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  1. Yeah, it's a decent solution. I might try to add a volume pot to it sometime to make it even better! As for lining up F8 output to camera return...I don't really. It seems like camera returns are always pretty quiet as compared to mixer HP outs, so I just turn up the cameras HP volume to the top and put the F8 HP knob to where I like it. That's one of the things I miss on Nomad is the ability to boost the cam return by something like 30db. Gives you a way to get close to matching.
  2. Ah glad to see people referring to my old TC test! The RTC in the F8 is rock solid and has a coin battery that keeps it in time. When the unit powers up the TC always re-syncs to the RTC. If you're in a non-drop frame TC and you power down the unit for awhile then power up, your TC will be out due to the relationship between NDF TC and real time...they don't elapse at the same rate. I haven't tested this theory against a drop frame TC though so it may still get out of sync after a power cycle. F8 has no camera return built in. I added a sescom A/B box to switch between F8 and camera return and it's great! Mixing on F8 is tough. Definitely a better tracker than mixer but still usable for a decent mix on a couple channels at a time in the bag, and a couple more on a cart. F8 is a damn decent tool that is less power hungry than most recorders and has basically all the features of the SDs and ZAXs. I've been using it in place of my Nomad since December and I only miss a few things. Also, I'm getting the same rates using it as I was with my Nomad, and no complaints from post.
  3. Hey, I think K-TEK and ORCA have made incredible bags in the last couple years. The Petrol and Porta-Brace offerings that were the only ones available before that are terrible in comparison (except that extremely simple Porta-Brace sleeve bag. That thing was cool!). But I've had my own ideas in mind for some years and since about March of last year I decided to design it right and try to make it work. Here's the description I've been using on why I wanted to go this direction: Many moments have been spent fighting my bag over the years. Fighting to access ports, fighting to route cables, fighting to re-patch, and fighting to keep the bag stable on a rolling pelican case. I knew there had to be a better way to work with my gear and not have the bag working against me. So I came up with the Mixer Cage to solve those fights and make it possible to go to as low profile or as pack muled out as any shoot requires. It also makes it possible to use standard camera and grip department accessories.
  4. The Control App is certainly lacking but I find it useful for its faders. It really needs to be able to do everything you can do in the unit because having to disconnect to do something in the unit is very bad! Take reset works great on the unit itself. After changing a scene name and pressing enter the 'reset take' prompt appears. All good! Unfortunately the same doesn't happen using the app. I used the F8 on a shoot with Boom+4lavs the other day. Didn't use the app but used mix mode on the unit. Worked out ok but it would be better if the trim was controlled by the rotary dial and the fader by the channel knob. Also, it'd be nice if the knob didn't have to meet the old value to start controlling the fade or trim value. Oh, and of course, check out the thing I'm working on: www.facebook.com/mixercage Hope you dig it!
  5. Hey, I run mine with dual npf970 batts at 16.4V when fully charged and it does fine. Sam's post says not to exceed 17V. Nomad's maximum input voltage is 18V so that's not a whole lot higher.
  6. Hey just a simple test showing TC over 6 hours. Nothing scientific or showing precision accuracy but it does show that these devices all stay pretty close in simple terms. I imagine recorded sound with TC stamp would all show even more accurate.
  7. Hmmm, video shows how to install it and how to use it...and how to open a beer. I'm definitely open to constructive criticism on where it's thin on content though, so let me know! (Yes I would like it to have included each of the QR systems and done the same demo on all, plus compare and contrast. That would have been fun but the only one I bought was the SGSQR).
  8. Short demo I threw together of the Sound Guys Solutions Boom QR Quick Release System. http://youtu.be/c-YHbT5gXB0?list=UUHpM9kDh6Hv-48D4o5KJKqw
  9. Pretty cool Glenn. I've tried a few different things over the past couple years for Zaxnet on Nomad. All have their pros and cons but this looks like a good possibility. What type and length is the extension cable you used on this? One major problem I had with extension cables is that the connectors break off easily if the bag puts any stress on the sma jack on Nomad. Right angle adapter is probably helpful for that.
  10. I've done 4 shoots at Sepulveda/Imperial by LAX in the last month. 2 on block 19 and 2 on 25. No problems. I think I've noticed helicopters causing more RF weirdness than jets. Non-scientific observation of course. Also didn't notice much aircraft noise in general. Building we were in pretty much killed all cell phone reception though. That's always painful!
  11. I think it would be easy to do with something like a big articulated pole. One articulation goes to the ground or to a belt platform, then vertically up to the articulation point, the second articulation goes out horizontally over talent. It'd be just like putting a boom on a stand...except you would hold it and have much better ability to move it. I imagine someone's already thought of that however.
  12. This is obviously an ad looking for a student at a school like Full Sail who will use the facilities of their school to do this private job. Pretty sure all schools have rules regarding such things...I imagine state, and federal laws could also be applicable in some way. But I could be wrong. If I am...I'm gonna start making tons of movies with student crews and pay them nothing! Oh...not an original idea? Damn!
  13. Amazing! That garbage truck at 8:37 gave you some trouble it sounds like. Stupid giant metal vehicle! So cool to see this vast increase in range as well as wideband receiving on all this new stuff!
  14. Richard Lightstone's opinion would be the most informed and objective on this whole thing since he was there. Maybe he'll share his thoughts. Hope everyone proceeds with caution.
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