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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, after we received a lot of feedback regarding our original ERX holder, we've chosen to split the functionality. We are now offering 2 different versions of the Stingray ERX Holder: KSERX2 (for mounting only) features a removable ¼-20 threaded insert and Velcro backing KSERX3 (for wearing only) features a swivel belt clip So, if you are planning to hand your ERX to the Director use the KSERX3. If you're planning to mount your ERX to a camera use the KSERX2's Velcro to stick it to the back of the monitor or a magic arm via the 1/4-20 insert. The Silicone Holder remains unchanged and still offers additional protection for your investment; the oversized top lip protects against accidental bumping of the knob/switch. Both KSERX2 and KSERX3 have a Listprice of $40 and should sell in the US for $38. They are available now! Call your local K-Tek dealer or check it out on our Webpage at: https://ktekpro.com/product-category/audio/audio-accessories/ Ali ali@ktekpro.com
  2. To celebrate their 20-year anniversary K-Tek brings back a beloved classic Boom Pole Accessory: the K-Tek Klassic Counterweight, which was previously also known as the Hodge’s Weight. As shooting days and individual take lengths continue to grow longer, boom pole operators everywhere are fighting fatigue. Even though K-Tek’s Graphite boom poles are some of the lightest in the industry, a rigged boom pole might actually “feel” heavier throughout a long shooting day. Although the weight of the dressed pole may only be four pounds, it’s the downward movement force of the microphone and mount at the far end of a long pole that’s the culprit. Due to the length of the boompole acting like a lever, the low weight of the microphone and mount becomes amplified. The answer to the problem is counterbalance and the solution is K-Tek’s Klassic Counterweight. This finely machined foam covered brass, weighs 1.7 lbs (770 gram) and can be attached to the base of any K-Tek Klassic boom pole. Once installed, the strain on the user is greatly reduced as the tiring off-balance force on the boom lever is balanced out. Although the weight is actually slightly increased, the Klassic Counter Weight reduces the stress on the boom operator, so overall the boom “feels” lighter. For large payloads at the tip of the boom, multiple Counterweights can be stacked. Named after Scottish geometry mathematician W.V.D. Hodge, this counterweight is well-known and highly sought after among experienced boom operators like Ronald Wright. After 7 years working boom on the rigorous Hawaii 5-0, he explains “It saved me the first season when I did so much stuff standing in the water. When I put the Counterweight on, it helped keep me stable in the surf. And on the streets it helps me keep everything balanced when I work at a distance.” With a List Price of $95, the Klassic Hodge’s Counterweights (Order Code: KHCW) are available now. For further information or to locate a local dealer contact: www.ktekpro.com
  3. I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this question so let me know if this question should go elsewhere. I came across some K-Tek equipment that I've been having trouble identifying. Only one piece was marked K-Tek and nothing had model numbers. I thought it was for some sort of video or camera type boom but the piece with the sharp blade has me totally stumped. I've gone through everything product I can find on their website & have found nothing similar. Any guidance on what this set is called or used for would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Has anyone got a Stingray Large yet, with a 688 (and ideally SL-6) in it? Could you please post one or two pictures? Been spending days trying to source some, contacting both manufacturers and my local resellers, so far no luck...
  5. So my current harness and bag setup is a Versaflex harness with the original Stingray bag (the blue one for the 633). I'm really interested in the K-Tek harness, but I'm torn between getting the updated Stingray bag (#2) or going with Orca. Anyone out there that's tested both bags with the K-Tek harness? Which one feels better on your back? Also I was told that I may want to go a size up in the bag for the Stingray since I'm not using low profile cables (Running a SD 633).
  6. DPA Microphones, K-Tek, Lectrosonics and Sound Devices are teaming up to host the next Sound Summit. The event will be located at Full Sail University on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 9. Registration is free! We hope to see you there. http://thesoundsummit.org/orlando/
  7. Hey! It's Brenda from K-Tek and we are really excited to launch our new Stingray Audio bags, harness, waist belt and other accessories. You can watch our teaser video on the K-Tek Facebook page Follow our weblog at: http://ktekpro.com/press-release/
  8. Hi all, I'm new here so don't shoot me if this topic has already been made, but I've been looking around and haven't found much info on the K-Tek K-Zepps? I was originally gonna spring for a Rode (I'd love a Rycote but budget), but saw a comment pointing out the K-Zepp. I was curious to hear if anybody has any opinions?
  9. Ever tried mounting a KFT flow-through base underneath a KTA2? I like the form factor of the KFT's four inch slot for hand gripping, and from images it looks possible to lose the KTA2's mushroom cap base and replace it with the KFT. Perhaps?
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