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  1. drpro

    What is your spare recorder

    SD to back up SD. Simple same menu structure, easy on the brain.
  2. drpro

    Rycote acquired by The Vitec Group.

    Also OConnor here in the States
  3. drpro

    IFB question for the masses

    Thanks Derek for your insightful comments. SRa on camera is probably a bit of both. I have spoken to him this am and next shoot day go SRa on his camera and Comteks for B cam and clients. One step at a time. I want to try Lectrosonics VHF IFB for a trial. Perhaps better more RF resistant tnx David
  4. drpro

    IFB question for the masses

    Thanks all. I too have run two TX out of the bag at the same time. I am trying to avoid having to run two different IFB systems (Comtek and Lectro or other brand). In all cases I need 4-6 client monitors. Going the $40 headamp for one person route, maybe, for 6 not so good, another box, more wires. Serv Pro is transmitting from the camera, need to go from bag to camera.
  5. drpro

    IFB question for the masses

    Working a show with two cameras. Typical talent wireless 5-6 systems max, all UHF B21-23. Post wants a scratch track. Using Comtek 216mHz receivers on each camera, plus 4-6 for producer types, director, etc. Both cameras have Teradek Serv Pro video transmitters running usually mounted to the rear. Camera A/DP wants to have clean audio in his ear. The Serv Pro transmitters are getting into the Comteks depending on where the receiver is mounted. Obviously further away helps. Cameras are Sony FS7, so not a lot of space for extras. I realize the plastic bodies of the Comtek are not ideal in a close RF situation. Additionally there are two other soundies working this show and we all are using Comteks and having the same problem. What camera A/DP really wants is a rental on his B20 SRa system, everybody else would still be on Comteks. I really don't want his two transmitters, Comtek transmitter and talent receivers all in close proximity in my bag. Going to Zaxcom IFB units would be nice, but they operate in the 2.4gHz range which the Serv Pros use along with 5gHz. Not sure if they would play nice. My other thought is go with Lectro VHF IFB system and move the scratch track and client audio far away from those higher frequencies, plus a nice metal body. Money is probably the main issue here needing a completely new IFB system (1-xmitter and 6-8 receivers). Before jumping into the money pit. Are there any folks out in audio land that have encountered similar equipment configurations. Looking for thoughts, Thanks David
  6. drpro

    Bag cart build ideas

    Nice build Frido!!
  7. drpro

    Chinese "Lemo" Connectors

    I haven’t had good luck with them Doug. Others have. The QC seems to very a bit. YMMV
  8. drpro

    Np-50 Bulk Charger

    Very nice presentation.
  9. drpro

    What to do with 600-698 MHz wireless systems?

    They have to find you first I have multiple FCC licenses and don’t need the aggravation so I just traded in older gear took the hit and now have some new bits of gear. My guess is unless you are working the SuperBowl or other similar events you can continue to use 600mhz and up with little issues. if something breaks though you may find it difficult to have serviced YMMV
  10. drpro

    New from Lectro.

    They do things a bit differently in New Mexico. Probably the heat does something to their brains
  11. drpro

    Straightening Old Lav Cable

    Steam iron on low
  12. drpro

    Handy soldering gadget

    Yep I use those also Eric. Just another tool in the arsenal.
  13. drpro

    Handy soldering gadget

    Like many on the forum, I make most of my own cables. I recently found something that has made it a bit easier to solder some types of connectors. It is a bit pricey, but has saved some burnt/hot fingers. It is a rather nice block of silicon so it's not going to melt at solder temperatures. I have no vested interest in the product, just a satisfied customer. YMMV
  14. drpro

    lectrosonics SMQV powering off unexpectedly

    Not sure of the age, the serial number is in the three digit range. Being just a SM it has to be an early one. In addition to fixing the power problem, a new antenna and pushbutton assembly was included. All of this for $213. I suspect without the additional items the cost would have been in the mid $100, since they have a minimum shop rate. Second one is in for repairs, hopefully a bit less, because I have a third that needs it also. Best guess for all three $500 range. YMMV
  15. drpro

    Co-Axial connectors right angle

    Eric plenty of them out there of the molded variety, Digikey has several here is one catalog number to get you started 839-1015-ND. Here is another at Mingston http://www.mingston.com/productdetail15.htm. Somewhere I found some long cables with the right angle locking on both ends, cut the cable in half, two for one plus a dollar. Don't remember the link for that one. Enjoy David