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  1. The modified filter is no longer available

    CL9 Trims

    Hi i just bought a used CL9, first time working with it. Im finding very odd the way the trims works, cant find the correct setting of ENCODER MAX SPEED and ENCODER ACCELERATION. I have 24hours to returning it back, thats why i post it here. Sometimes if i add gain to an input with the trim of the cl9 it goes the other way, less db, im finding very difficult to adjust the proper gain. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi Pascal, what case is that? Thanks
  4. Thank for your replay Martin, i was asking because i heard some reports of some people using wisycom with psc rf multi sma and they where not happy. NC indicate my name (Nicolás Celery) Best
  5. Wisycom users, what are you using for rf distribution in your bag? Are you happy with it? Any problems? Thanks a lot Enviado desde mi HUAWEI GRA-L09 mediante Tapatalk
  6. Yesterday i had some problems also with my SRC B1 in switch mode. I had some random drops and heavy RF noise even in interior. I had only my SRC (both frequencies where very separated), a G3 in range A and ifb lectrosonics on block 28. My scans wheren't so clear, but o found some clear frecuencies, some times it was ok, o suddenly some heavy intereferences happended. I had luck that when talent where speaking it didn't happened, i was no more than 3 meter from talents. I had tested my SRC on Ratio mode and haven't had any problems. I will continue to test them in switch mode to know if the pro
  7. HAHAHAHA Great Answer LarryF! Thanks!! Best
  8. Hi, has someone tried the new Psc UHF Log perdiodic antenna (http://www.professionalsound.com/specs/uhf_ant.htm)? Any opinion vs lectrosonics Alp 620? Thanks
  9. Hi Resonate, have you find a dealer in europe? Price? Best
  10. Thanks Pascal!!! Amazing job!!
  11. Hi Pascal, im very interested in your whells mod, can you post more pictures? And do you think is possible to made the same mode or something similar to a pelicase 1560?? Thanks Best Nico
  12. Thanks Mark and Mike. Going for the T2!!
  13. Thanks Senator!! A lot of interesting info!!
  14. Looking to buy an used fib. Here in spain is very hard to try them. So the question is what are the differences between lectrosonics ifb T1 and T2. I know that they have different output power, and that the t2 can work with a 9v battery. But range, and quality? Someone that had use them both, what are your preferences? Pros and cons? Thanks everyone Regards from barcelona NIco
  15. It will interesting to know the opinion of a person who had work with both!!!
  16. Wow this ones looks very nice!! I couldn't find output power of the transmitter...
  17. Senator here in europe the price difference is only 184 €!! Akg c480b+ck63=698€ vs audix scx1-hc=514€... In the states the price difference is 461€...
  18. Hi Richard thanks for your anwser. I found in this web (http://www.microphonesforless.com/product/OS-A61) the swivel joint that you mention.
  19. Thanks to all for your responses!!!
  20. In Schoeps web there are some info about this... http://www.schoeps.de/en/products/categories/ORTF-Surround
  21. Hi to you all, first post here. I'm a sound mixer based in barcelona, spain. I'm looking for an interior boom mic, i have read a lot of discussions here about hyper and super cardioids mics, i know that a lot of people loves their CMC641 and MKH50 (mkh 8040 and 8050 also), but unfortunately they are out of my budget. People allways recommend on a low budget this two mics the audix and the akg. Here in barcelona it's impossible to rent them and make a side by side comparison, so i would like to know if any of you have used boths and know your reviews as well. I like that the akg have a +6, 0,
  22. the price list for the sonys DWX digital systems http://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/cat-audio/cat-wirelessmics/?offset=0&navId=4294966607
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