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    I've been living in Santa Monica since September 2012. Previously I was in the Bay Area for seven years. And before that, I was based in New York City. I've worked on all different types of productions.
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  1. Thank you, JonG. This is helpful to know.
  2. I have a job coming up where I'll be wiring a QB during his high school football game. Anyone have experience wiring a football player? I know to attach the transmitter to the shoulder pads, but not sure where the best place to do so. I'd like to use a Lectro SMQV for the extra battery life, but can also use a SMV if it's better for the smaller size. I'd greatly appreciate anyone's experience/advice they'd be willing to share. Thanks very much.
  3. Thanks for the reply. No, it's not for a current invoice. I'm wondering for the future.
  4. Hello everyone! What is an appropriate interest rate to charge for invoices that are past due? Thanks, Ryan
  5. I was just reading about the Sanyo 2700 AA rechargeables on another post. Has anyone tried them with the SMv?
  6. Have you used the Sanyo 2700 batteries with SMV transmitters? If so, how long do they power the SMV's?
  7. Hope everyone is having a good day! Does anyone have experience with the OST TL-40 lav or the Mickey Mic lav? Or both? I want to buy some new, "easy to hide" lavs, and it would be great if I could find ones that are a little more affordable than the Sanken COS 11D. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on the OST TL-40 and the Mickey Mic. I'd appreciate any input...thanks!
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