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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, I'm prepping for a film in Asheville and need to get local frequency compliant radio mics with racked RX, some program monitoring TX/RX too. What are the nearest reputable companies I could be looking at? Everything nearby seems to be video A/V so any pointers will be gratefully received. I'll also be needing an assistant/trainee. Where is the best source for that? Please forgive me but I'm new to using this rather wonderful site and haven't learnt my way round it yet. Warm regards, Julian
  2. I've been working as a production mixer for a couple years and am starting to work with bigger companies and more established productions. I'm looking to my fellow, more experienced mixers to help me with building a sort of formula for what I should be charging for gear (for true productions with an actual budget backed by a network). Wireless systems, camera hops, lockits and the like. What do y'all use as sort of a baseline? Is it a percentage of the actual value of the item? What items do you sort of bundle together? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this. Any input is greatly app
  3. Hello, I have some questions about rental issues and needs during traveling around the world. So, I would like to hear your opinions and experiences. - How often do you rent when you traveling outside from your territory? - What kind of equipment are you searching? - What issues do you have? - Availability? Ok, that's a lot of asking. Thank's! Vasileios
  4. Just spent more than a few minutes reading the TOS for Kitsplit, an interesting site that aspires to hook up kit owners and those who need kit. Is this potentially a game changer for rentals? https://marketplace.kitsplit.com/ You can't get "in" to the site without first registering and confirming email, but you can get to TOS that appear to address all manner of potential horrible situations. Up to $10K insurance is included. Gonna watch this unfold.
  5. Please please please! Refuse to sign box rental agreements for your sound package. It's not a box or kit, it's a package. It's not a drill, tape measure, laptop, or cell phone. I put $1800 worth of wireless gear on talent, and they walk away from me for 6 hours or more. I hand out $300 comteks to people in video village, and do not have them in my possession for 12 hours. Read the box rental form carefully. When you sign the box rental agreement, there's a clause that states that production is not liable for damage to your gear. On a show a long time ago, I submitted an l & d fo
  6. My family and I are going off to Nashville for 10 months from this July thru April and will be renting our 3+2 house while we're gone. Anyone coming to LA for the fall season and need a partially or fully furnished place? House is in the Sherman Oaks/Valley Glen area. See link for photos and details. Contact me at annawilborn@sbcglobal.net if interersted. Thanks! http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/apa/3843178785.html
  7. I've been thinking about purchasing a small lighting kit- maybe an Arri kit, or/and some LED light panels- just a basic interview package. The plan being that if I'm hired as sound mixer on small ENG shoots I can offer these as extra equipment for rent. On these two man jobs I often end up helping the camera op set up lights anyway. I think could be useful especially to producers who fly in from out of town to do a few quick interviews and fly out right afterwards. I could offer a basic lighting package saving them from bringing heavy lights on the plane, or having to figure out getting
  8. Hi everyone... I'm currently taking a break from Production Sound Mixing and am pursuing some other opportunities so right now I have a lot of Audio Gear available for rent... I will beat any rental house pricing by 20% on similar gear. I am located in Burbank, CA so local pickup can be made or will also ship if need be. Below is a list of most of my primary gear... Feel free to ask about any smaller accessories that I may not have listed here yet probably still have. Also check out my personal website www.jonahguelzo.com for the gear list again, the kind of work I do as well as furth
  9. a curious question. For arguments sake, let's use a Lectrosonics kit for a month. Whoever your favourite local (or not) shop is will give discounts for the month. Say, 15 days. If you're working 20 days for the month and you own that Lectro kit - are you charging the same as your favourite shop? or do you charge for each day of use? Now, let's say it's a 3 month contract. Do you cut rates overall or do you discount the gear you're using to be in line with the shop? Do you get pressured to reduce rates to be more in line with the shops? Do you hate the shops for offering rates like t
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