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  1. And it’s a race to the bottom for the younger group!
  2. You absolutely conveyed the correct response. Only a FOOL would take this kind of gig!!!
  3. +1 here as well! Kim and the folks at Denecke are the BEST! I wish other domestic companies would follow their lead with how a business should be conducted. GO DENECKE!!!!
  4. I would imagine this is on the horizon...thoughts anyone?
  5. Bravo Dave, and very well said!!! I hope the manufactures heed your advice.
  6. Any ideas out there or knowledge of something in the pipeline? Thanks, D
  7. Would love to see one of these for the SD 664... I don't need any of the faders with the CL 6, just what's in the pic.
  8. This is very sad news. I worked with Walt in the DC area on a "Movie of the Week". He was such a great guy and I learned quite a few mixing techniques from him. Even years later when I was confronted with a complex sound situation, Walt would always return my call with very helpful advice. My deepest condolences to Walt's family and close friends. RIP Walt
  9. Indeed! Only high praise for Comtek service. Can't say that about Sennheiser's service. -D
  10. Hi, Any advice for clean working wireless blocks in the Cape Canaveral area? I know it can be searched on the freq charts, but am looking for any personal working experience from other mixers. Thanks! -D
  11. Thanks, Larry! You're the best! Makes complete sense to me. Best, D
  12. Just curious...are there any other users experiencing swelling with their iPower 520mAh 9 volt batteries after some use? My batteries are about a year old and this seems to be a common issue with this brand. I know after some extended cycling the batteries will diminish their specs, but the swelling has caused a sizing issue when using them in my Comteks and Lectros. Any ideas or similar experiences from end users? Thanks, D
  13. Mike, I also have all that you requested. Would be willing to negotiate the whole nine yards if you're in need. Let me know! Best, D locationdigitalsound AT comcast dot net
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