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Found 13 results

  1. This topic might be a little outdated but I was curious if anyone had an opinion on the differences in the sound between the SX-S and SX-ST. I picked up an SX-S 8 a little while ago for practically nothing. So far I'm very happy with the sound and was just wondering what/if I'm missing out on ;). Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi people, I´m looking into getting a new recorder in the near future, I have a SD 633 witch has done me well. I find that I need more preamps. Since I live in Iceland there seems to be no way of getting my hands on a Sonosax recorder to try out, I know the SD recorders pretty well and expect the 888 to be good as most of their stuff. I´ve recived and worked on stuff recorded on the Sonnosax with the same mics that I normally use, and I was impressed by the sound quality. I´m just curious to hear if you people have any experiance with both Sonosax and SD, what you
  3. I’d love to hear from anyone who has experience with the mixer. I’m a big fan of Sonosax pres but would love to keep my 688/CL12 setup (also, I can’t afford a big Sonosax mixer). I was thinking of this as a front end to my 688 and to put in a bag for smaller jobs.
  4. From the SONOSAX NEWS August 2017: Soundequip has been appointed as the distributor of SONOSAX products in Australia. Soundequip was established in 1987. They sell and rent production audio and video equipment for television, outside broadcast, reality TV, motion picture, radio, education, government, defence and other industries. Offices and showrooms are in both Melbourne and Sydney, and Soundequip assists clients in every state and territory of Australia. website: www.soundequip.com.au facebook: www.facebook.com/Soundequip email: inf
  5. Soundequip was recently appointed the Australian distributor for Sonosax, as mentioned under "Manufacturers & Dealers". As such, we have an learning curve in front of us. It would be really appreciated if members could suggest what Sonosax models you use for what applications, such as docos, reality TV, commercials, TV drama, theatrical release. There might be combinations of models that are suitable for a couple of different types of jobs you do. Thanks guys and girls. John Rowley Soundequip Australia
  6. Soundequip is proud to announce we have been appointed the Australian distributor for Sonosax. Sonosax of Switzerland, manufacturers of high-quality audio mixers, recorders and pre-amps for over 35 years, has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation, In 1995 Jacques Sax was awarded a Technical Achievement Award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Sonosax mixers are used on a huge number of motion pictures in the United States and Europe, including those of Spielberg, Lucas, Kubrick, Almodovar amongst others. Small over-shoulder analog / digi
  7. Hi All, I'm in LA for work and have troubles with my Sonosax SX-R4. It doesn't start up after I just disconnected it from my Macbook Pro. It keeps hanging on the initialisation page (see included picture). Is there anything I can do to fix this myself? What could be the cause of the issue? Anyone ever experienced this? In the meantime I'm trying to get a hold of trew audio for support but I guess it's lunchtime. Thanks for any advice. Cheers, Arnoud
  8. There is a Sonosax SX-ST for sale on Ebay. This is the big Sonosax, not the "little" ES64 or one of the earlier models (all of them still excellent); it's the current version console mixer. This particular example has 9 inputs. So far there are no bids. The seller has a Buy-It-Now price of only $8000 but bids are accepted starting at $4000. (This is for a mixer that normally sells for about $25,000 new.) There are only about fourteen hours left in this auction period - it expires a bit after 11 AM tomorrow, April 10 (California time). Of course it may be re-listed. The seller is loca
  9. From Sonosax, Sonosax SX-R4+ and Sonosax SX-AD8+ soon unveiled. Although these new equipments were announced for the end of 2014, they will not be available before April 2015. Innovative ideas having occurred during the year, their development have been somewhat delayed. Develop products of the highest quality using advanced technology and respond closer to the user's needs is a challenge SONOSAX has successfully met many times in the past; releasing these equipments on the market within the expected deadline is by far not always obvious. Despite these delays, we are pleased to announc
  10. Hi everyone On my cart I use a 788t and love it, but i was getting tired of carrying so much wait around when all i needed was 2-3 tracks for small jobs. Now I have a Sonosax MiniR82 for those jobs and sounds great. One thing is that it creates sequential file names, noting to do with metadata. I do prefer to give production files that are named after the scene and take, like in the case of the sound devices recorders. I found a workaround for it, by uploading the files to my computer and renaming them with WaveAgent. It works great and it's very quick, but it means I also have to carry my c
  11. Hi everyone, First of all let me introduce myself. I'm Arnoud Traa a sound designer/recordist from the Netherlands. I've been checking this forum for quite a while, too inform myself about new and older recorders and mic's. Recently I took the plunge and bought a second hand Sonosax SX-R4 to finally have a recorder that allows me to record 4 tracks with nice (really nice) preamps. I've been recording a lot and am very happy with it! But there seems to be a small issue with writing the record buffer in takes. Sometimes it's pitched up for the first few seconds, as if the sample rate
  12. Hello, I'm looking for input/opinions on the SX62R & or the SX-R4. I need a 6(with 6 pres) channel recorder that will do 24/192. I've read the other sonnsax thread but am looking for updated info. I can't "try" one out here in Canada as there isn't a single one in Toronto as far as I know. Specifically I'm interested in the quality/colour of the pres and how they compare to SD, Zaxx etc. I'm currently a SD user but unfortunately they don't offer a 6 pre solution that can record at 192 in a single unit. Thanks, John
  13. Howdy, I'm hoping for some technical guidance running a console mixer in front of a Nomad 8. I'm setup using both AES inputs and analog input on nomad to accomplish a post fade mono mix, and pre fade ISOs down the line. The setup is Sonosax 84 AES out -> Nomad AES in. Ch 1-8 digital out on sonosax is post-eq, pre-fade signal. That feeds directly to Digital in 1-8 on Nomad. The Sonosax digital out is ONLY pre-fade, post eq. In order to get a post fader signal I must run an analog bus (XLR) out of Sonosax and into analog input 1 to Nomad. This solves my routing a mono mix to
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