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  1. Have you got a source? I don't find them on the Sennheiser web page.
  2. Yes Joppe, keep going! I also vote for the integrated PSU. USB I don't really need.
  3. It seems, that portable recorders and mixers as produced by Zaxcom and Sounddevices are prone to import duties in the EU of 50%! as a counter measure to Trump's duties on steel and aluminum. https://www.gearslutz.com/board/showpost.php?p=13380144&postcount=1 tradoc_156909.pdf
  4. Just been there using 3 wireless in between 615 and 650. No issues whatsoever.
  5. Thanks Tony, are you familiar with the Phonak Invisity VHF system and can you comment the sound quality of the Roger system compared to that of Invisity? Thanks and best Patrick
  6. Hi, has anybody gathered real world experience with the Phonak Roger 2,4GHz system? Maybe even in conjunction with Zaxnet? Thanks Patrick
  7. Hi Joppe, so have you made up your mind about the pricing? Thanks and best Patrick
  8. What do you use as dehumidifiers?
  9. I would also really like to see Neverclip on the unit. If there's any possibility. That's the feature I love my 743s for and a feature I've always found lacking on my 942.
  10. I was there last year with quite some equipment and customs cost me lots of time. Immigration took about 3 hours. I could bring everything into the country but the customs officers were clearly unable to cope with a proper procedure. I had brought lists with serial numbers stamped by German customs as proof of value and for reimport into my homecountry Germany. Nobody seemed to know what to do with these lists and nobody spoke any English so they had me waiting until one officer decided to take matters into hand, pointed on some pieces of my equipment which she then wrote into a Cuban customs form with super low values. Thus I officially only imported 3 items totaling to 800 USD. Exporting everything 2 weeks later then was no problem although my Cuban forms obviously didn't correspondent to my equipment, why I was taken to the supervisor. But he seemed familiar with the procedure and they just let me go. Retrospectively I think this could have been handled much more professionally if production would have cared more in advance. And maybe if I would have spoken Spanish.
  11. Yes, I assume that's the filter. Mine looks different though as I custom ordered it with a switch and the appropriate cables for the PowerStar, the IFB 100 and the L-Com amp. But my understanding is that it's always the same filter Antoine uses in the K-Art, in the GLE series and in my custom order.
  12. Antoine Malnati of Audioroot built me a filter in a small box with a switch so I can now power my IFB 100 and the L-Com amp from my PSC PowerStar distro. Before I had to use a separate NP1 battery. On our second cart we use the Audioroot K-Art distro and it has this DC/DC filter already built in. Therefore the whine on this cart has never been a problem.
  13. Hi, a doc film I've been mixing for is going to shoot in Atlanta on June 23rd. A little bit of cinema verité style shooting and an interview. They need a TC capable recorder w/ at least 4 tracks (better 6), an MS boom, 3 wires, 1 sync box for camera (C300 Mark II) and 1 wireless link to camera for scratch track. The film is about the German music producer Conny Plank. If you can provide and operate this equipment and this appeals to you, please contact the UPM Nora Ehrmann ASAP nora@zischlermann.com . Thanks Patrick
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