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  1. Most Greyhounds I have encountered over the years have been healthy. If they are making money, then they are taken care of. Before adoption took off in the world, historically hounds were put down in large numbers. The industry at its peak was breeding upwards a 100,000 dogs a year. With no adoption to speak of, most hounds were disposed of. These numbers only apply in the USA, I don't know about the rest of the world. So with more publicity about racing, I think the tracks and owners started doing a better job of caring for the dogs. In the twenty years my wife and I have been involved with Greyhounds we do the best we can to help. Thanks David
  2. After nearly 1000miles (1600km) yesterday we returned with 15 Greyhounds from a track in Florida. Up at 2am, then drove to a point just south of Valdosta, GA, met the hauler and returned to Nashville in one very long day. A few photos of those lucky Greyhounds.
  3. Heading to Valdosta Thursday to meet a Greyhound hauler and will be returning to Nashville with 15 Greyhounds. Plenty more if anyone is interested. Thanks David
  4. Thanks John, they really are a sweet breed. One of the standing jokes among Greyhound owners is, you have adopted a 45mph couch potato.
  5. I know this is not a pet related forum. Due to the Covid-19, the remaining tracks in Florida are now closing as opposed to must close by the end of 2020.What this means now, about 5000 Greyhounds are going to need homes immediately. The hope has been that the hounds would be release in smaller groups.My wife and I have been adopting and fostering retired racing Greyhounds for the past 20 years. We are taking several into our home to join our present two hounds.Anybody that has a Greyhound or used to have one knows what amazing animals they are.Please check Greyhound adoption groups in your area. The big one is Greyhound Pets of America with chapters in many towns.Thank you for considering adoption.David
  6. I built a bloop light for use with non-sync cameras, especially GP in cars. Quick simple.
  7. Don't worry Chris, I sure the banking industry and all the others that take/want our money will understand. Not!!
  8. And this is why Lectrosonics is a standup company!! Kudos Gordon.
  9. I guess I was hoping for a stereo in this form. Smaller, lighter, faster.
  10. Had a two day shoot cancel this week due to real or perceived Covid-19 concerns.
  11. drpro

    cl12 micro usb

    It's a cheap simple connector. Manufactures do it all the time.
  12. I believe now amongst the various manufactures the price points have come much closer together than in past years. Yes feature sets differ, but the end is we are all benefiting. After many years in the Cooper/Sound Devices camp I jumped to Cantar in 2017. Is it perfect, no, features keep rolling out just like the other manufactures. For me it pushes some of the buttons in what I want in a recorder/mixer. Bottom line is if you buy a Cantar, Sound Devices, Zaxcom, Sonosax or Nagra, you have a first rate product that will do the job
  13. Yes to caps degrading. If there are carbon composition resistors used then change is possible. Pots wear out. If the seller has a return option and if you are close to one of the Trew outlets (or similar), have it checked over. Great little preamp.
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