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    The Stingray is great, it's lightweight (for me, anyway) & build quality is great, nice stand up bag, rigid frame. I like it's pockets and sides for organization. Contrary to what some people have said - I don't think you need right angle cables to make it all fit. I'm quite happy with it. Going to take a look at the K Tek harness when I can get my hands on one.
  2. Thanks Chris, I love how Sound folk always look after each other by mentioning good eating spots and coffee haunts!
  3. Thanks Pat, I hope you're well. I'm a sucker for punishment, will probably watch Wolf Creek 1 & 2 before I head out. Good call, Johnny - cheers! BWilson, your local knowledge is FANTASTIC - I needed to know good food places and coffee! Eternally grateful. Some very good points, gentleman - much obliged!!
  4. Thanks all, great advice so far! Nate, spraying the fluffy with insect repellent - genius! same goes for anyone with a lav on I would say, too. FYI shoot in in Alice Springs, and it is in approx 6 weeks, the weather that time of year in Central Australia is not as brutal as I initially thought. Cheers and keep em' coming!
  5. I've done a search here on JW Sound etc and have found a couple of useful threads but not much... and I have texted/called my brains trust but thought I'd ask the oracle that is this forum... anyone have any info or advice for me on outback / desert shoot? here's a few things I've figured out or have been told: gel packs for the 788T to keep temp down (plus back up machines) fans on cart for air for kit and me careful with cables when they get hot (not so much of an issue with wireless and being cart mode, admittedly) seal Transmitter sockets to prevent sweat getting in neoprene / neopax to prevent overheat Tx from hurting actors plenty of sunscreen, loose clothing, hats fridge in back of sound van with beer/cider/cryo packed steaks... warm clothes for cold nights water bottles at the ready for hydration and gatorade powder for when dehydrated paintbrushes to keep dust out of gear, mini compressor in van to do same + canned air & mini vacuum cleaner (fine bull dust is an issue in Outback Australia). What else has everyone got? Thanks in advance, Dane info@soundengineered.com.au www.soundengineered.com.au
  6. Found all of this very useful. Thanks guys.
  7. Thanks a lot, guys - really appreciate all the tips! If any of you are near Ruka, let me know and I'll buy you a couple of beers. Ruka and Helskinki is where we're shooting in Finland. Tapio, fantastic info. I'll definitely be in touch if we need your assistance or advice. China - we're shooting in Changcun and Beijing (The Bird's Nest). We are shooting in both countries in December.
  8. Thanks everyone, I'm still in the dark about where we're travelling. As soon as I'm told exactly where, I'll update this post. Good to see Mike still finds time to troll almost every post on this website and have something relevant & helpful to add...!
  9. Sound brethren, any advice for me on recording sound in Finland and China? any tips at all appreciated. I'll be working on a documentary with a Camera Op and Producer. It's an aerial skiing doco. We'll be travelling throughout Finland (not sure where yet) China - we'll be in and around Beijing. For background info - I'm running the following kit: 788T + CL8 Octopack fully loaded with block 26 and 24 LMa (block 24) and R1a's Schoeps CMCMK41 + CMIT5U + Schoeps M/S rig and Sanken CUB and Cos 11's Petrol Bag, Remote Audio BDS, Lithium NP1's K TEK doco pole + other assorted kit. I'm aware Finland will be around -25 celsius or lower. Any pitfalls to watch out for in either locale? Any wireless licensing issues? We'll be visiting The Bird's Nest in Beijing. Thanks in advance! Dane
  10. Was using it on a documentary for the last 3 days with an artist who had severe illnesses & very limited access to her for most of the day. Being able to change gain & freq & sleep it when not in use was superb. Have been using it on a TV series for the past year as well, sometimes we have 4-5 cast members wired & they love it - they are bugged once & not mucked around with & I think they appreciate it, so they can focus without being fiddled with too much.
  11. Hello all, been viewing this great forum for a while. Diving in with my first post. I did a search but couldn't find anything relevant, apologies if the topic has already been covered. I just purchased an iPad, Movieslate app & have installed CL WIFI on the iPad. I'll be going the paperless route for my sound reports & I would like to do the same for scripts, reading & annotating them on the iPad. Anyone doing this? Here's some background info, if at all helpful: I work on a long running television series that currently gives paper scripts to all crew members that need it. I use these to write my sound reports on the back of (notes mainly) & to mark up the scripts, making dialogue amendments & highlighting speech numbers according to boom 1, boom 2, lav 1,2,3 etc. I do this as I create a stereo mix of all necessary tracks, as most on here probably do. By using different coloured highlighters on the paper scripts, I know when to throw up and down the faders to minimise extra noise in the mix tracks, reduce confusion/too many signals for my boom ops & to just pull a clean mix for post. I'm told they use my mixes a lot of the time (as its a high turnover drama). Anyone else work this way or have different suggestions on other workflows? Any responses greatly appreciated! Thanks all.
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