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Found 10 results

  1. I've been asked very last minute (day before the shoot, which is tomorrow) if i was available to run playback for a music video shoot which involves a motion control system. From what i understand they would like a file that can be used for playback and also give TC reference as to what part of the song is playing to the motion control system. So if we start playback at 01:00:32:19 for example, the motion control system will know what to do. If I recorded the music file onto my SD702T, could that be used as playback? Will it send the TC from the file being played back? I know using a daw would be prefered. Having just been asked today could this be a viable solution?
  2. Hello All, When doing a podcast recording in Adobe Audition CC, the volume and fidelity sounds different thru the headphones but the export sounds good. The set up is two condenser mics going thru a preamp, a compressor, to Audition, Headphones amp output. When talking and listening thru the headphones both mics sound good, but when the recording stops and do the playback one mic sounds good, and the other sound distant/faint. One mic is assign as a left channel and the other as a right channel merged into a stereo file in Audition. The mic with the faint/distant sound is the right channel one. But the export sounds good, no distant/faint. I already checked all the hardware and it's all in good condition, the settings has not been messed with since initial setup ( there's been multiple podcast recording before with no issues ). Never experienced such situation and wonder what the problem could be. Thanks in advance for the responses.
  3. Not comprehensive, but a glimpse at Ben Osmo's rig on the Alien: Covenent movie. Interesting that Ridley Scott is asking him to play creature sounds on set to help the actors emote. https://kellyonatangent.wordpress.com/2017/05/25/behind-the-scenes-the-sounds-on-set-of-alien-covenant-tested/ I spotted Sound Devices, HME Intercoms, Ambient timecode, and I think a Cinela windscreen.
  4. Has anyone found a newer app that has markers and cue points for playback? I just paid $7 for "live playback" app and it can only import from the music app. This is an issue (and limitation of the iPhone) because you cannot import songs into the music app without a computer and iTunes. Does anyone use a more flexible app? Thank you.
  5. Morning all, So yesterday at work they sprang a 'surprise' playback requirement on me. It was no problem, in as much as the speaker was in the van, and the laptop was in my shoulder bag. My mind was wandering though, and I was thinking about the state of things, and tablet devices, and playback apps, etc... So - I can see a way to have a tablet built into my trolley that I could use for PB. I can see that if I bought a cheap Windows tablet, either with or without an interface (ie I could either use the headphone OP socket to feed my desk, or a USB audio interface), and some sort of PB program which would allow me to start and stop the PB from specific points, that this could work quite well. I generally use Soundplant for PB, which works well for me, but I might need a KB of some description as Soundplant maps 'keys' to audio file/triggers, so... If I ran an audio interface as an IP and OP device for the tablet then I could even record a take on the tablet as we shoot it, and then immediately turn it around into a PB track. I am working on a new top rack for my uppy downy cart, and am thinking about building all of this stuff into the new setup. Is anyone doing this kind of thing, and if so what apps/programs are you using for the PB. For the moment I have only really thought about audio PB, and I have not yet begun to worry about PB with TC. That said, inevitably TC will become a factor at some point, so maybe I should include that eventuality now. Discuss........ Simon B
  6. Hi All, As I sat down to prepare my Protools audio/timecode session for an upcoming shoot with some playback elements, it occurred to me that it could be a lot handier to use an iPad than my laptop. I did a bit of searching around the site and found a few hints that people have been doing this. I was hoping to get some feedback on how this has been working for people, whether the iPad and the software you've been using is crash resistant (especially for the fairly simple demands of playback) how easily you can program and use cue points, and even whether the iPad output is crosstalk resistant enough to have audio on one channel and timecode on the other. I've mainly been looking at reviews of Wavemachine's Auria, but i'm interested in what's been working well for people - especially those of you who are used to using Pro Tools for this sort of thing. Cheers, Brent Calkin
  7. 20 pounds, 100 watts, rechargeable lead-acid battery, bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless http://tyfordaudiovideo.blogspot.com/2016/01/samson-xp106w-battery-powered-pa-with.html
  8. Hey Guys, Just a quick question, I have been reading about on set music playback in the forms, and I couldn't find how exactly to make a Timecode Audio Track in Pro Tools. What do you guys use to generate that audio? Third Party plug in? In Pro Tools method? Standard audio files that you use over and over? (I have PT9 on a iMac.) Thanks guys
  9. Did anyone watch The Sound of Music Live on NBC last night/have any insight on how the sound was recorded? Definitely sounded like lavs, but I wonder about placement, how they dealt with costume changes, and playback. Watched the behind the scenes doc, but as usual there was not a single mention of the production sound crew. Just curious what folks thought over here. -Michael
  10. I came across this device and wonder is anyone else using it. The kit includes the dictaphone-shaped transmitter and reciever (working with 1/8 inch jacks). Also includes the 30pin-connector-transmitter for iPhone/iPod/iPad which you see in the foreground. The other thing u see in the box is a USB power adapter. The battery life doesn't look amazing and it works in the 2.4GHz band, so not ideal for IFB, but could be great for music playback. Anyone have thoughts, or anyone using it?
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