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Dual NP1 cups and BDS


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I recently added a 2nd NP1 to my bag to spread out power, now some devices power off of 1 NP1 and the BDS for the rest of the devices powers off a 2nd NP1. I came across a dual np1 cup wired for BDS on a usual suspect site and was curious if i could build this myself. I would much rather have a single switch but maintain the same runtime i am currently experiencing. anyone willing to lend some guidance with the correct way to wire 2x np1 cups for proper voltage? or, is there any reason i would have less runtime chaining batteries together and i should stay with my current set up?


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Yes. The one caveat I would offer is that it's good practice to have the batteries fairly well balanced. That means the same type and capacity, amount of charge, etc. 


Although, when swapping batteries my experience is you can do one and then the other, with no problem. 


I will add -- proceed at your own risk and don't hold me responsible for anything you try. (Even though I have three different bag systems and a cart working fine this way.) 


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