over the years. Now just one 1650 Pelican does most jobs.
  11. drpro


    Got to work with him in the past. One cool dude with guitar skills right up there with the best.
  12. drpro

    3D Printing

    Good grief Allen, that is awesome. I have been spending hours learning about 3D printing and printing quite a few mistakes!! Learning to use the software is my weak spot. I have been using Tinkercad and slicing with Cura. Any other suggestions from you? I am already lusting after a larger printer. Thanks David