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Found 7 results

  1. I'm planning a Lectro wireless kit for use in Australia and I'm trying to work out what blocks to buy. My planned setup is talent SMQV (max 6) going to SR receivers in the bag, and then two SMQV for camera hop going to another SR on camera. The setup will be based in Canberra, but used Australia wide. So far I'm thinking about block 24 for talent and block 26 for hops, and maybe IFB on block 21. Anyone with Australia Lectro experience let me know what you think. Thanks! Chris
  2. Soundequip was recently appointed the Australian distributor for Sonosax, as mentioned under "Manufacturers & Dealers". As such, we have an learning curve in front of us. It would be really appreciated if members could suggest what Sonosax models you use for what applications, such as docos, reality TV, commercials, TV drama, theatrical release. There might be combinations of models that are suitable for a couple of different types of jobs you do. Thanks guys and girls. John Rowley Soundequip Australia
  3. Soundequip is proud to announce we have been appointed the Australian distributor for Sonosax. Sonosax of Switzerland, manufacturers of high-quality audio mixers, recorders and pre-amps for over 35 years, has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation, In 1995 Jacques Sax was awarded a Technical Achievement Award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Sonosax mixers are used on a huge number of motion pictures in the United States and Europe, including those of Spielberg, Lucas, Kubrick, Almodovar amongst others. Small over-shoulder analog / digital 8-channel mixer / recorders with 16 discrete tracks and dead-accurate TC address the requirements of Reality TV, docos, commercials, TV drama. info@soundequip.com.au +61 2 8556 4444 / +61 3 9596 7272
  4. It's starting to look like I might be doing a gig Down Under. I've already checked that most of my wireless is in the new permitted frequency range. However, in here in Finland we're required to get a license to use our gear from the Comms Authority. Is there a similar thing you need to do in AU? Cheers, Karri
  5. Hi all, I am new to this forum and I hope I am posting in the right section and if not I apologize in advance and will remove and repost in proper section. I am an Australian (Sydney) based sound recordist and have been working as a location sound recordist for the past year. I have a basic setup of a Rode NTG3 mic, SD302 Mixer and a Tascam DR100 MKII. I have hired extra equipment such as radio mics ( mainly the Sennheiser EW 100-ENG G3) and now I am very interested in buying some lectrosonics wireless systems, as I heard they are the best. However, I am highly confused at what I should buy and have a few questions for other Australian based sound recordists or anyone who can answer my general questions about Lectrosonics and which wireless systems I should purchase. The wireless systems will be used for on location and studio recording. Feature film and television Which blocks perform the best in Australia? In particular in Sydney? Which transmitters and receivers are best value for money? No budget just best value for money. Also what’s the performance difference of the UM400AAU transmitter block 25 and the LMAAU transmitter B25 also…As there is a $400 price difference as you can see on this website: http://www.johnbarry.com.au/categories/audio/microphones Also the super miniature transmitters on the page, are they any good for film and TV? Which is the best microphone to put into each lectrsonics transmitter? budget around $300-$500 Can I use a dual reciever? E.g/ Lectrosonics SRA Dual reciever, as this would cut the cost of buying a reciever for each transmitter but is this reliable? Does anyone have experience with this? Also I noticed I can't order from B & H (America based company) for transmitters or receivers even if they have the same frequency blocks as Australian based models. I assume it's because it needs to have some kind of Australian standrad compliance or something. Has any other Australian based sound recordist had this problem and still used gear that hasn't got AUS standard compliance, with no issues ? As I could probably get a friend to purchase the items in the US then send them over in the post, just as people sell second hand gear made in the US to AUS based sound recordists on these forums. Besides John Barry in Sydney where else can I buy some brand new lectrosonics wireless systems? Thank you all in advance for your help and your answers, I really appreciate it! Cheers!
  6. Dear JWSoundGroup Members, After three years experience in film, commercial, documentary and ENG at Greece the time is come to become a work immigrant in other country. The reason I want to leave my country is economic. With little words to I have describe the situations is "unemployment", "very low - no pay", "low workflow" and the money for pay bills and other thing is not enough. So that's why I want to leave my country. I love my country and I love to work in my country but the situations is not easy for that. I don't want to be weight for other country. That's for sure. I want to work, to create my life and pay my bills with no issues. Easy life! I have done research about the rates, union or non-union contracts in New Zealand and Australia. I have send email to Australian Screen Sound Guild (ASSG). Because in New Zealand they don't have some sound guild (such as ASSG) I have spoke directly with Peter Prebble, Ande Schurr to receive informations about daily / week rates in New Zealand. Thanks a lot with my heart about informations guys. I'm not ask for work but informations. So because I have no idea where to find informations such as New Zealand and Australia (rates, union - non union contracts) I will appreciate a lot to give me for United States of America. In conclusion now what I want? 1) To give me information about union contracts and rates in USA. 2) Where to find companies like this (ABC SA - Is the largest Broadcast company in Greece) in New Zealand, Australia and USA. Why I need a work under contract and I don't become as freelancer in this countries? Because first I don't have clients and second for my permanent visa. This is my prepare stage before send emails to companies with my resume. In my "pre production" stage I have to do some things. My English for second time. My first time under with teacher Ι was when ten years old for two years. Before I send emails I have to do IELTS with 6.5 or higher score and find the money for air tickets, two - three months for rent house and my personal costs (donations from my family especially). So I believe in one year I'm already. Thanks a lot ASSG, Ande Schurr, Peter Prebble, Rob Stalder, Eric Toline and Jeff Wexler (for this forum again). Of course I'm very grateful if anyone help me with information! Best Regards Vasileios Alexandris
  7. Hi everybody who has opened this link! I am a Sound Recordist and by that I mean I have a 442, 744t combo, cs3e, ntg3, 2x G3s and a bunch of other little bits. I have done 30+ short films as a recordist, a couple indi features as a recordist and a few as a boomie! I work in Australia and dream to be either a boom operator (full time) or a major sound mixer in my later years in that order :-) I get a lot of great sound on sets with my kit but I have been reading a lot of posts on this site and I hear a lot about these amazing carts that a lot of you guy and gals rock out and on top of a lot of jealousy :-) I have a big interest in what is needed to be done to get to that kind of level. I know that the Aussie industry isn't really catered for that kind of work but before I assume to much I was wondering what you all thought. So the big question is for an Aussie up and coming soundie what would you people recommend I ? Is there a real market here for it? Should I spend some time at the schools here? Or anything of that caliber? Or should I keep on this road keep working short films and some occasional features in hope that skill and luck find me and give me the opportunity to really shine? Would love to hear what you all think! Cheers, Piotr PS. Tried looking this up on the site and I didn't come up with anything might not have looked hard enough
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