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  1. I am using a single pipe clamp to 1" ball and then either an Iphone or Ipad mount. The ones with the 4 grabber type arms. So many choices, but easy to change mounts and how the ball is attached. David
  2. drpro

    Cantar X3 Mini

    Very nice. Simple and effective. Still pondering what my version 4 rig will be like.
  3. Did a recent set of commercials for Panda Express. Very similar hidden lav plus the second on a headset. I know not quite the same but the client wanted a dummy headset mic and I made the decision to go with a live one. Both yielded very usable audio. I say go with it. Obviously wireless frequencies running two transmitters need to be considered.
  4. Ram mount makes some nice kit for tablets and phones. www.rammount.com I have no interest in the company, just a happy customer.
  5. Tales, that has been one of my issues with the Mini. I liked the sloped surface bag I built which was version 2 for me. I have been using my version 3 for a while and it is ok. Been thinking about building another one, taking some of the ideas from the Aaton cheese plate design. What you don't see in my version 3 bag is the Hydra system. It is under the cover closest to the body. Three receivers. Two are in use, the third one I am waiting on the Melody preamp to allow the third receiver to work on the AES input. Included is two RF preamps and a RF distribution system. Once I have a Melody in hand I plan on seeing it I can reduce the size of the bag and lighten it some more. The Hydra system I believe can be made smaller, which will help. My RF system is cobbled together from various pieces. My thoughts are to only use one side with RF bits and the other would just be the antenna on each wireless receiver. David
  6. LDF-5 1db loss per hundred feet at 600MHz. Great for fixed installations, but a bear on location!!
  7. Also look into lease purchase. Start with what you really need, then add. Look at older gear, still works saves a bit of dollars. What is surprising is what you end up using day in. Small mixer/recorder, boom, 1 or 2 wireless, has covered many jobs. Start there, rent the extras if you need them. Many of us have GAS, I am one of those persons. If I were just starting out, simple would be the direction I would take.
  8. This is so funny. I have been working for a client that produces political ads. Just a month ago I worked on one of their shoots. Their client is a doctor running for office. Two day shoot. The doctor does not wear any kind of face covering. I asked him at the beginning why no face covering (crew of course is wearing face coverings), he says it isn't necessary that they don't work. Folks this is a trauma surgeon for a major hospital. I bet if he showed in surgery with no mask heads would roll. Very cavalier about taking precautions. I am wearing a mask and face shield during this shoot.
  9. Well that's a bummer to hear Ritter is gone. Always did first rate work.
  10. One free kitten with Lectro purchase over 1000usd.
  11. Yep you need to turn in all of your Schoeps. Will send the address!!
  12. Thank you SG, been awhile since I took one apart the older TRX units simply pried apart. After this accident I did buy cases for my units.
  13. Todd if my memory serves, the cases pry open. I had to send my to Trew in Atlanta for repair. The production company paid, since the camera operator dropped the unit. David
  14. Was on an interview shoot with him after James Brown passed. Super nice fellow RIP
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