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    I've been working in Seattle as a Freelance sound person since 2000. Lived and worked in DC prior to that.

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  1. Finally got a check after 4 emails and 4 and a half months of waiting! I think posting here may have finally done the trick.
  2. I read these posts a few years ago and went with Heffernan Insurance. I added home security last year and wrote them, they said my premium would be $100 less for the year and would send a refund check in 4 to 6 weeks, that refund check never arrived. This year, I got a total business policy through Farmers and wrote them asking to cancel my policy. I have been contacting them monthly for nearly 4 months now and still have not received my refund check. I was told each time that I should receive the check shortly then; someone left the company and a few refunds got lost and it would be resubmitted. Now I am told that person, or people were, "not particularly responsible or organized." Followed by yet another apology with this, "It's unfortunate that your situation devolved into a case study..." I never needed to make a claim, but I'm guessing getting a check for a claim might have met similar delays. I felt as if they hoped that I would just forget about the money eventually. This is just one person's ... my experience, but I wanted to let you all know. I'll also let you know when I finally get the check. Chad
  3. I also work outside in bright sun a lot, I purchased a Rogue "Small Flash Bender Bounce/Flag" at my local camera shop. I slide it between the mixer and bag and can stand it straight up or bend it over, what ever I need to shade the screen best I can from the sun. Hands free. Not the best option, but it doesn't block the Nomad's controls. http://www.expoimaging.com/product_info.php?cPath=18&products_id=24
  4. YES! I agree with having a PFL follow too.
  5. When working with my Nomad today, I assigned different inputs to different faders. When I went to adjust the pan of the inputs, I discovered that I had to remember which input the fader was adjusting in order to change the correct pan. To me it seems like the pan control should follow the inputs, or at least be an option. For example I had put input 4 to fader 6 and input 6 to fader 4 to avoid pulling my mixer out to swap cables. On the buss I had to remember to change the pan on buss 6 to change effect the audio from fader 4.
  6. operating question... used the visual slate feature today and pressed the menu button to get it to freeze for the camera but I didn't get at the addible tone with it. Do I have something set up wrong? or do I need to turn it on somewhere?
  7. I used my Nomad 8 for the first time today. It was a network job with 3 cameras. I fed all three cameras and fed my 552 in order to do a mp3 recording. (I know, kind of an expensive mp3 recorder, I can't wait until the Nomad's is functional!) It was very easy and felt natural to adjust the trim and pan's. Listened to the returns on two camera's and fed timecode through the unit. Overall, I am very, very happy with my purchase! I have had it freeze up a few times since the latest update, one time scared me a lot when the screen went all crazy, each time though, a power down has solved everything. I also had one of the knobs come off, Glenn, I PM'd you about that. I love the tip about push the push and hold. I use it a lot for my headphone settings and setting pans.
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