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  1. https://b9audio.com/ They have side address 8, very Schoeps like stuff to the outside, I hear they are good in their own right Matti
  2. Yes, I have been in contact with them but it seems their suggestions dont work here. I tried 2 connections: 2 wired TRAM and TRIM but but didn't succeed and got tired and connected back Sony -the same as 2 wired TRAM. The Rode cable is really difficult to solder but I measured my conn. and they seemed ok except no signal from the Micron. I'll have to try again some other time... Thanks Matti
  3. I have this old Micron tx 501 with a Sony mic but as the Sony is so big to hide I think I would like to change it to a RODE one as can change the cable with those so I can use it with Micron with its own cable. Now you older professionals might remember how to connect this combination. Tried the same as with Sony and didn´t get it working so I put the Sony back. The Rode cable is a nightmare to solder with bad eyesight at least... As a retired sound guy this is more or less for hobby, but if someone can help I would be very thankfull! Matti
  4. So would I but for some few € it doesn't hurt to have this option Best Matti
  5. The rollers are from UK, other parts trough ebay around the world. https://www.prokit.com/boom-swinger/ I've used rolles as pictured and also resting the supporting boom to my belt to be able to move. At 63 everything helps when without an assistant. Matti
  6. Without the tray but with rollers alternative to rest on and to quickly move on... Matti
  7. You can always arrange a break for the talent in excuse for a minor technical problem, just to stop the behauvior -a minute will do Matti
  8. This has nothing to do with the maths of mid/side recording or matrixing per´se, rather something wrong with the setup or user -saying this in constructive sence Matti
  9. http://www.sifam.com/knobsSelector.asp?cat=Knobs_Collet Maybe some of these?
  10. This seems to be a line in only version Matti
  11. Yes I was referring to those barrel converters by many manufacturers, the parts can fit in a xlr. And in the mic body if you are clever. My guess is those modified mics on the used markets are done like that. If you change the innards of a 416 you get a new mic with worn body and misleading markings, heh, btw if they sell the electronics and capsule assemply to you, you can put it in in couple of minutes without any tools other than a screw driver Matti
  12. To do the convertion you would need 4 resistors, 3 condensers and one diode, if you do it cleverly they might fit in the mic - I would make an external converter cable Matti
  13. The capsule should be in the midle of those, so maybe you push too far? Matti
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