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  1. Manx


    What about the rotary faders on the scorpio? Will they still be active when the ICON is connected? (I'm comparing to 788/CL8/CL9 connection, you can either use a CL8 or a CL9 with the 788) If they are still active, can I assign my radio mics that are on CH3-Ch10 to be controlled by fader 1-8 on the ICON, and control let's say my boom mics on CH1 and CH2 with their respective rotary faders on the Scorpio front panel? Thanks.
  2. Hi Jan, What is that wireless video receiver velcro'd on the back of your cart? R.
  3. Hey everybody, brilliant videos and amazing sound work. I'm working on a similar show here in Lebanon, it's called Beirut Jam Sessions. Here's one of the videos we did. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0WjLLUu1M8
  4. I don't think that I am that blind for not even seeing TC inputs! Nothing we can do right?
  5. Hey guys, I'm working on a documentary shoot where they're using 2 canon xf 100 cameras. There are no timecode inputs on the camera. I'm recording on a SD 664. Is there a way to send TC? Thanks.
  6. Hi Dave, Yes I can undo the collars all the way, and disassemble the sections, but i cant remove the collars to clean up the rings inside because of the two safety tapes glued on each section. So is there a way to remove the ring inside the collar? Thank you.
  7. Hi guys, I have a ktek 5 section carbon fiber boom pole. I was at a shoot where there was a gun fight scene and blood effects... Something went wrong with the pump they were using and blood was all over the place. The material they were using for blood (some food colorant, sugar, water...) went in the boom pole. i tried to clean it up, but the material is still in the locks and i can't manage to remove it. We don't have a Ktek dealer here, so any thoughts? Thank you!
  8. Hey guys, When we ordered the sanken cos 11 for Lectrosonics, something went wrong, and they came with XLR connectors. So we had to wire them ourselves to the TA5F connector. On sanken.com there are two diagrams, one includes a 1K resistor in the circuit (normal version), and the other does not (red mark version) . We used the method without the 1K resistor (red mark version). The process was very delicate but it worked just fine. The problem is that i'm feeling that there's too much gain, even when the gain level on the transmitter is just somewhere between the first and the second dash. The normal speaking level is good but it gets risky on sudden shouts (not screams), something that i didn't sense on other systems (such as sennheiser G3's with TRAMs or even Sanken Cos).And what's confusing is that on the sanken website, they note that "if you have too much gain, it's recommended to use the Red Mark version" wich is what we did. Am I doing something wrong here? Any thoughts? Thanks.
  9. The issue isnt how to rig the boom on the stand. I have the BoomMate Boompole holder, its just fine. But i was wondering what everyone else does in such jobs. I know ur right! Thanks a lot for the replies!
  10. Hello, I'm a new member here, and I must say how interesting, informative, and cool this forum is. And i have been doin sound for four years now. I have a question (i know it might sound stupid though). I have worked on lots of documentaries that had seated interviews etc.. and normally i would record these using a wireless mic on the talent plus an overhead boom mic. The question is, would you guys place the boompole on a c-stand or just hold it and boom it yourselves? (and here im talking about those long interviews) So what to do? Thanks!
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