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  1. Also got the instructional videos. Can't say I'm happy with what it looks like. Maybe it looks better in real life, but if the performance is better with he upgrade then that' shall be enough for me. Still, it looks like a grey sausage lmao
  2. Did anybody hear back from Rycote? For me there has been total silence since Timo has gone and I'm unsure if that is going to change... Edit: I literally just got a promising email!
  3. Honestly, contact Joppe. His charger is beyond anything you will find: His website is https://wrinex.com/
  4. I'm using two Mini Circuit splitters that were recommended to me here in the forum. They've been working perfectly and don't waste nearly as much space as a full blown splitter. They are sitting right below the Mixpre
  5. Me being supercompact and mobile. Mixpre 10T II 2x DCR822 Audioroot BG-DH MK2 held together by a dashboard I designed and printed. Might buy a Nova soonish though... Playing with that idea, but I actually like this setup very very much. Not sure if I'd even sell it
  6. Hello fellow sound people! I've been looking into finding the perfect solution for traveling with my gear while having it as compact and functional as possible. I had an orca OR-26 until recently but its quality was rather lacking and the padding wasted a lot of space. Also it tended to fall over, which ja bad because I use the trolley/case as stand for my audio bag when doing interviews. So right now I am using a Peli Air 1535 case with trekpak insert - and its ALMOST perfect. My issue isbthst the case is just large enough to get my essentials in there, but not everything that I need for bigger gigs. Also the wheels are tiny and terrible. I've attached jmages so you can imagine how I use my case. I've tried finding a similarly sized peli case, the 1650 or the 1615 would be OK, but its wheels are also terrible and they are 10cm thicker, which I don't need (might be a waste of space). So are there any alternatives? What do you guys use? The most important part is mobility. I travel via train, so I need everything in an easily transportable case that is well protected. I want to avoid buying a car for as long as possible But having perfect order and a neatly packed case is also really important to me, which is why I really like the trekpack solution.
  7. Same here. I'm truly unhappy with the nano shield. I really liked that it's light and it fits into my peli case without being taken apart, but I've been using my Cyclone exclusively now because the handling noise/resonance is just way too intense.
  8. Has anybody received the new 3D tex sock? Sadly I've been waiting ever since, so I'm curious to see somebody report in about it.
  9. Do you think the ZFSC-2-4+ would work equally? Or is it the BNC version you meant? Thank you
  10. I was now also suggested BNC T-Pieces, incidentally I even have one and they cost just a tenth of the mini-circuit parts. What's the reason for going for the mini circuit parts? Or do the simple BNC splitters do the same? Thank you
  11. Thank you for the response, Larry! Yes, that's is why I mentioned it... Would you mind stating which ones to get? I don't mind buying the "resold" ones, since I can easily order them through a store here from you guys.
  12. Hello! I have been thinking of how to get antenna distribution for a few months, but have yet to actually pull through because everybody seems to be telling me something different. What I have is two DCR822 lectros with sna600a (which I plan to replace with betso bowtie), and currently I'm using the antennas just on one receiver. I work from a bag. Now, I was told at my local retailer to definitely get a BSRF system, which they sell, because I lose 4dB gain in a distro wlsewise. But another retailer in Germany (kortwich) that make passive and active systems specifically told me not to go active if I don't plant to use long cables. My only issue is, that all these distribution systems are huge and if at all possible I would like to shrink down stuff as much as possible. Now in the Facebook group somebody suggested this one: https://www.minicircuits.com/WebStore/dashboard.html?model=ZFSC-2-2-S%2B Which, if it is the correct one, should be ideal I think? So what I need is advice on what system I should get or avoid... Should I definitely go passive? Is there a system like the BSRF AS-62 but smaller? Or should I go active to fix gain lost from distribution? Thanks a lot!
  13. I have a white one and a black one. They are really slim, maybe like 1mm. Don't know about the portabrace velcro overs, but it might fit - however due tj it being made of silicone it has very strong grip/ causes a lot of friction, so it might be hard to squeeze into another bag if it's tight. Another thing I would like to add is, that the xlr side of the cover is wide, because it's meant for handhelds. That means that water could easily get inside form the top if you use an xlr cable (see picture).
  14. Sadly I'm having the same issue. I say sadly, because other than that the Nano Shield is really amazing but the resonance it creates is crazy and I had my client tell me that "I did cause a lot of handling noises". Now I'm a bit worried of using it again. The last thing I want is to lose a client... Edit: Apparently Rycote fixed/is fixing the problem and Timo will take care of this! Soooo I'll be happy and the clients also
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