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Found 13 results

  1. Hey all Recently bought a Soundbag Dashboard to mount my a10 receiver to my 633 in my Orca OR-30 bag. Product works great but I'm just having an issue with the unit now sitting flush in my bag. I guess because the front is now elevated the unit leans forward inside the bag (photos attached). Not a huge issue but it would be great if i could get it all locked in a sitting flush. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how to achieve this? I've attached two photos, first one is how my bag currently sits and the second is how i would ideally have it Cheers Will
  2. Hi there, I am currently trying to figure out the best and most cost effective audio system setup for my 1 man crew doco shoot (Run and gun setup in a sense but not super fast paced) and am keen to get some advice on the best setup suited for my shoot.. Please excuse my lack of knowledge, I come from a post production background and am just moving into doing my own shooting. There are two main presenters who 90% of the time need to be simultaneously mic'd up with lav mics. And there will often be a third person/talent that needs to be mic'd as well but I am using the Sony Fs5 so only have the 2 xlr inputs and would preferably like to have an on camera mic too. Apparently dual receiver would be off the cards for the presenters as they don't work with our frequencies in New Zealand??? So I was thinking it would be perfect to have a system as follows below (if possible): - 3x lav mic's on talent, each with own recorders clipped on their pants etc recording audio/TC to SD cards like the zaxcom systems. - Wireless monitoring of all 3 lav mic's simultaneously for myself... Am I dreaming here? Can you only monitor 1 at a time? If possible what equipment does this require? If I can’t monitor them all simultaneously, then I may need to just plug the two presenter mic’s into the camera and I will need an additional recorder of some sort for the 3rd lav but I would not feel overly comfortable/safe not being able to monitor the guest mic. I also don’t want to over complicate the system. - Then have a top mic plugged into xlr on camera for general sound/atmos/backup and sync zaxcom (or whatever system) mic's to this in post id any TC drift. Is this possible or am I going at it the complete wrong way? If not what is the best/most cost effective solution? I’m aware it could probably solve all my issues having someone else to handle sound for me with a mixer etc.. but due to budget constraints its not really an option. Appreciate all advice. Cheers, Tom
  3. Hi, i m in need of advice. My Lectro system (UCR 210d and UM 200b) is giving me some hard time. Everything works perfect until past the half hour or so, i get a distortion in the singal. It sounds very similar to when you are going out of battery but keeps working with the distortion. After a few minutes the distortion goes away and everything goes back to normal. Always using rechargeable batteries on both Tx and Rx. Its hard to test it at home because it starts the distortion randomly and past the 30 minutes or so of use. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  4. Hello! My name is William, and my question is a simple one, albeit over-asked. How does one get into the industry? I mean this in the most general sense. Should I start low and work my way up? Should I just buy a bunch of sound gear and pray? There seems to be so many paths to take, but I am unsure and honestly scared. I don't know what I'm doing and would love to hear what other people have done, and what's worked and what hasn't. My Current "Plan" My current plan is to move to Georga in the coming year, specifically Atlanta. I thought it would be best to try contacting people that are already in the industry, asking if they need any help with a Sound PA or Utility. I am willing to wrap as many cables and get them as much coffee as necessary. Hopefully, one day I can buy some of my own gear and start actually working as a Mixer/ENG on various productions. I don't see that as happening for a long time though. Does this sound like a good plan? Or would it unprofessional to just contact people already in the industry asking for work? What do you suggest I change about my current "plan of attack"? Thanks for your help! ~William Hirsch
  5. Rafael

