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  1. I got a gently used Zoom F4 as my starter recorder. Has enough channels for small independent, and commercial shoots. And when I upgrade to a larger recorder, it will make for an excellent back up/small bag rig!
  2. Personally I would suggest the Deity Connect system. It is going to be a professional lav package with fantastic value. And if you upgrade the mics to the Deity W Lav Pro, you will be killing it!
  3. I did notice that the Deity website has been updated with the BP-TX (Coming Soon). So maybe this spring?
  4. Awesome deal, I picked up my first set of transmitter belts! 😊
  5. So stoked for this addition to the Deity Connect line! I see it being an indispensable bit of kit for sure!
  6. Agreed, I offered to film it. Needless to say I did not hear back.. 🤣
  7. That was here in Oklahoma! 😆
  8. So the "plugins" do not stay with the recorder?
  9. Trey

    XLR Protector

    Oh nice! Definitely more options for sure!
  10. Trey

    XLR Protector

    Thanks for that! I had been searching for "tubing" not sleeving! I think that I may have found something that may work for my needs! https://www.holstersmith.com/vcom/protecto-mesh-medium-protective-sleeve-expands-p-2711.html
  11. Trey

    XLR Protector

    Does anyone know what the blue plastic protector stuff protecting the XLR connector in this photo is called? And also where does one find such material?
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