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For those using Nomad and Oktava Mk012


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I am hearing an electronic-sounding noise when moving my Nomad's faders but only when my Oktava Mk012 is connected. Other mics are fine (mkh60, mkh416)

I am in communication with Zaxcom about it, but in the mean time I am curious if anyone else has had a problem with this combo?

The MK012 was purchased in 2010 from Oktava-online.

As such, pins 2 and 3 are switched.

This has never caused a problem sound-wise or power-wise.

Only power issue was when powering from a Sennheiser buttplug, but adding a phase reversal adapter fixed that.

Recording of the noise is attached.

Anyone having this problem?


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Sounds like you put the mic very close to the display? My guess is that's wheere the noise comes from. Will never happen in real life so you're good.


Can't remember what I was doing at the time of noticing the sound to warrant the mic being so close to the Nomad... no doubt testing something else.

But yeah, moved the mic and problem gone :)


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