    UM200C Damage

    Hi all, Anyone have an idea of what's wrong with these um200c ? I'm too far from Lectrosonics inc. to send these unit The shipping price will be expensive and close to the price of an used one I'm from Uruguay South America maybe a technician can repair it here? Sorry for my English Thanks
  6. Is there a universal wiring format I can use please? mike
  7. Hey Guys, I'm new here and I've done a few searches looking for the info I need but haven't quite found an answer to my specific question. I'm shooting for 3 weeks in the Philippines on a doco - I'm setting up an audio rig with 2 radio mics (along with a boom). Nothing too strenuous, no water action, just interviews etc We'll be in Manilla but also Davao City. Only thing is I can't find any info on the restricted frequencies inside the Philippines. So I'm a bit confused as to which of the below options would work best for in country shooting.... So my three options for radio mics are: - Sennheiser EW 100 ENG G3-B - Sennheiser EW112-p G3 - Sennheiser EW122-p G3 Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi All, First time poster long time reader. I have just bought my first Lectros- used 211/200c, three sets. I did a search of the forum, but couldn't quite find the issue I'm having. Search functionality was good though Here's what I'm doing, and the issue I'm having- hopefully someone can help me diagnose the problem. 211/200c w/ Countryman B3 (hot mic, extra crisp cap) into SD664. There's a noise/hiss which occurrs in unison with the syllables of dialogue/all transient sounds. The noise almost seems to 'gate', in the sense that it will only be audible with the passing of dialogue/transients. Very high end hiss/noise. I had this problem years ago in film school with some cheap Sony wireless, it was impossible to EQ out, it seemed as though the more top end you roll off, you just hear the noise in the middle of the spectrum. The level of the noise is not above the dialogue, it's well and truly 'back there' in the mix, but it's obviously there. The only thread I found which came close to this symptom was one regarding a compander issue where the entire program content was 'gating'... however this is not the case for me, it's simply the noise which gates in and out. It happens with all three Rx/Tx sets. I have only two Countryman B3s, and it's possible that one of the mics is less noiser than the other, but only slightly. Could it be an issue with Mic wiring? Or are my Lectros in need of a service? I don't think it's a gain structure issue, but will be very happily proved wrong. I've also switched out my leads running from Rx to 664, no change. Batteries are new and full 9V Duracell Procell (non rechargable). I am in Australia, the units came to me from Singapore, and are not the AU models. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope. Cheers to all, and apologies to anyone who finds this topic has already been covered here. Travis Williamson
  9. Hello, Everyone!!! My name is Scott Harnell and I'm in the beginning stages of a career in production sound for film and television. I've been doing my homework (read Location Audio Simplified and Location Sound Bible, as well as lots of posts on the JWSound forums) and have started slowly putting together my kit. Now, I'd really like to gather first-hand experience from a seasoned professional. So far, I've worked on two professional gigs. The first was the official webcast of the Formula Drift event at Road Atlanta last year and the second was a documentary on the Atlanta Police Department's first sketch artist. At the Formula Drift event, I helped load and unload all of the gear, ran and gathered cable, placed spot mics for tire and engine noise, and was essentially a PA and sound utility in one. My experience on the documentary had me sitting solo at the sound helm, wiring the subject with a lav, and mixing. If you'd like some help, I'd love to assist you on any of your future projects in any way possible. I'd be willing to load and unload gear, get your coffee, check your batteries, wrangle your cables, or just be a gofer. If presented with the opportunity, I'd be most professional, invisible/silent, and make it a point to never be in the way, seeking only to facilitate a smooth and efficient shoot. If you could use some help, or would want to get some coffee or lunch to see if you'd be interested, please feel free to reach me at 404-218-3155 or scottharnell@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hey guys I am on a gig where the subjects are walking in abandonned places and they need to wear Tyvec suits, they look terrible and it sounds terrible also! (see the attachment) The boom won't be able to get close enough in most situations so wireless are needed. I was thinking maybe to mic the forehead with a strap inside the hood, or else see the mic outside the vest by doing a hole in the suit. I am sure both options won't work because the "talents" will remove their hood outside the building and the compagny won't let me do holes in the suits... I will do test on a suit soon but I would love to hear you on this.
  11. Ben

    UK P.A.T.? Wtf?

    Anybody know about Portable appliance testing is? I am going for a shoot in Scotland and the location we are filming in is requiring we have Portable Appliance Testing stickers for everything. I am not sure they know what they are talking about. The producers have been asking around NYC (adorama, able cine, etc.) and no one really knows what p.a.t. Is or where to get our appliances tested. Anybody know what this is about or what it applies too? Wiki page is not that helpful http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portable_appliance_testing Thanks, Ben
  12. Hi mates, I am Daniele, an Italian sound recordist and , if it is not a problem, I would ask you some advices: I would like to work abroad just to do some difference experience and to improve my knowledge seeing how other people work. Do you have any advices to give me? For me, 2 or 3 mouths of working experience will be enough. Obviously if I should stay more than 2/3 mouths abroad for job, for me is not a problem. I am ready to do cable man, boom operator in a set to learn how is this work abroad and also to improve my english. I am looking for jobs on mandy.com but nobody answered to me. In attachment you will find my C.V.. If you listen that some Sound Mixer is looking for a cable man or a boom operator, I am ready to come and start to work. I hope in a your answer. Thanks a lot bye Daniele cv_turi_daniele_eng.pdf
  13. So I removed the DVD-RAM disc cartridge from my PD-6 and now it wont let me open the disk drive and when I start it up it just says NO DVD-RAM DRIVE then eventually goes to the main menu, but never lets me view the hard drives and wont let me open the drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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