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Sennheiser 416 low levels?

Den Nic

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Hey guys, I am having trouble with my 416 as it seems to not be producing normal levels that I am used to. Signal chain is simple 416 via XLR into 302 mixer. I am thinking it might have been water damage from a shoot I did last week, has anybody experienced low levels due to water? I am swapping out the mic and XLR shortly but figured I'd post here in the mean time. Also I have double checked all the settings in the side of the 302.

Thanks guys

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" it was a bad cable "

troubleshooting 101

( just like RTFM,  supposed to be done before crying "wolf"


" I've never been on a job without carrying a spare XLR, "

that also sounds extremely basic.

(CRAP happens to cables even more often than to mic's)

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Like I said, the one time I didn't have a cable, and was about an hour away from being able to get one. Resolved it once I got my equipment back via normal troubl-shooting methods, but for the time being I was exhausting all options trying to get it solved.

Thanks Anyways guys, all went well in the end

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