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  1. One free kitten with Lectro purchase over 1000usd.
  2. Yep you need to turn in all of your Schoeps. Will send the address!!
  3. Thank you SG, been awhile since I took one apart the older TRX units simply pried apart. After this accident I did buy cases for my units.
  4. Todd if my memory serves, the cases pry open. I had to send my to Trew in Atlanta for repair. The production company paid, since the camera operator dropped the unit. David
  5. Was on an interview shoot with him after James Brown passed. Super nice fellow RIP
  6. I think it might be some form of a pod people.
  7. Philip even after a vaccine, the world will need to go through several cycles (read years) of further testing. Just like current flu vaccines, it is hit or miss some years. Hopefully over time people will build some resistance the Covid-19 and its offsprings.
  8. A hardy pat on the back for Glenn!
  9. Thanks for the reply, Nate. Yes they are cat like. Can curl into a small space or stretch out to push you off the bed. There is a neat lady in Sydney, that maintains a FB page called "Fans of Alice in Wooferland &Xanthie" Her hounds speak to the world in Greylisch. Definitely fun if you have a hound. Also check out Richard Skipworth in the UK. https://www.richskipworth.co.uk/ He is an illustrator that has Greyhounds and has produced several books all Greyhound owners need on their bookshelf. Here is a shot of our boy upside down and our little girl who thinks we humans are for her pleasure. David
  10. Tom for the cool factor, your Etek is the bomb.
  11. Most Greyhounds I have encountered over the years have been healthy. If they are making money, then they are taken care of. Before adoption took off in the world, historically hounds were put down in large numbers. The industry at its peak was breeding upwards a 100,000 dogs a year. With no adoption to speak of, most hounds were disposed of. These numbers only apply in the USA, I don't know about the rest of the world. So with more publicity about racing, I think the tracks and owners started doing a better job of caring for the dogs. In the twenty years my wife and I have been involved with Greyhounds we do the best we can to help. Thanks David
  12. After nearly 1000miles (1600km) yesterday we returned with 15 Greyhounds from a track in Florida. Up at 2am, then drove to a point just south of Valdosta, GA, met the hauler and returned to Nashville in one very long day. A few photos of those lucky Greyhounds.
  13. Heading to Valdosta Thursday to meet a Greyhound hauler and will be returning to Nashville with 15 Greyhounds. Plenty more if anyone is interested. Thanks David
  14. Thanks John, they really are a sweet breed. One of the standing jokes among Greyhound owners is, you have adopted a 45mph couch potato.
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