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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All, Can anyone recommend good sources for batteries and chargers (re-chargable Eneloop, Sony L-Type, etc.) in Toronto area? Comparison shopping at the moment for what is available locally prior to going online. Thank you for any tips and suggestions. Best Regards, Dave
  2. Hi All, I've gathered a small bag kit together consisting of MixPre 10T, SD 302 and 2 Sennheiser G3s. Would you have any suggestions as how to most efficiently power the whole lot? Perhaps the G3s might be fine with just internal double A batteries? Or is this unit worthwhile https://www.gothamsound.com/product/dc-power-adaptor-g3-wireless Thank as always for your great suggestions :-) Cheers, Dave
  3. Hi there, I'm coming next from France for a shooting in Miami FLA, and because of transportation restrictions,I can't bring with me my soundcart batteries, which are Hawkwoods XB1-520 or XB1-340,but it seems I can't find them in tne USA. Do you confirm? So what big batteries do you use? Production offered me Anton Bauer VSLX (too big for my cart) and PSC Pelican LiFE (not powerful enough),do ou use something else,small,lithium technology and at least 330 Wh? Thanks for your advices Best regards David RIT
  4. I thought I would create a worldwide reference for governing bodies and some airlines on their stance with regards to lithium ion batteries. General Advice: Under 100Wh Lithium Battery Regulations Allowed in Carry On Baggage in Equipment or as Spares Allowed on your person No Airline Approval Needed Not allowed in Hold Luggage 100Wh – 160Wh Lithium Battery Regulations Allowed in Carry On Baggage in Equipment or as Spares Allowed on your person Airline Approval Needed Not allowed in Hold Luggage Over 160Wh = Forbidden!!! See the full article below http://soundrolling.com/soundblog/batteries-soundblog/lithium-ion-batteries-planes-lithium-battery-regulations/
  5. Hi everyone, I am thinking of upgrading from my 744T/MixPre-D setup to a 788T. I hear the 788T is a bit more power hungry then my current setup. I am curious which batteries have held up the best. Thanks Richard
  6. Another thread was talking about lithium ion batteries and overheating. This example wasn't meant to perform a test on the batteries but is what happens when you misread centigrade for Fahrenheit on your temperature chamber. You get two very distorted batteries and singed fingers. One of the engineers Monday, misread the readout while testing two devices at 140 degrees. He didn't realize the error until he picked up the devices and scorched some finger tips. 140 C of course is 284 F. To widespread surprise, the units still worked and so did the batteries, though now they don't fit in the battery compartment very well. We also now know that the LCD gets very fuzzy at 284 F. Now you know what we mean by half baked designs. Best Regards, Larry Fisher Lectrosonics
  7. New 512Wh Lithium-iron phosphate battery with eSMART technology! The eSMART LiFe-512wh is directly compatible with our smart power distributors. Plug-in your battery on an AUDIOROOT eSMART compatible power distributor and benefit from real time battery State Of Charge informations! http://www.audioroot.fr/product/esmart-life-512wh/
  8. AUDIOROOT is proud to present it’s latest product line of high power LiFePO4 batteries. These batteries available in 9 and 20Ah capacities are now eSMART enabled and fully compatible with our power distributors with integrated fuel gauge technology. The eSMART LiFe-115Wh and eSMART LiFe-256Wh are a perfect match to our latest dual battery power distributor for location sound recording : K-ART. Add 1 or 2 low cost LiFePO4 travel chargers to your kit and you will get the perfect power solution for your sound cart. The eSMART LiFe batteries are also compatible with our compact power distributors eSMART BG-DU and BG-DU-REG. More informations http://www.audioroot.fr/product/esmart-life-115wh/ http://www.audioroot.fr/product/esmart-life-256wh/
  9. Has anyone found a charger taht works well with Li-Ion Cantar batteries? I'm aware that Cantar make one but I'm looking for a "third party" (cheaper!) option. Thanks
  10. Hi all. Does anybody have experience of powering the Audio Ltd 'miniTX' with rechargeable batteries. I'm thinking of getting getting a couple of these transmitters but do not want to use alkaline or lithium disposables. Any input would be welcome. Thanks, Will
  11. I was sure I read a post some time ago about L-series batteries, maybe it was on RAMPS, but couldn't find anything here through a search here. Anyway, I need to replace my Sony (7.2/4600) battery that I have sitting flush in my 788. It has always underwhelmed me, may have been a dud from the start. There seem to be a lot to choose from so I thought i'd see what others are using and happy with. Thanks!
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