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  1. For the builders, if you haven't already check out the Nocturna fans, a bit more expensive but almost silent.
  2. Sometimes a suitable amount of cash to the lawn care workers provides relief!!
  3. Radial passives with Jensen transformers
  4. drpro


    Like the keep the operator cool fan!!
  5. drpro

    RIP Ross Lowell

    Ross Lowell the creator of Gaffers Tape passed away last week at age 92. I suspect almost everyone has use gaffers tape to secure cables on location at some point in their work.Plus of course his contribution to light weight lighting products.
  6. I have B4B and they do not charge in an IDX charger. I have both types of batteries and chargers.
  7. Over the years at least for me the T Mobile phones gave me the most trouble.
  8. I installed the auto mute update and now cannot hear anything!!
  9. Second the MKH-406, a really nice little mic. Used them for a number of years before becoming a Schoepie.
  10. Here is my take. I bought some of these connectors last year. I have yet to put them into service. Definitely not up to Neutrik standards. The plastic parts are thin, I am able to squeeze the thread collar between two fingers easily. The smaller yellow part seen in the photos has notches so you can index the direction you want the cable to exit from. There is not a strain relief or locking mechanism of any kind. A cable tie will be needed. The black body is made from two cast pieces and welded/soldered together. May be done while the metal is still hot. Solder pockets feel and look cheap compared to Neutrik. Two additional bits, the cable hole is 5mm in diameter and the weight of the connector is 1oz/30gms. Time will tell as to the fitment and usage in the field. They may be ok. YMMV David
  11. drpro

    DPA 4017C

    Magic smoke comes out😳
  12. We are. I was an early adopter of the TCB. Talked to the folks at Denecke late last year about that slate and was told it was not going away, but hinted at something in the works. So time will tell.
  13. Christmas present says it all. Carry with you while you are talking to producer, director, talent, etc.
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