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  1. S Harber

    Why Comteks?

    I pass out between 10-20 sets of Comteks per day working 150-200 days per year. Whatever you pass out will get trashed no matter what you say when they go out. There is always L&D to them and it happens often with folks taking them away or dropping them or .... When I put in an L&D quote for a Comtek it comes in at about half the price of an iFB. Producers definitely have looked at me sideways when I've submitted quotes for IFBs versus Comteks as they know what a Comtek costs as it's a common item of L&D on all levels of production. I've also had production folks act as if that I'm trying to put one over on them when I've done so on the IFB version of replacing said item. The IFBs are definitely better sounding. Not perfect but all things considered. I use Comteks. And let's not even get into battery life and the like and either having to go the Lithium route or change batteries after searching the IFB units down.
  2. S Harber

    Why won't my 633 jam TC to Alexa Mini

    Alexas are 5 pin. Only the wonderlcks at Red wandered into the no man's land of 4 pin Lemo AFAIK.
  3. S Harber

    Why won't my 633 jam TC to Alexa Mini

    There are Lemo TC cables that are wired directionally for various reasons. Maybe try flipping the direction of the cable if they are both Lemos. Sounds odd but it may be part of the puzzle.
  4. S Harber

    Sewing Lavs into Wardrobe

    There's a great tool called a Microstitch. Western Costumes in LA sells them. Sets a quick, easily removable binding stick like a tiny price tag. Amazing tool in the right hands and circumstances. http://www.wccsupplystore.com/micro-stitch/
  5. We do a good deal of driving shots on Bosch. Seems like more or less an entire season of cell phone calls in cars. I put my bag rig in the car/pod rig, set some levels, hit roll, and monitor via Comtkes from the follow vehicle. No worries about range, cars separating etc. The mix can definitely suffer but it serves the interest of always having good isos/decent mix. Mixing from a follow vehicle is slow to rig, horrible for really monitoring well, and is rife with other issues, i.e. it will be remixed in all likelihood anyways. The BST75 throws a hell of a long way and we can monitor from a safe distance. I put a receiver through the follow vehicle stereo and pass out a few comteks. Easy. Hope this helps. Scott Harber CAS
  6. S Harber

    Echo Park Horrible RF

    I've shot there a good deal the last couple of years and you will find holes in the spectrum. Not stellar range but not huge problems. I'm in 21/25 mostly.
  7. S Harber

    Cart mixing: sit or stand?

    I stand. Way better for it when I'm just south of 3,000 hrs/yr. It took a week to really feel comfortable after sitting but I now much prefer standing.
  8. S Harber

    Johnny Knoxville gags and wires.

    Use your old stuff and get new stuff.
  9. S Harber

    NP style batteries

    So where are things regarding re-celling IDX NP batts these days? I have 5 or so that are dead and it just seems lame to be throwing them out. In the proper way and all but basically into a version of the trash. Scott Harber
  10. S Harber

    What Car Do You Drive?

    Once the gear's there I try to cycle or scooter to work. I always feel so much better when I can ride the bike to work.
  11. S Harber

    What Car Do You Drive?

    Subaru Forester or a bicycle.
  12. S Harber

    Transmitter Sound Comparison

    I also find wardrobe and mic rigs to be more important than just about anything in terms of quality of what you hear. Obviously if it doesn't get to the receiver or distorts beforehand all bets are off. But I'd take a well rigged G3 on a transparent piece of cotton cloth to the best of mics and transmitter under a leather coat. The dark art or putting a wire on someone well is never to be dismissed.
  13. S Harber

    Denecke TS-3 Mystery Part

    There's probably a capacitor bouncing around, wedged into or on the floor somewhere as well. I think the capacitor threads through the holes in that plastic piece. We've had this happen a couple of times but the slates always seem to keep working well even after this happens. My brain was thinking it may have been designed as some sort of G shock indicator much like the iPhones have the moisture indicator inside them. Charlie is the expert though.
  14. S Harber

    Good Carpets

    So where are you all getting good carpets these days? Not the $15 Home Depot grooved plasticy ones, but the good rubberized runners etc? I haven't bought any in a good while and we've left a few behind. I'm trying to point our show to a place that carries them at a reasonable price. Thanks, Scott
  15. S Harber

    Music Video TC panic

    I'd take the file, A-drop it into Wave Agent B-Look at it to see if it's truly at 30 and if so C-Change it to 23.98 and save it. I'd change the name to reflect the new version D-Bring the file back into the 788 for PB. Make sure you do NOT change the sample rate.