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  1. Matthias, over the years I have tried and used the configurations you tested. For me the Schoeps BLM-03c outperforms all of the others. ymmv
  2. Finger tips grow back, slates won't.
  3. +1 Cody. Invested in the Hydra system, so easy to plug in another receiver and you are off and running.
  4. SRd to go along with the new transmitters???
  5. John, my basic travel cover.
  6. Really nice John. We have been adopting and fostering for about the same length of time. They really are like potato chips. We also had one Galgo along with eight hounds over the years. Down to just two hounds at this time. Berry and Jack. Our last four greys have all been black ones.
  7. My apologies for bringing "Paint your Wagon" into the discussion. Larry's postings bring out the musicals that I have enjoyed over the years.
  8. Yea, another greyhound owner. How many hounds and how long have had greyhounds, John?
  9. Less over the shoulder for me John these days. For me, the wedge shape makes using the faders easier.
  10. John, my first three versions were bag type setups. One version was an aluminum frame covered in cordura nylon fabric with pouches for the wireless and accessories. The frame was wedge shaped with the battery and distro system in the bottom of the wedge. A bit heavier than my current wedge bag. I didn't like it as well since I had gear and wires hanging on the outside. At that point I didn't have the Hydra system. Most of my work is from a bag cart, so my current setup works well. For transport, I made a Dyneema cover for weather and some protection. I talked to both the owner of Versaflex and Portabrace about making a bag. Due to the small numbers of Cantar Minis out there they weren't interested. I have seen the Protogear bags and believe they would work for the Mini. I have seen a number of owner made Mini bags on the internet. My most basic setup is the Mini with a bracket on the side to hold small dual channel receiver. A couple of Sony camera clips to attach to the lugs on the back and away you go. I have attached that image and the wedge bag based on the aluminum frame. Please do post photos of your design. Thanks David
  11. I agree Philip, I have owned a number of 600 and 700 series products, they have been first rate. After sending in my 302 twice for the same repair that was the deal breaker for me.
  12. This is a common problem with all of the small SD products going back to the 302, MixPre. The headphone jacks are part of the single circuit boards these units have. Much cheaper to produce a single board with everything attached and attach and simple mount it into the case. Much like the assembly of the PC. The cost of repairs becomes greater since you are dealing with board attached connectors. Hand wiring takes time and adds to production costs. Ignoring the R&D, I suspect many of the SD products are less than $100 in production costs Also my experience has been those connectors used on the all on-one-board designs are not as robust.
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