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  1. Looking for advice on a long shotgun. I’m currently on a basketball doc and I can’t mic the coach but I need to get his dialogue during practice. Mkh70? Anything better? Just need to pull him closer....
  2. azw

    DPA 4017B Noise

    I've had two B preamps and both went back for repairs for weird low level noise. I gave up. Switched to the C. No problems.
  3. I mic people up all the time while wearing my gear. It’s pretty much whatever works in the verite documentary world. You only get what you get.
  4. I literally have a pouch labeled “Oh Shit!” In my case with a duplicate of almost every cable I regularly use.
  5. It works. I certainly do get increased range - and many less complaints from IFB users. 🙂
  6. https://shop.hak5.org/products/long-range-wifi-kit
  7. Update - these might just be busted mics. I plugged them right into my Maxx and got the same result. Crackles and pops.
  8. Have an odd one.... Trying to power an Earthworks Periscope mic with a PSC pH48 supply and then go to a zaxcom Transmitter. Not working. What’s the output amperage of the PSC? Too low? Can’t find that out. The Periscope needs 10ma and 48v. Not a film job.... 😂 -Avi
  9. After 2 seasons of high school football, I need this. 😂 azw
  10. azw

    Qifb Issue

    Just to close the loop- I luckily caught Glenn in the office (Sunday!) and he walked me through the unit. Looks like it needs to go back for hardware repair. IFB board might have failed. Thank you, Glenn!
  11. azw

    Qifb Issue

    One screw won’t come out.... when it does Do you just open it in half?
  12. azw

    Qifb Issue

    Copy that, Jose. One other thing, now when I press down to get the other menus - instead of the IFB menus I get ‘Channel Presets’ and then ‘Factory Menu’ - both of which I see no documentation for.
  13. azw

    Qifb Issue

    My Qrx100 QIFB just lost all QIFB functionality. Mid-shoot. Receiver works fine but zero IFB now, zero zaxnet control. Updated firmware after wrap but still no IFB menu at all. I’m in a bind. Any ideas other than the ifb board just gave up the ghost? Any rental houses used in New Orleans (I’m landing in the evening) that can help fill the gap with an ifb100 or ifb200? Planning to call Zaxcom monday morning. Help! Avi
  14. The orca works great. Been using for years. Highly recommend. Been very very wet and it’s protected the bag every time.
  15. azw

    Ursa Strap

    Been trying to get some waist straps but was it's told that Ursa cannot sell them in the US due to legal issues with Neopax. I have the chest straps and they work very well. Can anyone confirm and/or get a bead on where to get waist straps in the US?
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