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Sound Report Writer for Android released

Tyler Faison

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Sound Report Writer is now available in the Android Market. It does everything the iOS version does, and actually a little bit more. You can still visit www.inaudiblelabs.com for more information.

In addition to the current iOS features, the Android version also has a Segment field. You are also able to create a take with the timecode running and hit 'Start TC' and 'End TC' whenever you are ready so that right when you create a new take that timecode isn't used. This allows you to set your take up in advance and once you are rolling you'll be able to execute the command with greater accuracy. This is still coming on the iOS version and now more time can be spent to do that.


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Another version of Sound Report Writer for Android has been released. This version provides the ability to backup and import all of your projects to Dropbox. There are also several bugs that have been fixed based on user feedback. An iOS update is soon to follow. 


***Please be aware that you will lose past projects in order to gain the ability to back them up from now on. YOU WILL LOSE PAST PROJECTS WITH THIS UPDATE***

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Yes, I have a beta release I'm still testing. Hoping to have it uploaded in the next couple of days. I'm still debating whether to offer the Dropbix back/import feature on iOS. The problem is that you would have to lose all past projects in order to gain that ability. Are past projects that important to everyone? I'm leaning towards doing it, but I don't want to screw a bunch of people out of losing past data they need. Obviously, updating is optional. Thoughts?

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