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  1. Agreed. Constantly hearing them latched on when not pressed in PTT mode. Seems like a bad component being used in the switch. I tend to move over to the 835S fairly often.
  2. The bands Howler and The Frights ring as present day surf where I'm from.
  3. I use 7506/V6 cans and have for years. That happened due it being the standard when I started. Much like ProTools and Michelin and Sennheiser, they were and are standardized accepted benchmarks. Not always the best but a standard. One can work for a long time with a standard and still get great results and notice differences if one is constantly using a standard. Definitely, there are better sounding headphones and places to go with that. For me, it's not always about using the best but rather knowing your tools and having a familiarity with it. When I get in a car I don't drive much, I first off notice things that are different than my car and may like it. But I will need some time to notice things that are off for that flavor of car. It takes a good while to get to the point where I would notice something amiss whereas I will pick it up quickly when driving my car/7506s. There's truly more decisions to be made in mic placement and wardrobe than there are in headphones in my world. There's a whole slew of factors in play with selection but for me, I still use and quite like my daily 7506s.
  4. They hold TC quite well when turned off for a good long time ie. all day. As long as there is a battery connected. The concern is when there is no battery connected. That's when you will lose TC sync. I personally jam the boxes then make the AC's act like adults and own their responsibility for THEIR gear. They should know how to jam the cameras and deal with frame rate changes and the like. End of story.
  5. Crickets. This forum.........
  6. Anyone out there on an Amazon show getting daily rate rather than weekly? I'm heading into some negotiations and I've been told Amazon will NOT allow daily. I'm having a hard time believing that but have yet to hear otherwise from anyone. I'd love to be able to negotiate upwards and am wondering where folks are in negotiating on shorter series. Thanks from me and my crew. SH
  7. I announce towards the end of the shooting day via Comtek that we would appreciate that they return them to a sound person on set. It seems to help them come back. Sign outs never seem to work as many who take Comteks see themselves as above doing something as low as writing their name on a list. A couple of those and it defeats the whole purpose and we rarely have someone just there to run a sign out sheet. SH
  8. S Harber

    Body absorption

    Well blood and body tissue is roughly as dense as salt water which is denser than fresh water. Thus...... (your conclusion here)_____________. and then some people are just dense.
  9. The joys of America's 2nd Amendment. Police running around not sure who packing guns or not. Horrible things like this are not too unusual. Sad. I've done ride alongs with police many years ago. Chasing armed assailants and been shot at and pressed up against a building as shots were going out of the window next to me. Shots, adrenaline, mayhem, radio frenzy. About the worst scenario possible for something productive to happen. Stay away folks. There's other work to do. Hopefully.
  10. S Harber


    An invasive weed attributed as "Russian Thistle" that didn't exist here in the US prior to the civil war?
  11. S Harber

    Why Comteks?

    I pass out between 10-20 sets of Comteks per day working 150-200 days per year. Whatever you pass out will get trashed no matter what you say when they go out. There is always L&D to them and it happens often with folks taking them away or dropping them or .... When I put in an L&D quote for a Comtek it comes in at about half the price of an iFB. Producers definitely have looked at me sideways when I've submitted quotes for IFBs versus Comteks as they know what a Comtek costs as it's a common item of L&D on all levels of production. I've also had production folks act as if that I'm trying to put one over on them when I've done so on the IFB version of replacing said item. The IFBs are definitely better sounding. Not perfect but all things considered. I use Comteks. And let's not even get into battery life and the like and either having to go the Lithium route or change batteries after searching the IFB units down.
  12. Alexas are 5 pin. Only the wonderlcks at Red wandered into the no man's land of 4 pin Lemo AFAIK.
  13. There are Lemo TC cables that are wired directionally for various reasons. Maybe try flipping the direction of the cable if they are both Lemos. Sounds odd but it may be part of the puzzle.
  14. There's a great tool called a Microstitch. Western Costumes in LA sells them. Sets a quick, easily removable binding stick like a tiny price tag. Amazing tool in the right hands and circumstances. http://www.wccsupplystore.com/micro-stitch/
  15. We do a good deal of driving shots on Bosch. Seems like more or less an entire season of cell phone calls in cars. I put my bag rig in the car/pod rig, set some levels, hit roll, and monitor via Comtkes from the follow vehicle. No worries about range, cars separating etc. The mix can definitely suffer but it serves the interest of always having good isos/decent mix. Mixing from a follow vehicle is slow to rig, horrible for really monitoring well, and is rife with other issues, i.e. it will be remixed in all likelihood anyways. The BST75 throws a hell of a long way and we can monitor from a safe distance. I put a receiver through the follow vehicle stereo and pass out a few comteks. Easy. Hope this helps. Scott Harber CAS
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