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Voice Technologies VT5000 Shotgun Mic Review


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Hi Everyone,

For those of you who are wondering what the Voice Technologies VT5000 sounds like, I made a review for a tech website I'm freelancing for, "Bright Side of News"

I'm pretty awkward in front of the camera, but the point of the video was to compare it side by side against a Sennheiser 416. 480p minimum on a non-mobile devices sounds best.

Because of publisher deadlines I had to rush the review a bit. So I forgot to test the female voice, wind handling, and some other tests. For the most part, the VT5000 sounds a bit nasaly as if you're hearing a computer microphone across Skype. I also had to do a bit of audience hand-holding since the majority of the site's readers are into computer hardware, and not entertainment gear.

If you have any other questions, I still have the mic with me, and can test what I can.



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That's a fun and reasonably thorough review. I like that you did it in a various environments and mounted in a way location sound people would actually use it. Vt5000 sounds quite poor up against the 416.

Oh, and your outside yelling voice sounds a bit like Ray Romano. Just sayin'. :)

I found just the opposite. The 416 sounded a bit muffled with a floppy low end. In a blind listening test I would choose the VT as the better overall sounding choice.


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Our Microphone is made for us by a Japanese factory that makes microphones for several other famous companies whose names begin with the letter "S". The new VT mic was made with the XLR housing end 1/4" longer than ours. We sell ours as an entire kit with a mini size PSC Universal Shockmount with both boom pole adapter and camera shoe adapter, foam windscreen and a Koala fur cover. Our entire kit retails for $319.00 in the USA. This is a much lower price than they offer the microphone alone for. We have been selling these microphones for nearly seven years.

Ron Meyer


Professional Sound Corp.

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@ Jim Feeley: As far as I know yes. This is what I was told dirreclty by a high up VT product specialist. I do not want to get anyone in trouble, so I will not name the source, but believe me, they know what they are talking about. I have not had a VT mic here at PSC. Both theirs and ours are good basic shotgun mics. We sell many to the video camera folks (news) , film school students, corperate video, etc. I think many people hear the price and shy away from the mic without even giving it a try. That is sad. Its not a Shoeps, but for the price, it works well.


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