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  1. I would suspect there is some truth to what you said Philip. Methinks everyone is busy and checking out used gear would be low on the list of must get done. Personally I have had better luck buying from someone on JWS. Just my take. David
  2. Version 3 of my quest for a Cantar Mini bag. This one weighs 2.4lbs/1.1kg. The fabric is Dyneema. Only weighs 5oz/145g per square yard. The space between the operator and the back of the Mini will house three Hydra sockets for Lectro SR receivers. Out of sight as the Cantar/Hydra controls each receiver. Antenna distro is my own version of pieces cobbled together. It has adjustable gain and a bandwidth covering A1 and B1. Hopefully this will help with desense of the receivers from transmitters outside of that range. If need be I have a couple of passband filters I can add. More photos to come.
  3. Anybody have an idea where the microphone or elements are sourced. Curious how they sound to DPA or Cos-11.
  4. KIss it is John. Maybe have wrapped the various mic bits and stands in holiday decorations, just to show you are a festive person!!
  5. And the windows are not "anything proof"!!
  6. Rent or borrow a C700s, one mic, done. Here is an example
  7. Condolences, Jeff and to his family. Cancer is one of the worst.
  8. Thanks Jay for your thoughts. Much appreciated. This is why I wanted to ask, almost sounds to good. Tnx David
  9. Has anyone used the Sonarworks software? Curious if it helps or hinders mixing. Sounds good on paper, just not sure. And yes they offer a free trial. Interested in real world users that have had it installed for longer than the trial. Tnx David
  10. Never been a fan. To my ears due to the hyped mids and highs I found them very fatiguing to listen to for long periods.
  11. drpro

    Inovativ cart

    Inovativ has introduced a new vertical cart. Might make a nice base for a sound cart. Looks to be somewhat modular and has the ability to add to. https://www.inovativ.com/shop/deploy/deploy-gen-iv-3/ One downside is the unloaded weight of 120lbs (55kg). Not a vendor, just an interested party.
  12. I don't have one Constantin to try, but a thought. What happens if you add a length of XLR cable between the C preamp and the HM transmitter. I realize you wouldn't be using it with a cable, but curious if there is an RF issue. Also if you have a cable with a Neutrik EMC connector on the mic end try that. David
  13. Peter I think you have the answer for those low balling producers. I will have to remember your quote and use it in the future. Thank you.
  14. True, 2kg, however that does include a PSC BDS along with the battery cup, USB power and the cables. So buy most any bag and add those items and the weight is probably in the 2kg range or better. The odd shape is really a problem. Definitely not a Nova, that is a really nice little package. Most of my work is on a small bag cart with occasional needs to wear the Cantar. I am too old for the run and gun shoots, regardless of how light the bag is!! Two hip replacements add to needing a cart. I have purchase a Hydra system to take advantage of the Cantar's ability to control all of the receiver functions, plus the ability to see the RF spectrum when scanning on that gorgeous bright screen. So I am in the process of designing another bag for the new bits. My sewing skills are not great, however I am going to try a fabric type bag which should be a bit lighter. I have purchased some Dyneema fabric which is very light and actually stronger than steel. I also have some RF blocking fabric and incorporate it into the bag, though I not sure it would make a difference. With the holidays here in the states soon upon us, hopefully I can find some time to work on it. David
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