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  1. Dyneema CT-PSA, there are probably others that would work.
  2. Got a 3d printer. Try some TPU. MatterHackers has it in clear, I imagine other vendors do to.
  3. True that Rado. I am starting to gather pieces for my version 3 bag for my Cantar Mini. I found some vendors that will sell small quantities of Dyneema fabric. Now that stuff is expensive, but really light. Like .5oz for a 36"x36" piece. A 36"x36" piece suitable for the bag only weighs 5oz. For some applications you don't even need to sew it. Seams for example. A super bonding tape along with an iron for a little heat transfer and you are done. Zippers still need to be stitched.
  4. One of my go to sources for foam and fabric has been Seattle Fabrics. They have several really nice thin foam pieces. Another source might be a camping supply store, use the foam from sleep mats.
  5. Definitely Minicircuits would be my go to. Just wanted to pass along the results of testing an inexpensive passband filter from China.
  6. Plus you can never have too much gear. Tax write-off helps
  7. Want to share observations on an inexpensive passband filter. Working on another version of my Cantar Mini bag and want to integrate all of the wireless to just two antennas. I would also like to have passband filtering which most of the commercial offering lack. So bought one of the Chinese passband filters to see how it looked. On the spectrum analyzer, it is wider than the printed label. At 8db down as shown on the analyzer the upper end is around 658mHz and the lower end is around 505mhz. The measured insertion loss is about 2.5db. Not as narrow as I had hoped. Still a lot of the T mobile spectrum could slip by. Probably would help with on set walkie-talkies in the 450-490mHz range. So for about 40usd not bad.
  8. Stereo version of the SN. You are probably right Jeff, the G forces would cause problems, most likely when the chute deployed. Lots of flutter and wow.
  9. Back in the day, I would just put a SSN on the person, hit record and let it run. So much easier now.
  10. I have the KSHRN3, not a huge fan, (see my posting on the For Sale section). I had a chance to try one on in the shop. I had drop by to share my Cantar Mini bag with the staff. I only had it on for a few minutes: fit better on me than the K-Tek (I have a long torso), the straps were easier to attach and adjust. The metal spine does stick out and I could see myself backing into something or catching it on an unseen object behind me. Definitely tough to sit in. The adjustable feature is nice, perhaps better if you didn't have the adjustment module hanging about. I think if it was built in and had a knob to turn, less stuff and a bit lower price? I believe I will wait for version two!!
  11. Same here, actually had some of the screws come loose. Schoeps was nice enough to send extras after I mentioned it to them. Very early mic.
  12. Similar question, has anyone purchased on of their antenna DAs? If so thoughts compared to other manufactures offerings.
  13. You the man Larry. One of the reasons I have stay with Lectro!!
  14. Perhaps include condom on the search list.
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