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  1. That is who I got my colored knobs from. I really like them!
  2. I actually have one. While not the best, it does get the job done!
  3. Dang, that is pretty sweet!
  4. I ordered a BP-TRX today. So should know more about it soon. It will get a good workout on the 31st!
  5. Looking forward to getting my hands on a set of BP-TRXs. These little fellas are going to be work horses I can already tell!
  6. Oh my! Can we pre-order yet?
  7. Yeah, now I want to try one as well! Looks like a winner for sure. I cannot find a dealer. I guess you have to order them direct.
  8. I am just down in Perkins OK if you need any help! 😁
  9. The only sound department listing I can find so far is Tom Fleischman. I would assume that the sound department is well staffed!
  10. I wish that I had a 3d printer! I could use a small version of this! I also utilize a modified Talentcell battery pack in my current system. (I added an un-switched locking 2.1mm 12V DC connector) So a BDS somewhat like this would be fantastic!
  11. Even the live sound industry has been the same here. I was having to produce my own events just to keep the gear working. There is always going to been someone trying to low bid everyone just to get the gig. I can only imagine how rough 2020 was for live sound companies!
  12. I am looking for a small capsule/diaphragm condenser microphone for indoor booming, ect. I am interested to see if anyone has used a Sennheiser e 614, or e 914. What are your thoughts?
  13. Yeah I don't really know anyone else. I am just getting started in sound for film. My past experience is in the music, and live entertainment industry. As well as my far share of studio work. My cousin has owned a studio outside of Nashville up until this year. So it has been pretty rough for all sound folks I would assume. Hope that 2021 is a good one for sure!
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