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  1. I call this my last summer of freedom, my junior year summer in HS Before I became a "working class hero" in 1969 I saw everyone of these shows. Life was good, the music was good Location was Saint Charles, Illinois
  2. I am sure I saw this discussed before here, I just can’t seem to find it now. being loaded in BLK 24 as others I am just curious what others are doing about it. seems to me there are three options. Pay for a block change Do the trade in option Or try to sell overseas. I look at the chart Lectrosonics has put out from the FCC and if I am reading it right, it seems that parts of blk 21 , 22 is going to be safe in a lot of areas across the country? I also see LA. will have only 4 channels ? It is really irritating, already been thru the blk 27 mess. Don’t even understand why the FCC has gotten so involved in this. ( really I understand $$ ) They should be spending time and money in getting the missile early warning system in Hawaii working correctly.
  3. The DIT tells me that " the spare channels are used to float between talent " ?? To me if they are being used by talent they are not spare
  4. I am going to have a t shirt printed up to read "how come it seems the SOUND GUY is always the old guy ?" 65 here Tom in Chicago
  5. thanks all will ask their DIT today
  6. i am more confused than before
  7. i have got a job where production is asked to assign members of cast to certain tracks, no problem then it reads " Channel 6- Float 1 Channel 7 - Float 2 " Could someone please enlighten me on floating Thanks Tom
  8. I just have to vent , sorry, The other day, it was reported that CBS was not showing a episode of NCIS and Super Girl because the story line involved terrorism. They actually believe that the public will be grateful of their decision when all year long they show this crap involving chasing terrorists and murder and brutality in this Country. Sadly after time passes they will air this crap as they do all year long. You cant turn on the stupid tube with out seeing some person chasing another person with a gun or blowing each other up. We have hour long shows about who murdered who, we have shows showing prison life, drug users. And then you have early morning shows where people make 25 million a year with a show that tells you how to dress, what to eat and what is trending or how to dress your kids for the weather. I don't know how parents even turn on a tv in their home. there is absolutely nothing for children to watch about family life. My heart goes out to not only the victims in France but also their first responders, Those men and women who come and save lives, how they must have nightmares. I cant even imagine the bravery it takes to do their job. They are heroes, the police, fire and medical personal all over the world. I am disconnecting my tv, the news is terrible and when there is nothing to report, they tell me stupid stuff that have no bearing on my daily decisions I make. This will also get those salesmen out of my house who try to sell me something every 5 minutes. Peace Tom n Chicago
  9. I was not sure to which forum to put this in . I have done some selling and buying from a lot of your here. It always has gone smoothly and pain free. I just finished a purchase from Saxman. What a great guy , was very fair with me , even gave me time to contact the dealer to get any questions or concerns answered about the gear, sent me pictures, talked to me on the phone and answered all my questions. Just want other members to know, he's a very good fellow to deal with. Cheers Tom n Chicago
  10. Ok I live in this town Batavia . Just heard about this today, last year they said they were cutting funding to this lab. I am sure this project will cost millions, but I guess its going to make a lot of work for some. Kind of interesting they can control something that far underground , or can they http://www.kcchronicle.com/2015/06/24/residents-informed-about-fermilabs-experiment/a44qons/Later Tom
  11. Thought this might be of interest to some Thanks Tom http://www.reelchicago.com/article/cineverse-s-fletcher-and-borys-sacrificed-profit150619
  12. Thanks for all the great ideas folks. I have a PSC cart. I like it except for the front small casters on sidewalks. I would like to convert to some bigger pneumatic tires for the front , yet not sure what would work with keeping the standard rear wheels. Looked a a lot of the cart pictures and really don't see any. Any ideas ? Thanks Tom
  13. I am guess it is something I am doing wrong. When I fill out the header info on creating a sound report the info seems to go in any random order it wants to and not the order I would like it to. Example if I list the date at the top of the first column it might end up the third entry down in the third column. Thanks Tom
  14. Wasn't me I swear. I cannot go out the door for that ! Heck its a 40 mile drive for me to downtown from my suburb. In January I got a email from a so called award winning producer offering me a whopping $1000 !!!! for a 8 day shoot. I politely told him , he could not even rent my mixer for $125 a day He replied back with a rental company where he could rent a mixer for $39 a day I replied no further Cheers Tom Chicago
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