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  1. From what I understand is that filming has been pushed off till early 2021. I did send in my info for an extra part in a Reagan movie. 🤣
  2. I will see if I can find any info! Thanks for the heads up everyone!
  3. Out in Lectrosonics land! 😀
  4. Howdy newzhack, I live in Perkins near Stillwater.
  5. Currently since things are kinda just up in the air, I would be recording sounds for my personal sound design library. And would be open to interviews, anything that I know that I wouldn't have to much problem with. As far as after this stuff has passed and we can move about safely. I would hopefully be versed enough with whatever platform I get, to do bigger things. (I.e. Independent film, commercial, industrial, ect.) I have a Deity D3 Pro Location Kit, cables, ect. Just need the rest! 😂 We do however own a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera that is fully rigged an
  6. Well when you explain it like that, I definitely will not be even looking at a Tascam. I don't want to be in the "Pre F8" days as you say! So at very least an F4, used Sound Devices will be in my future! I don't plan on doing Features, or anything real big. But I think having good gear is always the way to go! I really appreciate the information!
  7. Yeah I wondered if they were "fiddly" or not. I will keep my eye out for one of the other brands!
  8. Howdy Folks! I am looking at purchasing my first recorder for recording sound effects and small jobs. Anyone use any of the Tascam models like the DR-60D or DR-70D? They look to be a pretty good entry point for what I am needing at the moment. But would love some input!
  9. Awesome! Where about in the panhandle? I have been to Canadian before.
  10. Agreed! If you do find yourself doing quite a bit of soldering then heavens yes invest in a decent iron! I am actually looking to upgrade myself!
  11. Just buy a cheap set off of Amazon. Unless you are using it a lot, there isn't much need to spend a bunch. Good solder and flux is where I would put the money. Just my opinion. Trey
  12. Howdy folks! I am Trey from out in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma. I joined the message board to meet other sound folks, as there are not many around my parts. Currently trying to build up my gear. Just researching my options and such. Hope that everyone is doing well! Trey
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