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  1. So it all is working quite well. 18 wires on 3-Venues. A Ferrofish A32 interface (analog to Dante) The Ferrofish alone and then the 3-Venues on a USB hub feeding into the 2-USB inputs of the Silex 510. That outputs Cat5 into a switch along with Dante signal another from the Ferrofish. Sent to my mixer cart via Cat5/6/Ethercon That hits a switch One leg goes to a Cantar Another leg to a thunderbolt adaptor then into my laptop on High Sierra. Many links but no issues getting on to Wireless Designer from up to 300'+. Tha
  2. do you know if anyone has tried running Wireless Designer through one with success? Could be great if it works.
  3. I'm thinking about trying to send USB over a LAN via a switch that will be carried along with Dante. Maybe folks have experience with this and hopefully advice. Here's what I'm trying to achieve: (Set rack side) Lectro Venues feeding their USB outs into a USB hub That hub feeding into a USB to Ethernet/LAN adaptor That signal feeding into a switch that which would have a Dante signal as well. Into Ethercon/CAT6 cable. (Mixer side) Ethercon/CAT6 into another switch One leg outputs to Dante Another outputs
  4. I have an older iPhone that is part of my 788/CL wifi. That's all it does. And it lives in the front pouch. I replaced the battery for about $8. Easy.
  5. I am generally taking a feed from a video receiver that runs through a DA which I don't think does anything more than split signals evenly. 200' is actually about the most I'd put on it quite reliably (250' usually works but not like clockwork honestly) but I have definitely noticed that certain monitors I use work better with lower video signals. Oddly the best being the PIX 260/270 monitors I used to have when they were on my cart. Now I have some IKANs that are OK and when we do very long runs at times I will flip the patching around to have the more sensitive of the two get the weaker sig
  6. I can get 250' on normal cable/BNC and I have a various lengths of 2 pair for that. Video isn't part of that system.
  7. I've built a rig that has 3 Venues and a Ferrofish A32 adaptor that converts the analog to Dante. Now I run the audio back to my cart and also return an IFB signal, TC, speaker/VOG outputs, earwigs etc back to that rack. It hits a small patch panel. It lives in a 6 RU SKB case that has a LiFE battery and DC power supply. The rack is the footprint of an apple box when stood on edge which goes close to set. Now no (or very rarely) running antenna cables. I'll have 2 sets of IFB feeds (one set forward, one on the mix cart) that my receivers can tune to both freqs. Fo
  8. Agreed. Constantly hearing them latched on when not pressed in PTT mode. Seems like a bad component being used in the switch. I tend to move over to the 835S fairly often.
  9. The bands Howler and The Frights ring as present day surf where I'm from.
  10. I use 7506/V6 cans and have for years. That happened due it being the standard when I started. Much like ProTools and Michelin and Sennheiser, they were and are standardized accepted benchmarks. Not always the best but a standard. One can work for a long time with a standard and still get great results and notice differences if one is constantly using a standard. Definitely, there are better sounding headphones and places to go with that. For me, it's not always about using the best but rather knowing your tools and having a familiarity with it. When
  11. They hold TC quite well when turned off for a good long time ie. all day. As long as there is a battery connected. The concern is when there is no battery connected. That's when you will lose TC sync. I personally jam the boxes then make the AC's act like adults and own their responsibility for THEIR gear. They should know how to jam the cameras and deal with frame rate changes and the like. End of story.
  12. Crickets. This forum.........
  13. Anyone out there on an Amazon show getting daily rate rather than weekly? I'm heading into some negotiations and I've been told Amazon will NOT allow daily. I'm having a hard time believing that but have yet to hear otherwise from anyone. I'd love to be able to negotiate upwards and am wondering where folks are in negotiating on shorter series. Thanks from me and my crew. SH
  14. I announce towards the end of the shooting day via Comtek that we would appreciate that they return them to a sound person on set. It seems to help them come back. Sign outs never seem to work as many who take Comteks see themselves as above doing something as low as writing their name on a list. A couple of those and it defeats the whole purpose and we rarely have someone just there to run a sign out sheet. SH
  15. Well blood and body tissue is roughly as dense as salt water which is denser than fresh water. Thus...... (your conclusion here)_____________. and then some people are just dense.
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