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  1. We cross-posted. Thanks, this answers my first question about troubleshooting and parts.
  2. Interesting, although not surprising when doing critical work, that you guys would take two recorders rather than just extra parts. If I may, a couple of additional questions: Did those of you who used Nagras, or someone you would regularly work with, know how to troubleshoot a Nagra and, if necessary, replace a part (assuming that you carried parts)? In today's dollars, how much was a Nagra compared to a current digital recorder (1) of similar quality and of an equivalent number of tracks and (2) of a number of tracks that would now be considered equal to Nagra delivery? I realize that question (2) is rather slippery. I'm just asking these questions out of historical interest.
  3. Please ignore this question if it strays too far from the thread, but as a matter of curiosity, what did people do for backup in the Nagra analog days?
  4. There are photos on the Kortwich web site: http://www.filmtontechnik.de/608.html The bag comes with a clear cover that attaches with velcro.
  5. Follow-up: Kickstarter goal: $800,000 Pledged to date: $4.425 million Days to go: 25 Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1003614822/ponomusic-where-your-soul-rediscovers-music Pono web site: http://www.ponomusic.com/#faq
  6. Article about Tevor Cox, with several of his recordings, on the Smithsonian site: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/what-are-acoustic-wonders-world-180950043/
  7. It's worth looking at the weight difference, although this may depend on configuration. The Kortwich is 1.9 lbs (860g) and the Stingray is apparently 3.5 lbs (1.6kg). Plus, not surprisingly, the Stingray is bigger, For me, these factors, having regard to my needs, as well as the Kortwich build quality, led me to make a decision in favour of the Kortwich on the spot (and I repeat, without seeing the Stingray), but others may find other considerations more important.
  8. This is the first time that I have started a thread about bags.
  9. Using my preferred browser (Safari - I haven't checked others): It doesn't matter what device I use. It doesn't matter what search term(s) I use. It doesn't matter whether I do a regular Google search or [search term(s)] site:jwsoundgroup.net (I have not tried other search engines). It happens only with this site (I don't know whether it is also an issue with other fora using the same software). It has been an issue for some time, the site owner is aware of it and opening a search result in a new tab avoids the problem.
  10. You might check out Riverfront Cine Magic in Brooklyn (Williamsburg): http://www.riverfrontstudios.com/Cine_Magic_Riverfront_Studios/Welcome.html But you'd want to know how much noise is being caused by a major residential development project just down from them and across the street (still in fairly early stages, though).
  11. On the contrary. You were extremely helpful.
  12. I've run into the same problem on three different devices. As Flipstar has pointed out, there is apparently another thread on this issue, and it sounds like Mr. Wexler is working on it. Meanwhile, opening in a new tab is no big deal.
  13. After looking at Porta Brace, Petrol and Kortwich, I purchased a Kortwich today for my 702T. And while Kortwich makes bags specifically for 7 Series recorders, I actually got the bag that they're making for the new Sound Devices 633. For my purposes, I liked the slightly larger dimensions. The Kortwich is more expensive, but is in my view worth the money. It is extremely well made and designed. The price in Euros for the bag works out to USD400. However, I believe that the Euro price includes about 20% VAT. On the other hand, my New York dealer has shipping from Germany to take into account. In any event, I paid somewhat less than $400. The bag model is 800633.1 and specs/photos are here: http://www.filmtontechnik.de/608.html Unfortunately, I was unable to try the new K-Tek bag for the 633 (the Stingray) as it has just come on the market and was back ordered. However, the Kortwich suits my needs, while being quite a bit lighter as well as less bulky, and the price was not far off the price of the Stingray ($330). So I decided to go with it. For others, the Stingray (or for that matter a Porta Brace or Petrol) may of course be more suitable.
  14. Using Safari, I'm finding the same thing. It doesn't matter what search term I use. The only way to avoid the re-direct is to open the search result page in a new tab.
  15. Thankfully not an issue for the majority of people here, but this came to mind today when I asked K-Tek's representative a simple question about a bag, of all things, and found myself the subject of one participant's persistent, bottomless condescension toward other people. And yes, I should have ignored him. From a new site called dailynous.com:
  16. dfisk: "In terms of who has them...I can tell you Gotham, Pro Sound, and B&H all ordered them for stock. I think B&H already sold what they had in stock and re-ordered, and those units are on backorder right now. I'm not sure the status of stock at Gotham or Pro Sound, but a quick call to them and you'll have your answer. We are completely out at the factory but should have more stock towards the end of the month." Thanks. Very helpful.
  17. As I said, I'll be at Gotham on Monday. Looking at a Kortwich (which I know they have in stock), and if they also have a Stingray (at least to show) all the better.
  18. Well it turns out that he has tried a 744, which amounts to the same thing. I am going to Gotham precisely because I do not normally buy from B&H, but many, many people do. Nobody in NY would consider it odd to call it the "usual suspect" in the context of "is this item available", and in many cases B&H has in stock items which others have to order. What gives you the presumption - indeed nerve - to suggest that I don't know that it is my decision on what works or doesn't work for me? I asked dfisk a question and I've received a very helpful answer. Now please just sod off.
  19. Thanks, but I'm interested in anything dfisk has to say about this bag vis a vis a SD 702T. Given the HxWxD of the 633 and Maxx, it looks like there is enough latitude to fit something like a 702 snuggly, but I'd like confirmation of that. I'm looking at a Kortwich at Gotham on Monday. If Gotham has a Stingray, great, but as far as I know it is not readily available (if at all) in New York. The usual suspect (B&H) says on its web site that delivery is 7-14 business days. So if you don't mind, perhaps I could just ask my question.
  20. dfisk, I'm looking at the LxWxD of the SD 663 and Zaxcom Maxx. Would this bag work well with a SD 702T?
  21. Mark Roberts is this gentleman: http://www.markroberts.hk/#&panel1-5 The interview was published today on a site called Designing Sound: http://designingsound.org/2014/03/an-interview-with-mark-roberts/ The interview is principally about how he got started, how he goes about recording dialogue and wild sound for natural history films, and experiences along the way. Excellent.
  22. The ASC's piece today, written by John Bailey: http://www.theasc.com/blog/2014/03/10/sonatina-for-sarah/
  23. In case anyone is interested... A couple of years ago Gian Ghomeshi, host of an extremely popular CBC radio program called Q, interviewed Young and producer Daniel Lanois. The interview is revealing both artistically and in terms of approach to recording, and is one of the few long form interviews that Young has done (it runs 35 minutes). It was conducted at a bar that Young likes outside San Francisco and was recorded on video: https://blip.tv/q-tv/neil-young-exclusive-on-q-tv-4191094
  24. I think a lot is going to depend on the hardware inside the player. Will it be higher quality than in other portable devices, and if so, just how portable will the player be?
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