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  1. sanjay

    Rubber gasketed slim case for ZaxcomTx

    I actually found it in a bin at a surplus store. ive tried to track down more but have had no luck. ...and a better clip than the orcas. my erx's have hit the ground many times because of the weak grasp of the clip.
  2. sanjay

    Rubber gasketed slim case for ZaxcomTx

    found this case from a portable pocket radio. fits perfectly. not quite waterproof but offers some good protection it would be great if someone could manufacture something like this.
  3. sanjay

    Rubber gasketed slim case for ZaxcomTx

    Do you have the name of the company? I've had one TX crash because of sweaty talent . It wouldn't have to be too sophisticated or bulky. Just some moisture protection.
  4. sanjay

    New Zaxcom Products

  5. sanjay

    New Zaxcom Products

    If you are using external power (camera battery) on the RX200 and the battery dies will the RX have to be re-powered up? Or is there a setting that would power it up automatically? Will it use external power over internal? making internal essentially backup power?
  6. sanjay

    "The Bomb"

  7. sanjay

    Zaxcom- MAXX

    Does it have a new display screen or the same as the Nomad?
  8. sanjay

    Zaxcom Nomad - It's Alive.

    Sorry, where is Version 3.0? I looked on the Zaxcom forum and the "software update" page...no luck.
  9. sanjay

    Nomad freezing problems

    "change your cards to the recommended Transcend 133x or slow sandisk . Every other card brand support is experimental." A note included in the manual recommends "4GB to 32GB: Delkin Devices, Transcend(133x), Sandisk (133x),Kingston and many others"
  10. sanjay

    Nomad freezing problems

    Thanks Jack. I certainly will. The unit seems unusually glitchy.
  11. sanjay

    Nomad freezing problems

    I am running 2.95 and have experienced a variety of "freezing up" with my Nomad. It will freeze during boot up 30% of the time with a black screen. It will also freeze up while in the home screen, all the leds will suddenly light up and everything will lock up. Thirdly, while in the home screen all the leds will turn off, timecode will stop but the screen will still be on. It happens regardless of what the mirror card is set to. 16g ,32g Kingston cards 133X ext. NP1 power
  12. sanjay

    Gps tracker

    I just bought this a few weeks ago for that exact purpose. I will be placing it in my checked baggage this weekend for the first time. So far it's been remarkably accurate around the city. http://www.pocketfinder.com/